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Why Elon Musk Changed the Logo of Twitter?



Elon Musk

Elon Musk has enacted one of the most noticeable transformations on Twitter since he assumed control of the social media platform last autumn: he has replaced its widely recognized bird logo.

In an early Sunday morning tweet in the Eastern time zone, Mr Musk announced that the “Twitter brand will soon bid adieu and, gradually, so will all the birds.” Approximately 24 hours later, the company’s website displayed a stylized black-and-white X instead of the traditional blue bird logo.

This new branding was also adopted by Twitter’s official corporate accounts, and it was even projected onto the side of the company’s headquarters in San Francisco overnight. Linda Yaccarino, Twitter’s CEO, shared a photo of the building with the new branding and captioned it, “Lights. Camera. X!”

Elon Musk refers to this “X” as a concept for an “everything app,” a platform that could integrate social media, instant messaging, and payment services—a concept like the widely-used Chinese app WeChat.

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Why Is Twitter Changing Its Logo?

Twitter is changing its logo because of Elon Musk. He likes the letter “X” and wants to make Twitter a special app that does many things like payments and videos. Even before he took over Twitter, Musk wanted to rename it as He talked about making Twitter an “everything app” in October 2022. In March of this year, he combined Twitter with a new company called X Corp. He also started another company for artificial intelligence called X.AI.

The new logo represents this idea of an “everything app” called X. Twitter’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, said that this change gives the company a chance to show users something new. She also mentioned that X would use artificial intelligence and focus on things like audio, video, messaging, and payments. This is all part of Musk’s plan to make Twitter a super app that does a lot of different things.

Why X? Is That the Only Option for Twitter?

Elon Musk’s fascination with the letter “X” has its roots in 1999 when he founded a financial startup named This startup later merged with another company co-founded by Peter Thiel and Max Levchin to become the well-known payments company PayPal.

Musk’s interest in the letter “X” continued as he moved on from PayPal. He founded SpaceX, a space exploration company referred to as SpaceX, and his electric car company, Tesla, includes a vehicle named Model X. Additionally, he named his son after musician Grimes “X.”

As for the rebranding of Twitter, it’s evident that Musk’s changes will affect all aspects of the platform. Both the social apps associated with Twitter now feature the new X logo. However, there’s a slight difference between the two versions. On Android devices, the platform’s name remains “Twitter” while carrying the new logo. On the other hand, on iPhones, the platform’s name has been changed to “X.”

Initial reports indicated that Apple might have had reservations about this change due to its policy against app names with fewer than two characters.

What is twitter called now?

The success of convincing users to embrace these changes remains uncertain. The familiar elements of the platform, such as tweets, retweets, hashtags, and direct messages, have become deeply ingrained in online communication. Adjusting these habits won’t happen overnight, and in fact, the rebranding might initially confuse.

There were hints that the term “tweet” might be replaced. Musk responded to a user suggesting they would now be referred to as “X’s.” Yet, as is often the case with Musk, determining the truth can be challenging.

More recently, a Twitter user briefly noticed the word “post” instead of “tweet” on the web interface, indicating a potential direction. Interestingly, Twitter’s recent competitor Threads also employs the term “post” to describe user-shared content.

How have people reacted to twitter’s new logo?

The response has largely been one of puzzlement, questioning why an experienced entrepreneur would readily discard a logo that has become universally recognizable across the internet.

Some individuals are unimpressed that a billionaire with unlimited branding resources couldn’t devise a more appealing logo.

This move is widely perceived as another misstep in an ownership tenure that has seen its fair share of missteps.

For some, they’ve decided to stick with the familiar terms—Twitter, tweets, and retweets—disregarding the official rebranding.

“I’m still going to call it Twitter,” said YouTuber Marques Brownlee to his six million followers, to which Musk replied, “Not for long.” The outcome remains to be seen.

How Mark Zuckerberg’s Involvement Could Impact Twitter’s Logo Change?

Hey there! So, you know Twitter, the place where people share fun thoughts and news? Well, imagine if it was like a big digital town square where everyone gets together. Now, picture a guy named Mark Zuckerberg. He’s the one behind Facebook and other cool tech things. He’s kind of like a tech wizard who loves inventing stuff.

Now, let’s talk about Twitter’s logo change. Imagine you have a favourite toy, and you want to give it a new look to make it more awesome. That’s what Twitter did with their logo. They wanted a fresh style that would catch everyone’s eye.

But guess what? Mark Zuckerberg’s name popped up in the conversation. He is an important person in the tech world, just like a captain of a cool spaceship. His company, Facebook, does similar stuff to Twitter, like connecting people online.

So, when a person like Mark Zuckerberg talks about Twitter, it’s like a famous explorer sharing thoughts about a new place. Sometimes when famous people talk about something, it can have a big impact. People might start thinking, “Hey if someone like Mark is interested, what’s going on over there?”

This could be like when you and your friends start talking about something new and exciting. Everyone wants to know what is up! So, with Mark Zuckerberg being part of the conversation, it might make Twitter’s logo change even more interesting. People might wonder what it means for Twitter’s future.

Just remember, grown-ups like Mark Zuckerberg can bring new ideas and attention to things, just like when your cool friend brings a cool toy to show. It’s all about making things fresh and exciting in the digital world, and this logo change is like a colourful flag waving to get everyone’s attention!  

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Elon Musk’s decision to change the Twitter name is like a creative spark igniting curiosity. Just as we sometimes want a new nickname or a different username online, Musk saw an opportunity to add his unique touch. His playful approach aligns with his innovative nature, making the social media playground even more intriguing. Much like a puzzle piece fitting perfectly, this change reflects Musk’s ability to make ordinary things stand out. In a world where names hold power, Musk’s move adds a dash of excitement to the Twitter universe, leaving us curious about the story behind the new identity.

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