Will There Be ‘The Woman In The Wall’ Season 2?



The audience is curious if there’s going to be The Woman In The Wall season 2. The show focuses on a gripping story. This six-part mystery drama follows the story of a woman Lorna who finds the dead body of a woman in her house.

Now that’s definitely shocking for anyone. A dead body in the house you stay in is itself a horrifying experience. Lorna has had a trauma-based sleepwalking issue for a long time. She wakes up to find a body in her house. Lorna doesn’t have a clue about the dead woman.

The investigations take place by a detective who has their own secrets. The whole story is thrilling to watch. Since the release of the first season of The Woman In The, audiences have been waiting for another. Let’s jump into that right away. 

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Is ‘The Woman In The Wall’ Season 2 Release Date Out?

The Woman In The Wall Season 2 release date is not out. This is because the series is a six-part mystery drama. The streaming network and the team have labeled it as a six-part drama only. Shows like this mostly don’t get another season.

The whole narrative is concluded within the first season only in those particular episodes. In fact, the ending of The Woman In The Wall clearly indicates that the story is over. Even if the show makes a comeback, we might get to watch it as a spin-off or with a new set of characters.

Is ‘The Woman In The Wall’ Based On A True Story?

The Woman In The Wall is based on real events but the town and events are fictionalised by the team. Joe Murtagh was asked in an interview about the plot of the series. Joe stated that the inspiration behind The Woman In The Wall is from the real-life stories of the Magdalene Laundries.

The official statement reads, “As for the inspiration behind the series, primarily it was coming across the real-life stories of the Magdalene Laundries. I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was Peter Mullins’ film The Magdalene Sisters that first introduced me to it. I couldn’t believe that it had happened, but I also couldn’t believe that I didn’t know that all this had happened.”

The outlet even asked Joe why did they take a fictionalized route for the story even if it’s based on real-life events. To that Joe said, “For a couple of reasons. We didn’t want to link ourselves to any one particular place, person, or series of persons. We wanted to protect the survivors in that sense. It was also to give ourselves the opportunity to collate as many of these stories. 

By setting it in a fictional town, we could imagine our own Laundry and Mother and Baby Home and could create a whole bunch of new characters who’ve had experiences very similar to many real different women from across the country.”

The Woman In The Wall Cast & Characters 

The cast members of the series played an important role. Their performance acted as a bonus. The team members have been widely applauded by the audience. It would’ve been exciting to watch them make a return but looks like fate has other plans.

Still, here’s a list of the lead characters that left a lasting impression on the audience by their performance.

  • Ruth Wilson as Lorna Brady
  • Daryl McCormack as Detective Colman Akande
  • Simon Delaney as Sergeant Aidan Massey
  • Philippa Dunne as Niamh
  • Mark Huberman as Michael Kearney
  • Hilda Fay as Amy Kane
  • Frances Tomelty as Sister Eileen
  • Dermot Crowley as James Coyle
  • Caoimhe Farren as Clemence Tooley
  • Cillian Lenaghan as Conor Skelly
  • Stephen Brennan as Father Percy Sheehan
  • Liam Heslin as Luke Drennan
  • Lynn Rafferty as Anna
  • Chizzy Akudolu as Lola Akande
  • Eimear Morrissey as Superintendent Louise Byrne
  • Charles Abomeli as Tayo Akande
  • Helen Roche as Peggy
  • Anne Kent as Deirdre
  • Fiona Bell as Aoife
  • Ardal O’Hanlon as Dara


The six-part show left an incredible mark on us. Though we won’t get another season, it was an amazing watch. What are your thoughts on the plot of the show? You’re welcome to drop your opinions in the comments section. Apart from that, feel free to stay tuned with us for more updates on movies/shows. See you soon!


1. How Many Episodes Does The Woman In The Wall Have?

The Woman In The Wall has a total of 6 episodes filled with thrill!

2. Is It Worth Watching The Woman In The Wall?

Yes definitely! The Woman In The Wall is a gripping intense narrative that will keep you engaged. 

3. Will There Be A Second Series Of The Woman In The Wall?

Most likely no! The Woman In The Wall is only a six-part mystery drama and will not have another season.

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