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Be careful when eating chestnuts: here’s why. “Mad”



The chestnut: an autumn fruit by definition, it has a very old history. The chestnut plant developed between Asia and Europe, becoming then a real integral part of the American flora, spreading also to Italy, presumably from the Apuan Alps (in upper Tuscany), then spreading completely in the oil scrubland throughout the territory. It was the Greeks who exalted and testified to all the various beneficial properties they bring to our body, while the Romans defined them as a fruit of “little value”.

To date, the consumption of chestnuts has spread considerably during the autumn period as a fresh fruit, while throughout the year they are brought to the table in the form of processed products such as delicious sweets or flour. Chestnuts are, however, among the most caloric fruits, with an intake of 193 kcal for only 100 grams of edible portion; these data come above all from a scarcity of water, which constitutes only 42% of their total weight. The remaining part is then made up of carbohydrates, sugars and fibers, on the other hand with regard to vitamins we find in greater quantity vitamin A, C, D and many variants of vitamin B.

The supply of calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, sulphur, chlorine and magnesium is also particularly good. The benefits that chestnuts provide to our organism are really numerous and for a long time their satiating power made its plant called “breadfruit”, because both eaten fresh and in the form of flour, they are real delicacies of the quite satiating nature. This happens even more during seasonal changes, or when the chestnut gives our body strength and vitality, compensating for the various imbalances of mineral salts and fundamental nutrients, but restoring energy especially after physical activity.

They are good for our nervous system and for pregnant women, as well as for anemic subjects because they help to keep intestinal transit active, helping to fight constipation and, not containing gluten, they can also be consumed by celiac subjects. A normal consumption of chestnuts has no contraindications, except those related to the high starch content which, like the potato, can generate hypersensitivity in subjects suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. These effects are counteracted by consuming chestnuts with licorice, an ingredient commonly found in all carminative herbal teas. In addition, as already mentioned, being a rich source of sugars, they are totally not recommended for diabetics or those who suffer from problems related to excess weight.

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