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Guide to POC CNA Login: What Healthcare Facilities Need




In today’s world, where the healthcare system is reaching new heights, nursing and residential home care facilities have become core systems that run on extensive levels. However, healthcare systems require extensive monitoring and control that includes hierarchies of careers and schedules of careers daily. 

For this purpose, there is a software system called the POC (Point of Care) system, and we are going to fill you in on everything related to POC and how you can do the POC CNA login.

What Is The POC CNA And Its Purpose? 

The Point of Care is a software system that has been developed to cater technologically to the betterment of the healthcare system. It serves to do the excruciatingly sensitive tasks for the nursing and health care facilitators by recording and documenting the status of each home care resident and their daily health status for both reference and long-term documentation. 

The POC CNA software also serves the purpose of keeping things in order and checking the healthcare resident’s ADL status, i.e., activity of daily living. In current times, every day the nursing facility is required to keep accurate records of the details of each resident. 

This is where the CNA POC software system will work as a strong binding to keep the health care staff and patients informed in a timely manner. This results in reducing the risk of the healthcare provider missing any flaws in the resident patient’s care, as it automatically records and delivers the ADL information to them.

The POC CNA also completes the purpose of keeping real-time information on each patient as per the PDPM regulation (the Patient-Driven Payment Model). The healthcare system can then depend on the Poc software to provide timely, authentic records to get their medical reimbursements when needed, as the PDPM requires the ADL records in return for proof. 

For that purpose, healthcare providers can reliably depend on the real-time information’s accuracy given the need to overlook and provide these crucial details about residents. 

Hence, to receive the correct amount of staff’s medical reimbursements, the POC software is needed. It is a crucial reason among many others for healthcare systems to upgrade their systems to the POC CNA software.

What Are The Components Of The POC CNA? 

To fully extract the multiple advantages from the software system of POC CNA, it is crucial to understand its components. When you, as a healthcare facility, decide to take the crucial step of upgrading your care system to POC, it’s obvious that you will want to understand the impact of the POC and how its components will work for your system’s essential growth in the long term.

Healthcare systems around the world are now aware of how important it is to work with an integrated system that makes continuous records over time of all residents. The POC CNA system greatly reduces the burden of risk on healthcare professionals and ensures a smoother workflow for both nursing and assisting health professionals to keep track. 

Let us explain to you these essential three components that you, as a healthcare facility, will want to know before upgrading to the POC CNA system! 

Improvements to Advanced Medical Devices 

The healthcare system has advanced to great heights, and just like all other industries, the healthcare industry also works with technology. Medical devices are key tools to manage and run the healthcare system with more control over the accuracy of ADLs. 

Traditionally, this has been a risky task without the strong system software that can work and support being in tune with the medical devices to accurately document daily records of patients. 

This is one of the components of updating the POC CNA software, as it better enhances the capability of the medical devices you use by recording the ADLs with accuracy.

Integrated System for Maximum Control 

One of the major components of the POC CNA software is its guarantee to offer you a system that is securely integrated. An effective role POC plays is by accumulating data in an integrated way, which gives you access to reference records or information like never before. 

Having this advantage of an integrated system allows all healthcare staff and relevant professionals to rely on this single platform of POC, no matter their location and devices. As soon as the relevant staff get the software, they can use all its tools right there, whether it’s on their desktop screen or any device connected to the internet.

Now, you might be thinking that for such a powerful integrated software system as POC CNA, it must be hard to navigate through. However, that would be incorrect to think, as the point-of-care system is easy to use with simple navigation so that at any given time you can open and analyze the ADLs or other medical reports and records.

Compliance and Regulation (Risk Management) 

As per the 1996 federal regulations under the medical board included in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), all healthcare facilities are required to comply with risk management policies. 

Under this act, you are required to shield all private data related to residents, like the ADL; other records stored on an online system are secure. This is meant to protect against any malicious intent or third-party hacking into private systems and protect the residents’ sensitive data. 

This is also one of the three components of the POC-CNA system, if you prefer it. As POC software allows healthcare staff access with no location boundaries or device restrictions, it poses a privacy risk to the data integrated with all private information of healthcare and residents. Hence, to protect this data on all POC devices, no matter the location, healthcare facilities will need to comply with this regulation of HIPAA.

This will make the POC system more reliable for all users to use with privacy filters in place.

What Is The Importance Of Upgrading Towards A POC CNA? 

From the details provided above, we are sure you have gotten the idea that the Point of Care software system is a major upgrade from any of your previous software. For your healthcare facility in current times, when the overload of work and shortage of staff make it time-consuming for resident-sensitive information to be accurately recorded, the POC CNA with its swift tools and integrated system will solve the majority of your issues. 

Many times, the software upgrades fail to work appropriately in the essential areas or result in inaccessibility from staff, which leads to overall dissatisfaction. However, for a healthcare facility, these are matters that cannot be compromised, as the control of staff and the security of resident data are always a priority. 

Hence, updating to the POC CNA software will rid you of these failings that lead to time-consuming and inaccurate results with previous software. 

The POC CNA is designed with a friendly interface and easy-to-understand navigation, with its aim being to always keep the software-integrated data shielded from any possible malicious use. It may be a little challenging in the beginning as you adopt the new point-of-care system from the more familiar one previously used. 

So the staff will rightfully require the relevant training guidance on how to use it and its components, but it won’t take long before they become accustomed to this better version of POC CNA software as a facility. 

Your healthcare facility will observe a vast difference in the use of the POC system as it replaces the time-consuming scrolling to find any information or hard navigation for daily use.

This is long-term care software that not only guides your healthcare facility towards betterment but also is built on conditions that will enhance your long-term healthcare system. 

What Is The Procedure For The POC CNA Login? 

With the POC software being accessible from any device, whether tablet or mobile, it has made timely documentation for staff so much easier. The healthcare staff can without any hesitation record or refer to a resident’s data when needed, and the POC system works anywhere they go, so they don’t need to carry any big files or extra pressure to lose crucial time as they work daily around patients. 

But, how to perform the POC CNA login with a hassle-free process? Let us guide you to the correct steps to log in.

POC CNA Registration: 

● If you wish to first perform your registration for the POC CNA software, you need to search for the POC CNA login official website at “”

● As the website opens, you will see the “Create New Account” option on the top left side of the web page. 

● You will see, upon clicking an “Organisation Code” box, that you can type in your organization code in it. 

● Further, you will be asked to fill in your relevant official details like your official email address, user name, password, and other information to be set. 

● After entering and setting all the details for future use, you will need to click on the “register” button given at the end. 

● The website will then load to create an account for you with the login portal of the POC CNA. 

Once done, you will be registered to log in for future use without needing to register again! 

Furthermore, now you will be able to easily log in for future use, whether you are the nurse or any relevant healthcare organization’s person liable to use the POC CNA. 

POC CNA Login Instructions: 

● Open the website of registration, i.e., the Point Click Care CNA website, on the search bar of any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. 

● Upon opening the website, it will show the login option in the top right corner. You can click it to access the login portal. 

● You will then need to type in the data by which your organization registered. Details like your healthcare organization’s set username in the username box and the organization’s prefix, etc.

● Then enter the password you registered with in the password box shown to log in to the POC CNA system.

● Press the Login button after typing in all the required information on the login page.

● You will be logged in to the POC CNA Point Click Care homepage.

You can then log in to the Point of Care CNA app anywhere as a nurse or employee of the healthcare facility. 

Last Word 

In today’s time, when timely communication and recording of the resident’s data are crucial, the POC CNA software is the ultimate long-term solution to achieving this. 

We hope the information above was enough to guide you to the POC CNA login.

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