Types of Anarkali Suit Patterns for Every Occasion



The ever-iconic ethnic Anarkali suits continue remaining the favorite pick of every fashionista out there as far as dressing up for a special ceremony or the wedding season is concerned. There is a wide variety when it comes to picking the right Anarkali suit style for your special occasion. Designers keep innovating new styles and patterns as it is a timeless apparel adorned by fashion divas of all age groups.

Anarkalis help in flattering all types of body frames while also featuring ample royalty and opulence -unlike other forms of Indian or ethnic wear. Therefore, when it comes to creating the perfect ethnic look that is stylish and sophisticated at the same time, the shortest fashion route will be adorning yourself up in a gorgeous Anarkali dress.

Anarkali Suit Patterns to Make You a Fashion Diva

Typically, an Anarkali suit is a tight-fitting dress until your waist while flaring voluminously below your knee. Over several years of its advancement, the apparel has undergone multiple adaptations. Therefore, currently we have a diverse range of Anarkali styles for you to choose from. The different styles of this apparel can suit all body types and occasions perfectly.

While Anarkali was conventionally worn with a churidar set of pants along with a dupatta or a stole, the contemporary range of anarkalis can be worn sans the pants. You can wear it in the form of a dress, a gown, a sharara, or even a bridal style of outfit.

Some of the most popular styles of Anarkali dresses you can come across in the market are:

Bridal Anarkali

For the wedding day, the classic Indian bridal lehenga remains the topmost choice of most bride-to-bes out there. However, nowadays, modern brides are also picking on styles of Anarkali dresses or suits that are elegant and royal at the same time.

Particularly if it is a close-knit function or occasion, or a daytime wedding, or even when the bride might be too keen on attaining comfort, elaborative Anarkalis can be a great outfit option. You can look for designer suit options with royal shades like maroon, red, or golden to complete the bridal look.

Asymmetrical Anarkali for an Impressive Appearance

If there is one look that effectively pulls off the grace and elegance of an Anarkali attire, it is no other style than the asymmetrical style. The asymmetrical style has become quite synonymous with ultra-fashion amongst fashion divas of the modern era. Bollywood celebrities usually opt for this glamorous style -especially by pairing with a classic churidar. Irrespective of the design or embroidery on this piece of clothing, the silhouette of the outfit is itself a benchmark.

To offer a nice fall to the unmatched style, you can get your suit tailored in rich fabrics like silk, georgette, tulle, or chiffon. At the same time, the presence of pastel embroidery on your asymmetrical Anarkali will appear quite trendy.

Amazing Cape Style Anarkali

Another leading trend in the Anarkali world of fashion is adorning a beautiful cape with the suit. Eventually, you will have something attractive and breezy at the same time. Additionally, cape-style Anarkali are a hot favorite amongst designers as well as fashionistas. When you opt for an embroidered cape, it offers a luxurious appearance throughout -especially during special events or occasions. To top it all, a circular cape, a drop-shoulder cape, or an asymmetrical cape will appear highly fashionable with any Anarkali dress.

In the modern fashion era, there is an increasing popularity of wearing a cape with an Anarkali dress with monochromatic shades. In the given trend, you are expected to combine the same family tones or shades across the entire outfit to appear voguish throughout.

The Powerful Combination of Anarkali and Palazzo

Avoid sticking to the standard fashion of churidars with anarkalis. You can now replace them with stylish palazzos to offer more vogue and elegance. There is no denying the fact that palazzo pants are quite on trend in the modern fashion world. Therefore, you can think of styling them with a gorgeous Anarkali top. At the same time, when you adorn the solid combination of Anarkali and palazzos with a contrasting dupatta, it will offer you a glamorous appearance.

The best part is that you can consider restyling your old Anarkali dress with brand-new palazzos and a classic dupatta. You can make yourself appear more elegant by choosing softer rayon or cotton fabrics. You can also think of putting on the bold crepe Anarkali dress if there is some special occasion or festivity.

Double-layered Anarkali

Contemporary women love experimenting with modern ways of fashion and style. One of the finest outcomes of such an experiment is the advent of the double-layered anarkalis. It serves to be the epitome of a high-end silhouette in combination with the modern western concept. To top it all, women of all age groups can adorn this outfit to make an ultimate style statement. In the given style, you will come across a wide range of varieties -some with decorative belts and accessories as well. Moreover, the presence of tulle frills with subsequent layers of silk can make up for a great combination in a double-layered Anarkali dress.

For this combination, you can think of putting on raw silk, pashmina silk, or even soft silk for creating an elaborative look. At the same time, other high-end fabrics like pitta or zardozi will appear great for this style.


Now you have seen the most popular styles of Anarkali suits for the upcoming season. The core form of Anarkali dresses remain the same. However, the cuts and patterns keep changing to make it a unique style in every form. Moreover, the unique patterns of anarkalis will help in accentuating your overall figure beautifully. This is why it is one of the most favorite outfits for women -especially for special occasions like festivities or weddings.

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