WPIT18: Safe To Use or Not



As the world is advancing, there are still some groups of human beings who relish odd games of animal fighting. In the traditional eras, there used to be arenas dedicated to fulfilling such vile entertainment of human beings who enjoyed the bull or rooster fights. One such platform that still exists to confirm such groups is still active today and is known as Wpit18! 

Despite widespread awareness of animal rights and responsibility, there are still some supportive platforms where animals are used for fighting entertainment. Wpit18 is a website where ignorant groups of people from all over the world watch roosters fight in a ring. 

Now, you might be baffled about how, in the ever-evolving world of animal rights, this is possible. 

We’ll explain what this WPIT18 website is all about and why you should be aware of it.

What Is The Site Of WPIT18? 

Well, Wpit18 is an online site that serves its vile purpose of showing rooster fight games to individuals who are willing to pay for them. This is the reason behind its active status after so many animal rights groups have been involved in an effort to illegalize such online groups. 

However, the main purpose of this Wpit18 site is to show, in real-time, roosters battling for the entertainment of humans who find it entertaining. Each fighting game lasts up to 5 minutes and ends with the victorious rooster remaining alive. It’s disgusting that it violates all boundaries of animal rights that are essential to remember for such groups who run sites like Wpit18. 

The majority of the countries have deemed it illegal to let any such animal-abusing games or fights happen on-site or online. This game of rooster fighting on Wpit18 is also based on win or die for the roosters fighting as they are made to injure each other, and the rooster that dies loses. This proves why such a site should be reported to help build a community where such animal-abusing individuals do not become complicit. is basically backed by the World Pit Cup, which showcases these roosters’ fight games. Players who are inconsiderate get the chance to bring their healthy rooster to the competition to bet against this inappropriate fighting game. In this way, the individual whose rooster wins also wins the final bet and receives a prize. However, this site is also doubted to be a scam, an audience-gain site for ignorant individuals. 

What is the motive of the site 

The purpose of the site is to satisfy an audience that finds the rooster fight-or-die game fun. In this way, the roosters are let loose by the players to gauge whose roosters will stay alive to win the game. In a human sense, it is a horrible way to inflict pain on innocent roosters, who are not toys to be played with. 

The site then rewards the individual whose rooster stays alive the longest. Hence, the harsh truth is that each time a rooster wins to satisfy the inhumane audience, the other playing rooster dies. 

The motive behind the site of Wpit18 is in no way noble for the animals’ lives. The best way to limit the site is to report it so that you can contribute to the care of the roosters. As the purpose is clearly not aligned with the global ban on such animal-abusing games. Nonetheless, the site’s purpose is clearly defined when you open the site at 

It is also worth noting that this online platform for WPIT18 is more popular in countries such as the Philippines. There, it’s an act that is taken lightly and ignorantly, and so many individuals there access this platform to play this game

Is The Site Of Wpit18 Legal Or Scam? 

Wpit18’s website has not been confirmed to be legally registered or spam. It is popular, although not legally allowed in many countries, due to its purpose of fighting a game of healthy roosters for the mere entertainment of human beings. 

This site is most certainly real and not spam, as this is a recognized tournament event that takes place, known fully as the World Pitmaster Cup (WPC), and it is operated from the Philippines. Hence, there are some rules and regulations that players who enter and encourage such tournaments in the WPC have to adhere to. 

So, basically, Wpit18 is a site that operates from the Philippines and hosts this WPC tournament game. The site is also not inactive, as it is a platform through which many people, both from the Philippines and globally, take part in the WPC. 

How Does the Tournament Process Work? 

The tournament takes place online, where players participate in this brutal cockfighting. Although, like any tournament game, the WPC has placed some rules and regulations around the game that the individuals have to follow to remain eligible to win. 

As the final day of the game begins, the Wpit18 site broadcasts it online for the users who find the roosters fighting entertaining. Some of them are the reason why the game carries on, as they take part in it with their healthy roosters to fight. 

The WPC appoints a referee to estimate the time it will take for the roosters to fight and end. Then, at the end of the game, it is determined which playing rooster has suffered the most damage, or, in the worst case, has died as a result of blood loss and injuries sustained during

the horrifying game. The rooster that makes it alive by the end of the game’s time wins and is thus deemed worthy of the prize. 

Is The Site Of Wpit18 Positive To Use? 

The site is run by the World Pitmasters Cup, but its origin and legality are being ignored by many. It is not a site that should be trusted for either betting your precious money or deriving pleasure from watching innocent roosters get harmed. It is also unknown whether the money you bet on as a result of the game will be returned to you tenfold with profit. The cause is benign in that this game is played on the lives of pure animals who are put to fight, and your rooster might lose and die. In this case, you will not only lose your hard-earned money but your healthy rooster as well.

Many people who are active players in this game from WPIT18 and WPC play it for fun. However, this site is, by law, not allowed to be used in the majority of countries due to animal rights laws. As a result, it is not only illegal to use this Wpit18 site, but it is also against humane responsibility to discourage such games.

Final Word 

The site of Wpit18 works as per the rules and the basis of the tournament. So, this site is safe to use for any individual who wants to participate as an audience member or player in the rooster fights. However, the legality behind the cause of such a game is not what is promoted in the conscious world of today.

The site also provides the betting winners with a cash prize on their rooster winning or the option to bet on whichever rooster will win. However, gambling and that too on innocent animals getting abused at the hands of people who find no kindness in these cockfights. The money is never guaranteed, as winning only depends on the winner who bets on the more violent and dominant rooster. 

Hence, the final conclusion is that you should not promote the site of Wpit18 or encourage this WPC tournament of rooster fights. There are better ways to invest money and earn in a positive way than gambling, which never ensures a guarantee.

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