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Blue World City developers are keeping with its tradition of providing the latest news and developments in the city for investors. Make sure you are prepared this time too. Good news: Blue World City Awami Complex is arriving at the door of investors. 

The main purpose of the complex was to fulfill the ideals that were envisioned by former Prime Minister Imran Khan. This Blue World City Awami Residential Complex will provide its potential buyers with affordable housing alternatives. It’s a step toward making it easier for people to save money by allowing them the ability to access every possible option to improve their living standards.

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Who is Responsible for Developing Awami Block?

The seeds of Blue World City Awami Complex were planted by two of the most trustworthy and reliable real property development companies: Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Imperium Group of Companies (IGC). Both companies believe that, aside from earning money, the top priority should be placed on corporate accountability. They began this venture with this in their minds. The joint venture between the two companies is expected to combine their most valuable resources to ensure this venture is successful.

Old Rates Vs. New Rates

According to Blue World City latest updates, the prices currently for 3.5 Marla plots are PKR 5,94,000. At the end of August, the rates will rise by 25 percent. The new rates will be PKR 7,42,500. In comparing the previous rates to Blue World City’s new rates, it would result in just a small difference of 1,48,500. It means that regardless of the price increase, Blue World City Islamabad prices remain affordable. Blue World City Islamabad prices remain low and affordable.

You may be wondering if these prices can benefit you. If you buy this 3.5 Marla land in Blue World City Awami Complex on or before August 31, you will earn a profit that is guaranteed in the amount of PKR 1,48,000. Profits could increase because of the other variables mentioned previously.

Where is the Location of this Block?

The location is on the Lahore-Islamabad motorway (M2), which puts it only a few minutes away from major regions that are part of the twin cities.

What Makes up Awami Residential Complex?

There are only 3.5 Marla (20 X 35) plots and apartments within the Blue World City Awami Complex. We’ll discuss the apartments only. The apartments are divided into three types: studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. The work of developing the Awami Residential Complex is currently in progress. 

The following is the full explanation:

  • Studio Apartments (350 square. ft.) include a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom
  • 1-bed family homes (554 square. ft.) consist of an open-plan kitchen as well as an open living space. The apartment has one bedroom and an attached bathroom that covers 
  • 2-bedroom family apartments (830 square. ft.) include attached bathrooms and an enclosed kitchen. The home also features a large living room

If you want to decorate the apartment with your own style, you can ask the Blue World City housing society to let it remain unfurnished for you. The furnished apartments are somewhat more expensive than the ones that are not furnished.

Why are the Prices Rising?

Sky Marketing has received confirmation from the builders that they are looking at increasing the rate by 25% from the 31st of August and onwards. Don’t worry; these apartments will be affordable since you won’t discover any other housing association that has such rates within the area.

How can I Reserve a Plot in Awami Block?

After you’ve learned all you can concerning Blue World City Awami Complex, follow these steps to make a reservation:

  • The applicant’s CNIC
  • A passport-sized photo of the applicant’s immediate relatives
  • Complete the form that Sky Marketing will make readily accessible to you
  • The reservation’s payment is made via cash, check, or pay order

* To help make Blue World City booking easy for you, we offer support 24 hours a day.

We hope that this blog will help you understand the latest Blue World City Awami Residential Complex costs. Find your dream plot or apartment in Islamabad by contacting Sky Marketing. We can also help clients with Awami Residential Complex Islamabad’s confirmation of your application.
Make your decision as quickly as you can to avoid having to deal with the consequences later because there are only eight days to go before the change in rates.

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