‘Wonder Woman 1984’ director would like to direct ‘Spider-Man’ or ‘Black Widow’ movie



Now that “ Wonder Woman 1984 ” has hit theaters, director Patty Jenkins is focusing on developing “ Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, ” slated for December 2023.

However, would she ever go back to straight-through comic book-based movies, in addition to “Wonder Woman”?

Come to think of it, a Twitter user quizzed her with the same question and her answer was quite surprising.


“Hi, Patty Jenkins, if you had a chance at another superhero movie, which one would you choose?” The fan asked.

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To which she replied:

“Thanks for the question. Probably “Superman”, “Spider-Man” or “Black Widow”! I see so much potential there, always.

Thanks for the question. Probably Superman, Spiderman or Black Widow! So much potential with everyone, always.

– Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) December 26, 2022

Meanwhile, “ Wonder Woman 1984 ” surprised the global box office, even though it was released simultaneously in the US for streaming.

So far, the film has grossed $ 100 million worldwide, having aired in China and other overseas territories last weekend.

Warner has confirmed that the third film in the franchise is in development.

“As fans around the world continue to embark on Diana Prince’s adventure, with the powerful opening of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, we are thrilled to be able to continue her story with our true Wonder Women – Gal and Patty – who will return to complete the long-planned film trilogy, ”Toby Emmerich, chief of Warner Bros., said in a statement.

Gal Gadot returns as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman and Patty Jenkins returns to write and direct the film.

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Criticism | ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is even more fantastic than the first movie

As an archaeologist, Diana, who works at the Smithsonian Museum, is a Wonder Woman with extraordinary superpowers and perhaps the strongest heroine in the world. In 1984, Wonder Woman faces frightening mortal danger in the face of a huge conspiracy from businessman Max, who sings loudly to satisfy people’s desires, and a mysterious foe, the Leopard Woman. Can Wonder Woman stop the world from collapsing on her own?

The cast also includes Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal.

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