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What does HGH do for women?




Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a vital hormone for the proper development and growth of human children, but even as adults, its role in regulating all sorts of aspects of our bodies cannot be overstated. By the same token, a deficiency can have a whole host of negative effects. This is especially true for women who have a growth hormone deficiency, as HGH levels correspond to estrogen levels, meaning women typically have a natural level higher than men. For women who suffer from such a deficiency, a prescribed HGH therapy course can do wonders for their health and mental state.

Symptoms of HGH deficiency in women

Bone and muscle loss – Muscle loss can lead to weakness and a gaunt appearance, whereas bone density loss can lead to osteoporosis, increasing the odds of a broken bone. Lower muscle mass can also serve as less cushion to protect these weakened bones.

Weight gain – Coupled with the lower muscle mass is increased fat mass, usually centralized around the stomach. Losing weight also becomes more difficult regardless of diet and exercise habits.

Fatigue – Overall energy levels are lower, making normal daily activity more difficult.

Insomnia – Sufferers of HGH deficiency consistently report greater difficulty in falling and staying asleep. HGH is produced during deep sleep, so insomnia may be as much of a cause as a symptom depending on the patient.

Aging skin – Low HGH results in thin, overly dry skin. You may also find you do not sweat as much as you used to.

Hair loss – Lack of growth hormone leads to hair loss or stunted growth all over the body, including the scalp.

Low libido – You may find yourself uninterested in sexual activities and have a harder time performing when you do engage.

Menopausal symptoms – as HGH hormone correlates with estrogen levels, it is normal for them to decrease around menopause for women. An HGH deficiency exacerbates this effect and can make normal menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, brain fog, and mood swings even more pronounced than they would be otherwise.

Irregular periods and infertility – While HGH is instrumental in puberty and the beginning of having periods, it continues to play a role throughout adulthood. Deficiency as an adult can cause periods to become irregular and greatly impact your ability to become pregnant.

Mental issues – Low HGH is likely to spark feelings such as depression, anxiety, and a feeling of social isolation.

What about women?

Can women take HGH? In news and entertainment, it’s common to hear of men taking HGH supplements (often of dubious legality) to gain muscle mass for appearance or athletic reasons. Many women are therefore hesitant to consider HGH therapy in fear of gaining large amounts of masculine-appearing muscle, or due to their perception of such therapy as illegal.

Unlike under-the-table self-medication by body builders, it is completely safe and legal for women to receive HGH therapy when diagnosed with an HGH deficiency and with treatment prescribed by a doctor. The administering physician will carefully monitor the dosage to keep HGH levels at where they should be for a normal healthy woman, helping to alleviate many of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with adult-onset HGH deficiency.

Possible benefits women undergoing HGH therapy

Weight loss – the stubborn belly fat and cellulite often caused by HGH deficiency can start to disappear in accordance with your natural body type and habits, and improved diet and exercise will have a greater effect at fat loss than before.

Improved mood – You will likely see an improvement in many of the nebulous mental effects low HGH can cause. Symptoms of anxiety and depression may wane, memory retention and overall brain fog are likely improve, and your mood is apt to remain more stable rather than swinging unpredictably.

Increased energy – normal chores and basic exercise are unlikely to take as much out of you as before treatment, improving your ability to get through the day.

Greater interest in sex – Your libido is likely to return to levels before the onset of HGH deficiency, including desire to initiate and ability to perform during sexual activity.

Improved sleep – Patients who undergo prescribed HGH therapy tend to see improvements in their ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

As the symptoms of HGH deficiency can be non-specific and have multiple potential causes, it is important if you suspect it to speak with your physician and be tested for HGH levels. Tests are fairly simple; the most common, the insulin test, is a simple blood test on blood a short while after you receive an insulin injection.

If you believe you suffer from adult-onset human growth hormone deficiency, or if you’ve already been diagnosed and are seeking a treatment route at recommendation of your doctor, don’t hesitate to film out the form below and speak to our HGH treatment professionals. Get back to feeling like you should be feeling.

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