Everything To Know About Pedro Pascal’s Sequel ‘We Can Be Heroes 2’



We Can Be Heroes 2 is highly anticipated by the audience. Since the release of the original movie, audiences have been wondering about a sequel. If you, like us, want to know if there’s a sequel in the works for the beloved goofy movie, we have news for you.

We Can Be Heroes, written and directed by Robert Rodriguez, the man behind Spy Kids, is about superpowered children stepping up to save the day when extraterrestrial invaders kidnap the world’s superheroes.

The movie received accolades for its ability to capture the cozy, nostalgic atmosphere of a Saturday morning cartoon and for the outstanding performance of its beloved ensemble cast. Let’s explore if We Can Be Heroes season 2 is on the cards!

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We Can Be Heroes 2 Release Date Speculation

The sequel to We Can Be Heroes was officially been greenlighted by Netflix when it became one of the biggest holiday hits of 2020. Since the movie’s confirmation, Rodriguez has taken the helm again on other projects, but he is still involved in We Can Be Heroes 2.

Rodriguez revealed that they are now attempting to continue the development of the film in addition to confirming that it is still in the works. He said, “The kids are growing up, so there’s a bigger rush to do a sequel. He stated that the script does take the kids’ age into consideration.”

What To Expect From We Can Be Heroes 2?

We Can Be Heroes 2 doesn’t have an official narrative outline for now. However, the previous film did lay the groundwork for a sequel. Ojo disclosed that the entire extraterrestrial invasion was staged as a training exercise for the children to enlist in the Heroics. And that she was the Supreme Commander and Queen of the aliens.

After this turn of events, the children with superpowers will probably join their parents in the Heroics lineup. The sequel might deal with the new responsibilities that come with being a hero and how they handle it. It could also deal with age issues, as the children grow up and begin seeing the world in new ways.

We Can Be Heroes 2 might center on the parents’ efforts to save their children, in contrast to the first film, which focused on the kids’ efforts to save their parents. This could bring a fun twist to the initial dynamics of the film and turn it onto its head.

We Can Be Heroes 2 Cast & Characters 

The cast of the show will have the original kids. But now the main issue is the return of Pedro Pascal. Given Pascal’s current high demand as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after performers, the Game of Thrones and The Last of Us star may decide to put We Can Be Heroes 2 on the back burner.

However, we can only hope for a return of the brilliant actor’s performance in the sequel. Other than that, there will be several recurring characters, including:

  • Andy Walken as Wheels
  • Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Rewind
  • Akira Akbar as Fast Forward
  • Lyon Daniels as Noodles
  • Nathan Blair as Wild Card
  • Lotus Blossom as A Capella
  • Dylan Henry Lau as Slo-Mo
  • Andrew Diaz as Facemaker
  • YaYa Gosselin as Missy Moreno as well

In addition, new and upcoming characters in the movie may also star in the sequel, which would also be added to the list when the announcement comes.


We Can Be Heroes season 2 is speculated to be released soon. This is great news as it is a widely beloved film. The sequel will be more engaging to watch. If you want more updates on the release date, plot, and more then keep in touch with us.

We will keep you posted on all the latest developments. What are your speculations on We Can Be Heroes 2? Do let us know in the comment box!

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