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Worms Found Inside This Well-Known Flour Brand: Here’s What



Have you ever discovered butterflies and moths in your pantry? Well, it has certainly happened to everyone, at least once in their life. The species that can create this type of horrible problem are really numerous and for this reason they are more commonly grouped together as pasta insects or wheat weevils. In the presence of small insects, it is good to follow some specific advice in order to prevent them from reproducing or from infesting other types of food products as well. Let’s see together how to get rid of insects in flour and how to create an unfavorable environment for their installation.

In the meantime: what are flour insects? Generally they are very small insects, only a few millimeters long, which feed on the flour dough and which, in the adult state, can even break the package of flour infesting the whole pantry. Should we be worried? This is usually not the case, but if you realize that these insects are found in most packages of flour in the pantry, it is good to immediately resort to specialized services in order to be able to eliminate the problem definitively, avoiding their return.

Here are 5 useful tips for eliminating insects from your pantry: to prevent the arrival of these insects, the first thing to do is to avoid leaving packages of flour and cereals open because the insects multiply very quickly and render food inedible. How to delete them permanently? Let’s see this together.

-The first step is to separate the cereals from the flour and pasta. If there are several products in the pantry, it is a good idea to start storing them in separate compartments to prevent the worms from moving from one package to another contaminating them all.
-Provide airtight containers to store flour and cereals and avoid possible leaks of worms in case of development. The grain punch is perfectly capable of piercing paper and plastic packaging, infesting various foods.
-It’s a good idea to check the pantry and once in a while it would be helpful to do a visual check of the pantry so you can check for bugs.
– Clean thoroughly with water and vinegar: it is an excellent way to eliminate all traces of worms in the flour of our pantry because this substance can disinfect and even discourage the installation of insects. To avoid their presence, simply place bay leaves in the various corners inside the pantry.

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