Will There Be ‘His Dark Materials’ Season 4?



‘The journey must end.’

The fantasy drama ‘His Dark Materials’ has piqued everyone’s attention. Everyone’s waiting for the renewal of His Dark Materials season 4. The central concern is whether the series will return for a fourth season. The story of His Dark Materials follows Lyra, an orphan.

In the series, Lyra is looking for a missing friend and encounters a kidnapping scheme and perhaps a number of mysteries along the way. The series consists of three seasons, each of which received positive feedback from viewers.

His Dark Materials is set in a multi-world, which adds to the excitement. The series’ third season just completed, so let’s talk about the possibility of more seasons.

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His Dark Materials Season 4 Possibility Explored

To be quick, His Dark Materials Season 4 will not happen. Season three of the series concluded the narrative and marked the end of the characters. The main reason for the series’ conclusion is that it was inspired by author Philip Pullman’s trilogy of books. The seasons were inspired by the novels.

And the material concluding the story. The first and second seasons were inspired by the novels Northern Lights and The Subtle Knife, respectively. The third and final season was based on The Amber Spyglass, the last book in the trilogy.

Unfortunately, there will be no more seasons of the show. Amir Wilson said that the team decided to only make three seasons and leave. Because it made perfect sense! The actor explained, “They knew they were just going to do three seasons and leave it at that. Three seasons, three novels – it made sense”.

The Characters Addressed About ‘His Dark Materials’ Season 4

Knowing that there would be no more seasons of the incredible show, the cast of the series was asked questions by the audience and media.

Dafne Keen playing Lyra in the series stated that she’s quite upset that His Dark Materials has come to its end. The actor expressed her feelings and said, “I’m actually quite sad that it’s [His Dark Materials] ending.

I’m sad, especially because of the people I’ve worked with because I’ve been working with basically the same crew and the same cast for the last five years or so.

And it’s really sad to think that I’d go back every year and I’d spend eight months with them a year in Cardiff. I’m not going to be doing [that] anymore.”

She also said to another outlet, “It’s bittersweet, I’d say. It’s sad because of the people you leave behind and all of the experiences we had and all the good times we had on set with all of the crew and stuff. But it’s really nice to see the story wrap up and be privileged enough to tell it and to get three seasons out of it, which has been an honor.”

The Team Of His Dark Materials Called The Ending ‘Bittersweet’

Wilson added that though it’s bittersweet they’re happy that the audience will get to see their hard work. , “It’s sad that I won’t be playing Will and Dafne won’t be playing Lyra because we put so much into it and spent six/seven months of our lives doing it every day. Yeah, it’s bittersweet, but we’re happy everyone is going to be able to see what we’ve done.”

The team also explained in 2022, “I wanted to split [The Amber Spyglass] in two, but we’re doing it in one. You can’t always have what you want. The Amber Spyglass is quite right adapted into eight episodes and I will fully and humbly admit I was completely wrong.”

Tranter explained, “But unfortunately, that’s probably the wrong thing for an audience. Some would have liked it, but it’s expensive and it’s a season-a-book and that’s that and now it’s finishing.”


Even though His Dark Material ended and there will be no season 4, the series will remain everyone’s favorite of all time. You are welcome to share your thoughts on the series conclusion in the comments section. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the possibility of the show being picked up by another network and more.

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