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Which Home Decorations Fit Your Style?



It’s all well and good to pick out an interior design style that you feel suits the home environment you’re trying to create, but you might feel as though following a template risks losing that element of personal touch. As much as you might want your home to follow a certain trend, you still want it to feel like your home at the end of the day – somewhere that you can feel comfortable.

So, turning your attention to the decorations that you fill your home with might help you reach a point that represents a happy middle ground: a space that is how you want it to look, while also being completely your own.

Here is a guide on points to consider when deciding which home decorations fit your style.

Tap Into Your Inner Artist

You might be someone who finds themselves especially drawn to art that stays with you, begging you to look at it for longer than you need to in order to understand what it means to you. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t let your desire for a modern house style, for example, stand in the way of that. However, if you want the aesthetic of your house to remain consistent, you might think about straying away from a concept such as Renaissance art, and more towards sculptures and imagery that better resembles the minimalist, monochromatic scheme at play.

Easy-to-digest, abstract art might fit here, or well-known ornaments such as the 3 Wise Monkeys which can provide thought-provoking conversation points as well as personal flair.  

Consider the Flow

It could also be the case that you’re not someone who is interested in planning all of your design decisions so far in advance. You might be more about spontaneously deciding that you want to bring a particular piece of art into the fold when you see it. Fortunately, there are entire interior design styles, such as the bohemian, that can adhere to this philosophy.

However, why limit yourself? You don’t have to choose that style in particular. If you feel a resonance with a particular decoration, regardless of how it might fit into your wider aesthetic, you can see about making it work at home – potentially bending the style around it in order to create a unique aesthetic. While interior design styles can be a good starting point to decorating your home, you might find that strictly labelling your home as such might be more of a limitation than anything else.

Create a Happy and Comfortable Space

It’s also important to not get too wrapped up in the purely aesthetic value of your decorations. Comfort is arguably more important, and stressing too much about what other people will think of your design skills might prevent you from finding that sense of joy in your own surroundings. Not only might this mean that you feel less pressure to pick objects that “fit” when decorating, but it might also mean implementing objects such as house plants that can potentially boost your mental health.

Alternatively, it might mean that you prioritize comfort over appearance when you look at items of furniture, especially as you can always add a throw to help sofas blend in with their surroundings.

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