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What can be some applications of EHR for patient use?



Applications of EHR

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are digital versions of a patient’s medical history that can be shared between healthcare providers, patients, and other authorized parties. EHRs offer several advantages over traditional paper-based systems, including improved patient care, increased efficiency, and enhanced communication among healthcare providers. Patients can also benefit from EHRs, as they can access their health information, track their medical history, and communicate with their healthcare providers more easily. In this article, we will explore some of the applications of EHR for patient use and EMR Software for medical practices.

Patient Portal

Patient portals are safe websites that provide patients with access to their medical records, let them make appointments, and let them connect with their doctors. EHRs must have patient portals because they let patients take a more active role in their treatment. Patients can use patient portals to:  

  •  check out their medical records  
  •  For further prescriptions, ask  
  •  Make appointments.  
  •  Obtain test results  
  •  Send their healthcare providers secure messages.  

 For instance, a patient with diabetes can monitor their food, past medication history, and blood sugar levels via a patient portal. They can also speak with their healthcare professional to modify their treatment plan in light of the information obtained.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring uses technology to monitor a patient’s health status outside a traditional clinical setting. Remote monitoring can be especially useful for patients with chronic conditions who need frequent monitoring or those who live in remote areas. EHRs can facilitate remote monitoring by allowing patients to:

  • Use wearable devices to track their vital signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure
  • Record symptoms and other health data
  • Share data with their healthcare provider

For instance, a patient with congestive heart failure can monitor their blood pressure and heart rate with a wearable gadget. The information gathered can be instantly transferred to their EHR, allowing their doctor to remotely monitor their status and alter their treatment strategy as necessary.

Health Education

EHRs can be used to give patients information about their medical issues and available treatments. Depending on a patient’s age, medical history, and other criteria, different health education materials can be created for them. EHRs are used by patients to:

  • Access educational materials about their health conditions and treatment options
  • View videos and other multimedia content
  • Track their progress and receive feedback

A patient with asthma, for instance, can receive instructional resources regarding their illness through an EHR, such as videos on how to use inhalers correctly, suggestions for avoiding triggers, and guidance on managing symptoms and this issue can be mitigate by using PrognoCIS EMR.

Personal Health Record

A personal health record (PHR) is a tool that patients can use to monitor and manage their health information. To give patients a holistic picture of their health, PHRs and EHRs can be linked. Patients may use PHRs for the following purposes:  

  • Track their medications and allergies
  • Record their medical history and family history
  • Store test results and other medical records
  • Track their progress toward health goals

For instance, a patient with hypertension can utilize a PHR to monitor changes in their lifestyle, medication history, and blood pressure measurements. They can also discuss this information with their doctor to make sure they are progressing in treating their disease.


Telemedicine is the practice of delivering medical care remotely. Patients who reside in remote places or who have trouble accessing conventional therapeutic settings may benefit most from telemedicine. EHRs can help patients access telemedicine by enabling them to:   

  • Video chat with their healthcare provider
  • Share health data, such as vital signs and medical records
  • Receive remote consultations and follow-up care

Without traveling to a physical clinic, a patient with a skin disease can use telemedicine to video chat with a dermatologist, send images of their skin, and get a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Care Coordination

EHRs can facilitate better care coordination between healthcare professionals by centralizing patient data. To provide coordinated treatment, healthcare professionals can access the patient’s medical records and communicate with one another. Patients can also participate in care coordination by gaining access to their medical records and corresponding with their healthcare providers.

Final Thought

Patient portals, telemedicine, remote monitoring, health education, personal health records, and other applications are just a few of the ones EHRs make available to patients. These tools can facilitate patient engagement in their care, tracking of their progress, and improved interaction with healthcare professionals. EHRs can also improve healthcare delivery effectiveness, decrease medical errors, and improve health outcomes. EHRs are probably going to play a bigger role in healthcare in the future as technology develops.

EHRs provide several advantages for patient use, but some issues need to be resolved. Keeping patient information secure and private is one of the biggest challenges. The sensitive personal and medical information stored in EHRs needs to be protected from hacking, unauthorized access, and other security problems. To protect patient information and follow regulations like HIPAA, healthcare providers must use robust security measures.   

Making sure patients can utilize EHRs efficiently and have access to them is another difficulty. Some patients may find it difficult to use digital technologies, and not all patients can access computers or the Internet. To assist patients in using EHRs efficiently, healthcare providers must train and support them.

EHRs offer many potential benefits for patients, including improved access to medical information, better communication with healthcare providers, and more personalized care. EHRs will be more critical to patient care as the healthcare sector continues to incorporate digital technologies. For all patients to benefit from EHRs, healthcare professionals must solve the issues of security, privacy, and access. By doing this, you can raise patient engagement in your treatment and enhance patient outcomes.   

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