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World War Z the famous zombie movie has grabbed the attention of the audience. This raises questions about World War Z 2. The sequel would be an exciting thing for the audience. In the movie, an ex-United Nations employee is stuck in a race between zombies and time. 

He’s investigating a dangerous virus that’s turning human beings into deadly zombies. Another movie would be a great addition. Let’s explore everything we know about World War Z 2.

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World War Z 2 Release Date Speculation

World War Z 2 was confirmed by the Paramount Studio, back in 2013, with a talented team of directors and actors. However, due to the unexpected exit of the director due to scheduling issues, the sequel’s future hung in jeopardy.

Unexpectedly, David Fincher agreed to take over as director in place of the previous director Bayona. In a 2017 interview with Little White Lies, Fincher stated that “a lot of stones have been laid,” confirming that he and his crew were working diligently on the movie. 

We saw the start of preproduction of the movie in 2019 which was based on a reworked script by Dennis Kelly. However, due to budgetary concerns, Paramount abruptly canceled the movie in February of that year.

According to sources, the studio declined to approve Fincher’s suggested $200 million budget, and Paramount’s decision to forgo moving further with the project was influenced by China’s prohibition on zombie movies. Naturally, China is a major global source of box office money, so it makes sense that the film’s estimates were significantly impacted by this. 

Since then, Paramount appears to have given up on the project entirely. Which doesn’t yet mean that all hope is lost. All we can do now is wait for the producers to make their decisions. 

What To Expect From World War Z 2?

World War Z 2 plot rumor is all over the internet. The vaccination created after the first movie was reportedly revealed in the sequel to only last for 36 hours. According to the plot, the non-infected world, holed up in safe zones, would use a virus known as E-29 to go on the attack against the zombie hordes, forcing the undead to fight each other to win the war.

We don’t know whether this was Fincher’s original interpretation of the story. But we do know that if a sequel is ever made, it will most likely be updated to account for the fear, anxiety, and social unrest brought on by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Fortunately, with the help of the book written with the same title, which was the inspiration for the movie, the director could easily account for the socio-political situations as they are well described in the book.

World War Z 2 Cast & Characters 

The cast of World War Z included some great actors including Bradd Pitt as the main character, and Mireille Enos as his on-screen wife. However, it has been years since that announcement so there might be changes in the cast if the movie gets made. The cast in itself is not clear yet, but we can expect actors with great acting chops. 


World War Z 2 has not been in production yet but we will have high hopes. If a sequel is on the cards in the future it will definitely be worth a watch. It would be more exciting to see the original and new characters on the screen. What are your thoughts regarding World War Z 2? Do you also want a sequel? Let us know through the comment box. We will keep you posted on the latest developments.

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