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Giorgia Meloni - Picture by Ansa FotoGiorgia Meloni – Picture by Ansa Foto

Twenty-four ministries, one more than the Draghi government, but some delegations and the names of some departments have changed.

Economic Development becomes the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, Ecological Transition will now be called Environment and Energy Security. The Agricultural Policies take the name of Agricultural and Environmental Sovereignty, while the rubric “of merit” is added to the Ministry of Education.

The European Policies will also include the Cohesion of the Territories and the PNR, while that of the South will also be the Ministry of the Sea. The birth rate is added to that of the family.

The Prime Minister’s Under-Secretary will be Alfredo Mantovano. Below is the list of ministers.

Ministries with portfolio

Foreign Affairs: Antonio Tajani (also Deputy Prime Minister)
Interior: Matteo Piantedosi
Judge: Carlo Nordio
Defender: Guido Crosetto
Economy: Giancarlo Giorgetti
Companies and Made in Italy: Adolfo Urso
Agriculture and food sovereignty: Francesco Lollobrigida
Environment and energy security: Paolo Zangrillo
Sustainable infrastructure and mobility: Matteo Salvini (also Deputy Prime Minister)
Labor and social policies: Marina Calderone
Education and merit: Giuseppe Valditara
University and Research: Anna Maria Bernini
Cultivation: Gennaro Sangiugliano
Health: Orazio Schillaci
Tourism: Daniela Santanche

Ministries without portfolio

Relations with Parliament: Luca Ciriani
Public administration: Gilberto Pichetto Fratin
Regional Affairs and Autonomy: Roberto Calderoli
South and Sea: Sebastiano Musumeci
Sport and youth: Andrea Abodi
Family, Birth and Equal Opportunity: Eugenia Roccella
Disability: Alessandra Locatelli
Reforms: Elisabetta Casellati
European affairs, territorial cohesion and Pnrr: Raffaele Fitto

The tweet of Matteo Salvini, Minister of Infrastructure and Deputy Prime Minister

“From tomorrow at work, for Italy and for the Italians”, writes the leader of the League.

From tomorrow to work, for Italy and for Italians.

— Matteo Salvini (@matteosalvinimi) October 21, 2022

Renzi: “Congratulations to the first female Prime Minister, we will vote against confidence”

“Good job for the Meloni government. We will be in opposition but congratulations to the first woman to lead an executive in Italy. The first of a long series, hopefully. We will vote against the confidence. Good job for the majority and good work to the two oppositions, both reformist and populist. Long live Italy, long live democracy”. Thus, on Fecebook, Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva.

Letta: ‘The only news is a leading woman, a historical fact for our country’

“After listening to the list, the names and the denominations of the Meloni government, I say even more with conviction opposition, opposition, opposition. The only novelty is a female prime minister, a historical fact for our country, objectively to recognize”.

After listening to the list, the names and the denominations of #GovernoMeloni I say even more with conviction #opposition, opposition, opposition. The only news is a female prime minister, a historical fact for our country, objectively to recognize.

— Enrico Letta (@EnricoLetta) October 21, 2022

Berluscni: “We will make a decisive and nuanced contribution”

“Congratulations to the new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and to the ministers. Good work everyone. At Forza Italia we will make a decisive and nuanced contribution: we can finally tackle the problems of Italians and restart the country”.

Congratulations to the new Prime Minister @GiorgiaMeloni and Ministers. Good work everyone.
At @forza_italia we will make a decisive and nuanced contribution: we can finally face the problems of Italians and restart the country.

— Silvio Berlusconi (@berlusconi) October 21, 2022

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