DIY Diamond Painting: The Complete Beginner’s Guide



What is Diamond Painting? Diamond Painting is an art of painting to make images or patterns by using colorful beads.  These beads are commonly referred to as “drills” and also “diamonds”. These diamonds are applied to a sticky canvas to create amazing artful paintings.

The Diamond Painting uses the concept similar to cross stitches and paint by numbers

Diamond Painting is an easy, simple to-do activity. A good piece of art can be done by using these colorful diamonds. Diamond Painting is a good crafting hobby that can give you artistic skills. You can do Diamond Painting to create great mosaic artworks in no time. Diamond is a trendy art and craft of the modern era. 

How does Diamond Painting work?

A Diamond Painting kit is required for doing the Diamond Painting. The canvas which is used in Diamond Paintings has a color code to stick the diamonds on a particular place of the canvas. This color code uses symbols, numbers, and alphabets for guidance in placing the diamonds in a specific spot of the canvas to create beautiful art. The canvas has adhesive on it which helps the diamonds to be applied on the canvas. 

The adhesive used in Diamond Paintings is of two types. There is a double-sided tape for holding the applied diamonds and the other variety is the glue to hold the diamonds.   

Why should you try Diamond Painting?

Everyone should try Diamond Painting as it is an amazing, relaxing activity that can bring lots of joy and help to soothe the brain from the stress of daily life. It’s really simple, yet enjoyable, interesting, and delightful. 

Diamond Painting does not require major skills. Diamond Painting does not require lots of practice, huge amounts of time, and learning the art from scratch. Just get your Diamond Painting kit, start painting, join the diamonds and create beautiful art.

Creating art would not only make you happy but also make you get the respect of people around you. You can show them that you have got some talent and get praise in return.

Diamond Painting is great because it is not only limited to skillful painters. Diamond Painting is such an art that even noobs can also make good progress in it. Diamond Paintings are not restricted to any age group, from children to teenagers to middle-agers to old people can 

Have them amused with it.

What is a Diamond Painting kit?

A Diamond Painting kit is a set of tools that are necessary in order to create your Custom Diamond Painting.

What is included in the Diamond Painting kit?

  1. A Diamond Painting kit has the following items
  2. A canvas that is pre-printed has design charts and also sticking is there on the canvas.
  3. Packs of different colored diamonds each color diamonds in a separate pack.
  4. Diamond pen tool, which is used to pick diamonds and put them on the canvas.
  5. Tray to put diamonds in.
  6. Wax is applied to the pen, to pick up diamonds.
  7. Tweezers are used to place the diamonds which are not applied properly on the canvas.

Diamond Painting instructions (How to do Diamond Painting)

  1. Grab the Diamond Painting kit. Once you get your Diamond Painting kit, you are good to go for doing the Diamond Painting.
  2. Put the canvas on a flat and plain surface. When you observe the canvas you will see there is a chart with an indexing list of colors and numbers to illustrate. The diamond packs are also given numbers. You have to read this chart and match the numbers in the chart with the numbers of diamonds. 
  3. Select a color of your choice to begin with. Add a little number of diamonds to the tray. Grasp the tray tenderly and shake it into and fro. This will cause the positions of diamonds in an arrangement that will help to pick up the diamonds easily by the diamond pen tool.
  4. Gently take off a portion of the protective sheet from the canvas where you want to work on. You should never remove the sheet completely. It is best to keep that part of the canvas covered on which you are not applying diamonds.
  5. Sink the diamond pen tool in the wax to up.
  6. Pick up a diamond with the tip of the pen tool and gently apply it to the corresponding box. 
  7. Repeat the same procedure mentioned above until the painting is completed. 

Types of Diamonds

The diamonds in the Diamond Paintings come in various shapes. Different types of kits have different varieties of diamonds. Different varieties of diamonds are created for particular purposes and reasons. The skill level of a person also depends on the type of diamond.

Different shapes of diamonds include 

  1. Round Diamonds
  2. Square Diamonds
  3. Aurora Borealis
  4. 3D Diamonds
  5. 5D Diamonds

Round Diamonds

Round diamonds are simple; they can be applied and placed easily and also swiftly. These shapes are ideal for beginners and noobs.

Square Diamonds

Square diamonds are square; they take some effort and practice to be applied. These shapes are suited for people with little experience.

Aurora Diamonds

Aurora Borealis diamonds are known for their colorful elegance. These glittering diamonds are used in shimmering arts.

3D diamonds

3D diamonds have three facets on each side of the diamond hence called 3D. They are also used for normal Diamond Painting.

5D diamonds

5D diamonds have five facets on each side of the diamond, hence called 5D, these diamonds 

Are used for extraordinary Diamond Painting. The 5d diamonds are better than 3d diamonds. 

Partial Drill vs. Full Drill

Partial Drill

As the name suggests partial drill Diamond Paintings are those where you put the diamonds only on those boxes which have symbols on them. The portions of the canvas where diamonds are not applied are used as the background of the drawings. Partial drills are better for beginners and noobs because they can easily complete the drawings and start feeling they have got skills.

Full Drill 

In full drill Diamond Paintings, diamonds are applied on all of the canvas. Full drill Diamond Paintings are covered entirely in diamonds. The diamonds placed on the canvas completely look better, finer, and greater. Full Drills Diamond Paintings are a better choice for people having some experience.

Diamond Painting techniques

There are different techniques used in Diamond Painting. These include 

Checkerboard technique

Row by row technique

Color by color technique

Checkerboard technique

In the checkerboard technique, the diamonds are placed in a format that we see on a checkerboard. This technique is useful in making the diamonds straighter and also reduces the gaps between the diamonds.

Row by row technique

In this technique, pens are joined together to apply two 3 or more diamonds at the same time. The row by row technique is useful when your canvas has a big section with the same colors, it can save time by placing 3 or more diamonds at the same time.

Color by color technique

In this technique, diamonds are placed on the canvas on the basis of each color. One-color at one time. This technique is useful when you do not want to use different colors and rather complete one color.

Tips and Tricks

There are useful Diamond Painting tips to make your experience effective and efficient. These tips will make your work better and improve the quality of your Diamond Painting. 

  1. To make it easier to pick diamonds, put the diamond bags in the tray and gently shake them back and forth. This will cause the adjustment of diamonds in a proper way.
  2. Read the color-coded scheme first, so you know which colors you need to use, do not create a mess by grabbing all colors at once, it may cause mixing of colors.
  3. Do not remove plastic from the entire canvas to avoid dust issues from that area where you are not applying diamonds right now.
  4. To have an efficient experience, you should decide and start placing the diamonds in one section. Do not place diamonds here and there; instead, select a section and complete it.
  5. Use tweezers for diamonds that are not applied properly on the canvas.
  6. Store the diamonds in container boxes, ice cubes, egg cartons, etc. 
  7. Place the diamonds gently on the canvas using a lot of force in applying the diamonds may cause the diamonds to fall from the canvas. 
  8. Use sufficient lights when doing Diamond Painting so you see clearly and do not get pressure on your eyes.
  9. Use a plain flat surface to put a canvas on. This will help to make the painting better, easier. 
  10. Use a chair for doing the Diamond Painting. This will help you do the art comfortably.
  11. Cover the wax with cellophane so it doesn’t lose grip.
  12. Use the wax in a balanced amount neither too much of it nor too less.
  13. If wax appears on the diamond while placing it on the canvas using a gently wet piece of wet cloth to remove the wax. 
  14. Clean the tip of the pen from time to time so that the old wax does not stick on it. This will decrease the performance of the pen in picking diamonds.

Advantages of Diamond Painting

The advantages of Diamond Painting are as follows 

  1. Diamond Painting is a stress reliever
  2. Diamond Painting is a healthy activity for the brain
  3. Diamond Painting can make to amuse oneself
  4. Diamond Painting increases the belief in one’s self
  5. Diamond Painting may become a good hobby.
  6. Diamond Painting keeps you away from cellular devices, computers which all are harmful to health. 


Excess of anything is bad, if you leave the rest of your daily activities, and keep on focusing on a Diamond Painting then it is disadvantageous.

Sealing of Diamond Painting

After you have completed your Diamond Painting it’s wise to seal it. Sealing the Diamond Painting will fix and secure all of the diamonds in their place.

You have spent zealous efforts and your precious time in making a significant artwork. Then why not preserve your appealing artwork for the future. The diamonds in your painting may start to fall off or may lose grip over time. It is prudent to always seal your Diamond Painting when your piece of art is completed. Sealing will converse your artwork for years to come.

Different types of sealing for Diamond Paintings

There are different options available for the sealing of the Diamond Paintings. Each option has its own different uses and purposes. Each option has its own pros and cons.

Paint-on or brush-on sealer:

Paint-on or brush-on-sealers are known as the best option for sealing Diamond Paintings as they offer a quality top glue layer that fills up the tiny space between the diamonds. This sealer certainly locks the diamonds to their places on the canvas and gives a good finishing to your artwork. 


Paint-on or brush-on-sealers are easy to use sealers. 

Paint-on or brush-on-sealers are dust-proof.

Paint-on or brush-on-sealers are waterproof. 


Paint-on or brush-on-sealers may reduce some of the shine of the Diamond Painting.

Paint-on or brush-on-sealers will make your Diamond Painting rigid and you would not be able to roll it up.

Paint-on or brush-on-sealers take time to dry up.

How to use paint-on or brush-on-sealers?

To seal the Diamond Painting take a look at the following set of steps.

  1. The first step to begin the sealing of your Diamond Painting is to make sure your Diamond Painting is clean from dust. In case there is dust then remove the dust using a soft cloth.
  2. Check certainly that the placed diamonds are in proper adjustment. Use a soft cloth to cover the Diamond Painting and then add some weight for example heavy books or use a rolling pin.
  3. Take the paintbrush and sink the tip of the brush in the bottle of paint-on or brush-on-sealer. Get the right amount of the sealer it should be neither too much nor too less.
  4. Apply the brush thoroughly to the entire Diamond Painting to fill up the gaps between the Diamond Paintings. Paint-on or brush-on-sealer will look thick at first but gradually become transparent when it starts to dry up.
  5. After you are done applying the sealer completely on the Diamond Painting, leave it to dry up.

Spray Sealer

Spray sealers are known for their extraordinary finishing. These sealers offer crystal-clear finishing to the Diamond Painting. Spray sealers have the quality to give glossy finishing but they lack filling the tiny spaces between the diamonds. 


Spray sealers are easier, simple, and straightforward to use and apply

Spray sealers are waterproof.

Spray sealers are dustproof.

Spray sealers dry up quickly.

Spray sealers allow the Diamond Painting to be rolled.


Spray sealers do not fill tiny spaces between diamonds.

Spray sealers do not protect the diamonds from falling off the canvas.

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