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Easter Tip | Pop movies about second chances in life



At Easter, chocolates, bunnies and suppers are on the rise, promoting the most glamorous part of the holiday. However, the real meaning of Easter is recovery, forgiveness, since, according to Christians, it was when Jesus Christ was resurrected after 3 days of his sacrifice for the removal of the sins of the peoples of the Earth. This fresh start, in search of a better life without heartache, aiming for a more peaceful and peaceful future is what makes this vacation so special. And these new beginnings have already given us wonderful stories in theaters. Come to think of it, CinePOP has separated a few movies that can add to that positive Easter feeling on new beginnings. Check!

The future family

Released in 2007 without much fanfare, this Disney animation came at a time when the studio was low, being swept away from awards by its Pixar co-sister. However, even without having so much prestige, the studio kicked off this futuristic drama about the importance of family and how our actions, no matter how small, impact the lives and futures of others. To do this, they tell us the story of Louis, a brilliant orphan, kidnapped by a teenager from the future and who ends up traveling through time with him. Confronted with the wonders and complications he sees living in the world for the next 20 years, he returns to the present and decides to help build a better future for himself and for others. It’s fun, cute, hopeful, and will always make you cry if you look down on it. Underrated images that can be seen on Disney +.

The boy who discovered the wind

Directed and starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, this true story-based drama chronicles the journey of a self-taught boy from Malawi who uses his knowledge and learning to help the region where he lives. Poor and victims of a corrupt government, the people are dying of hunger and have no access to energy. In this way, the boy helps with the irrigation systems and creates a revolutionary system to capture wind energy to give his friends and family a new chance to live with the minimum of quality. A handful of drama about hope and the importance of education in the world. It’s on Netflix.

Back to the future

Adolescence is a complicated phase. With the end of childhood and the coming of adulthood closer and closer, young people tend to sketch their future prospects according to the situation of their family. And so is Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), a boy from Hill Valley who grew up in a frustrated, ordinary and incredibly accommodating family. However, his life changes when plutonium traffickers kill his best friend, Dr Brown (Christopher Lloyd), during a time travel experiment. Returned in the 1950s, Marty meets his parents as a teenager and has another chance to change the history of the McFly family once and for all while trying to return to the present / future. This classic adventure is on Netflix.

Enjoy watching:

The Truman Show

In an age when the BBB is so high, the concept of watching an actual simulation on TV may not be so striking. However, the idea of ​​The Truman Show is really fantastic. In the plot, we accompany the calm Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey), an insurance salesman who begins to be suspicious of his life. After much research, he discovers that his life has been recorded by television cameras since he was a little baby, as if he was a Big Brother. Frightened, he tries at all costs to escape in an attempt to lead a normal life away from the cameras and find out what the real world is like. With that kind of philosophical way and a superhuman optimism for the situation portrayed, this classic of communication skills can be seen on Netflix.

Sing Street: Music and dreams

Unlike most of the other movies on this list, Sing Street doesn’t depend on some huge, extraordinary phenomenon happening for the protagonists to change their lives and get a new chance. And that’s what makes this movie so simple and fantastic. Living in a family in crisis, in which the older brother feels like a failure and the parents are on the verge of divorce, the outcast Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) meets the beautiful and mysterious Raphina (Lucy Boynton). Like any passionate protagonist, he tries to find a way to get the girl’s attention, so he decides to start a band and invites her to star in a music video. There’s only one problem: he doesn’t have a group yet. Running after interested parties, Conor is intimidated by the students and even the school principal, besides feeling left at home. Listening to his brother’s advice, he manages to form the group, compose music and get Raphina’s attention. Now, trying to achieve some success, he gains confidence and will try to bring “Sing Street” to life, giving himself a new meaning in life. Besides being fun and having a wonderful 18th century feel, the soundtrack to this film is a work of art and is quite capable of inspiring some to seek that second chance through a dream. Anyone who wants to watch just go to HBO GO.

Happy Easter everyone!

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