Will There Be ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ Season 3 At Peacock?



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Bayview High students grew, let loose, and started to violate the rules. One Of Us Is Lying is a wonderful mystery series. And we have updates on whether or not the story of these classmates will continue.

The plot revolves around five high school students who are all in detention at the same time when one of them dies and the investigation begins. One of them is lying about a murder.

Everyone has a reason to kill, but who actually did it? Since its beginning, the series has been met with acclaim. The series’ storyline and characters have been applauded. Let us now delve into the specifics of a third season.

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‘One Of Us Is Lying’ Season 3 Is Canceled At Peacock 

After two seasons, the streaming platform Peacock has officially canceled One Of Us Is Lying season three. There will be no season 3 of this terrific teen mystery drama. The cancellation comes as a surprise because viewers have been enjoying the series, especially after the first season.

Peacock executives were pleased with both shows’ creative aspects, but they lacked the necessary audience to highlight additional seasons. That’s heartwrenching because the second season ended on a major cliffhanger, and now the audience is stuck with it.

Showrunner Erica Saleh talked about the cancelation of the series on Twitter. Erica penned, “Making two seasons of One of Us is Lying was a joy and honor. I’m disappointed that our story won’t continue on Peacock, but I feel so lucky to have spent the past years alongside the best writers, cast, and crew I know, and so grateful to our fans for all the love and support.”

The Showrunners Of ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ Are Looking For A New Home

Despite the cancellation, the showrunners of ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ have revealed that they are looking for a new home. The series is distributed by Netflix in a range of countries. However, it is currently unclear whether Netflix will renew the show for a third season.

However, expectations are high. Because the series definitely deserves a comeback, particularly after the major cliffhanger. In an interview in October 2022, Saleh talked about the future of One Of Us Is Lying season 3.

”I definitely think that we’d have another new mystery and introduce some more evil elements at Bayview. What deeper evil is lurking underneath the surface in Bayview is something that I’m really excited to explore in season three.”

Her statement clearly indicates that the team was all in for more seasons and mystery. But the streaming network had different plans.

During the renewal of a second season, showrunner Erica Saleh said, “We are so happy with the reception of the season and are beyond thrilled that we get to continue our story in season 2. We can’t wait to bring more mystery to the halls of Bayview High!”

We want more mystery in the halls of Bayview High. Marianly said in 2021, “I hope [fans] enjoy everything, to be honest. I can say that my favorite thing is the chemistry between the actors. Whenever I get a chance to be behind the monitors and see their work, I’m always astounded.”


Along with this incredible series, Peacock also canceled their beloved show ‘Vampire Academy.’ It’s not entirely impossible that the show will be picked up by another network.

Now all we have to do is wait! What are your thoughts on this cancelation? You’re welcome to stay tuned with us to learn more about the future of ‘One Of Us Is Lying.’

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