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Peacemaker, our favorite superhero has won the hearts of all DC universe watchers. Now we can’t wait to know more about Peacemaker season 2. The show follows his physical rehabilitation. Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker is compelled to enlist in a covert operations team to eradicate parasites that have infected people worldwide.

But it’s not all that simple, there are things to fight, including one’s racist father, who took the word white supremacy and made it into a supervillain costume. All in all, the show is a fun exciting journey for the audience. So let’s see if Peacemaker season 2 is on the cards.

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Peacemaker Season 2 Release Date Speculation

Peacemaker season 2 is officially happening. The studio already green-lighted the season. Both the creator and star of Peacemaker, James Gunn and John Cena disclosed the happy news on social media the night before the show’s final episode premiered. Peacemaker season 2 will most likely make it to the screens after the release of Superman: Legacy.

Superman: Legacy will mostly released on July 11, 2025, so we can expect a slight delay on Peacemaker season 2. All the episodes of Peacemaker season 2 will be written and directed by James Gunn himself. The second season will have a total of about 7 episodes.

What To Expect From Peacemaker Season 2?

James Gunn has often stated that Peacemaker season 2 is a part of the DCU, indicating that the show will take place in the same universe. The initial season of the show left Peacemaker in a spot. But after his confrontation and the death of his father, he is now emotionally bereft. This can be explored in the next season.

Before the second season, Peacemaker’s first season finale does a fantastic job of bringing the major plot of the show to a close. Even though the Butterflies were vanquished, the fallout from this will probably have an impact on future developments.

The public is informed by Adebayo about the dark side of Task Force X and ARGUS. This supports the existence of the Butterflies and the theory that the Peacemaker was set up to know of them beforehand. She even outs her mother Amanda Waller as the operation’s mastermind. The only verified information for Peacemaker season 2 is that it takes place after Waller.

Peacemaker Season 2 Cast & Characters

Although no official cast list has yet come out, there would be a lot of characters to explore. We will mostly get to watch the return of the old characters and the addition of new ones. As the show’s main character, John Cena will undoubtedly return to play the peace-loving anti-hero. We can expect the following members in Peacemaker season 2.

  • John Cena as Christopher Smith [Peacemaker]
  • Freddie Stroma as Adrian Chase/Vigilante
  • Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt
  • Steve Agee as John Economos
  • Robert Patrick as August ‘Auggie’ Smith/White Dragon


Peacemaker Season 2 is going to be an adventurous ride for the audience. The show is definitely worth watching. We can’t wait to see how the story will unfold in the upcoming season. What are your speculations on Peacemaker season 2? Feel free to drop them in the comment box below!

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