Is ‘Back On The Record With Bob Costas’ Season 3 Happening?



It seems as though Back On The Record With Bob Costas decided to halt their fantastic broadcast. For spectators who are anticipating the continuation of the revived series Back On The Record With Bob Costas, there are some updates.

HBO announced this revival show in 2021. It was a brilliant decision to bring the show back for another season, and audiences seemed to enjoy it. However, there are other plans for the revival too.

With his in-depth and impossible-to-overlook interviews with notable figures from a variety of genres, including sports, entertainment, and much more, Bob Costas made a stunning entrance.

Roundtable conversations and commentary from Costas were also part of the revival. Waiting for more episodes seems like a task right now. Let’s look at the updates of Back On The Record With Bob Costas season 3.

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‘Back On The Road With Bob Costas’ Season 3 Is Not Happening 

We have information if you’ve been waiting for a response to a question like when and whether Back On The Road With Bob Costas will be receiving more episodes. Unfortunately, there won’t be a third season of the show.

Although the voyage with Bob Costas and his in-depth interviews has been incredible, it now appears to be coming to an end. There have been official announcements on the end of the revival. 

A representative for HBO provided an outlet with a statement regarding the cancellation of the revival. The statement added that it has been a wonderful adventure with Bob Costas and his squad’s smart and top-notch sports coverage. Additionally, it was stated that Bob Costas has been a fantastic chapter in this story.

The official statement reads, “Bob Costas and his team have delivered insightful and quality sports programming with ‘Back on the Record,’ and we are proud of its multiple Sports Emmy nominations. Bob is an important part of HBO Sports’ history and Back on the Record was an excellent chapter in that story.”

Bob Costas Dropped His Statement On The Cancelation Of The Show

Everyone was clearly given an indication that the episode was successful by HBO’s official statement. However, in addition to that, Bob Costas stepped in and addressed the audience directly. Bob emphasized how delighted and pleased he was to be associated with the HBO streaming platform.

Bob Costas’s statement reads, “I have always been proud of my association with HBO, and the type of programming we have been able to do over the years. I am grateful for the invaluable contributions of my many talented HBO colleagues past and present, and to Ross Greenburg, Rick Bernstein, and most recently, Nina Rosenstein for their support and for the opportunity to be part of a network that has long been the gold standard.”

‘Bob Costas Is A Talented & Versatile Broadcaster’

Let’s now go back in time a little. When the show was relaunched with new episodes forthcoming, Bob Costas noted the delight to be back in a statement.

On the return for the revival show, Bob Costas said, “HBO is synonymous with the highest quality of television programming. And their sports programming has always been both innovative and thoughtful. For those reasons and more, I am very pleased to again be part of HBO.”

Nina Rosenstein, executive vice president of programming, HBO talked about Bob making a grand appearance. “Bob has long been one of the most talented and versatile broadcasters in the world of sports and entertainment, and we are thrilled for his return to HBO.”

Bob Costas is also known for his long relationship and association with NBC, which lasted from 1980 to 2019. In addition to having a great personality and being an expert in his field, Bob has received numerous awards for his work.

The total number of Emmy Awards is 28. From 1988 to 2016, he was also the prime-time host of 12 Olympic Games. Now that sounds like a great career.


Bob accomplished a lot, and even though his show ended, his journey continues with more commentary on the way. You’re welcome to drop your opinions on the cancellation of the series. Stay tuned with us for more updates on amazing shows, movies, and more!

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