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When Is the Best Time to Replace a Boiler?




A boiler is a workhorse that works around the clock. It provides heat and warm water whenever needed. While horses have shorter life spans, boilers can last a long time. However, newer, better technology means it is time for a change. This raises the question of when is the best time to replace a boiler.

My short answer to the question will be, if you have a noncondensing boiler, or if it was installed before 2005, don’t wait. Take advantage of the new boiler scheme. It is free, and replacement is hassle-free. If you want to a detailed answer, read on, and you will find a more detailed answer. 

When Should You Replace Your Boiler?

Boiler replacement is not simple; several things must be considered when approaching this job. It’s important to know when to replace your boiler. There are key signs for this; we cover each in more detail below.  

1- Your boiler is too old

Although your boiler might be working as usual, after 10 to 15 years of use, it’s time to consider a replacement. Older machines are generally less efficient than newer, more eco-friendly choices. Your old boiler may lose steam occasionally and often needs fixing internal parts.

2- There are visible leaks

There are many reasons for boiler leaking. These are linked to a boiler pressure valve fault, rust in the system or the heat exchanger, temperature valve problems, loose pipe fittings or broken seals in the boiler pump, and others.

3- Does it often require repairs?

If you’re paying a lot to repair your boiler several times a year, the chances are that you’re wasting your money. Boilers should run effectively for up to 15 years and not be prone to constant fixes. Add to this energy waste and higher energy bills, and you should know it’s time to find a boiler expert to fix your boiler. 

4- Strange smells and noises

If your boiler is making strange noises or emitting odd smells, it strongly indicates that it has internal problems and you’ll need to fix or replace it.

5- Check the flame’s colour

A yellow light shows carbon monoxide being released in your home. This is harmful and can cause dizziness, nausea, headaches, and other problems. Ideally, the light should always be blue; if it isn’t, you have a problem.

6- Fluctuations in water temperature

If you frequently use water-related appliances, such as taps, tubs, or baths, throughout your home and notice temperature changes, it may be time to have your boiler re-pressurised. If that doesn’t work, try changing your gadget.

7- Low-efficiency ratings

In short, a less efficient boiler (G-rated, for example) costs you more than an A-rated one. This is because it takes too long to heat your water, causing failure in the system. Getting an A-rated boiler is good for the environment and will help you with your energy bills. Thus, knowing the boiler efficiency scores is an important step toward making the right choice.

8- Your bills are way too high

If you replace your old boiler with a modern, efficient one, you may save on your energy bills by up to around £450 per year. Another potential sign is high energy bills that indicate the boiler may need replacement.

How Long Does it Take to Fit a New Boiler?

This question has no clear answer, as it will depend on several factors. These include whether you’re moving your boiler, whether you already have one, what fuel is used, and what type is fitted.

Also, ask yourself whether you’re changing the type of boiler and what exact type you are changing to and from. And let’s not forget the difficulties in your home linked to your water source.

Given all this, there are signs of the time frame for fixing a new boiler. Generally, a new boiler installation might require six hours to four days to complete. Here’s a short breakdown of the different time frames: 

  • Straight boiler swap: 4-6 hours
  • Installing an entirely new combi boiler: 1-2 days
  • Replacing the angle of your boiler: 1-2 days
  • Changing the boiler type: 2-3 days
  • Changing fuel type: 2-3 days
  • Changing the type and place of the boiler: 3-4 days


The lifespan of your boiler is a contributing factor to your peace of mind regarding your home’s comfort. However, certain problems may arise, meaning you must replace your boiler.

In this blog post, we’ve covered some of the most important telltale signs of needing to replace your boiler, the general time frames for fitting and installing a new boiler, and whether you’re eligible for the ECO scheme. If you’re ready to replace your boiler, don’t hesitate to book a professional boiler installation service.

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