Alessandro Angelozzi “Love a Vampire”: the 2023 bridal collection



A poignant, unreal, tormented, damned love. What woman has never experienced such a strong and electrifying feeling, but also devastating at the same time. A strong emotion which, however, in the new collection of Alessandro Angelozzi “Love a Vampire” ends rather with a happy ending.

The 2023 bridal collection of the famous designer from Abruzzo, one of the best known and most appreciated representatives in the world of genuine Made in Italy artisanal couture, is inspired by a contemporary fairy tale, an intense and impossible love. at a time. The Castle of Savoia, in Gressoney in Valle d’Aosta, is the setting for the new and spectacular bridal look. Alessandro Angelozzi talks about his latest effort in an exclusive interview with VelvetMAG.

Alessandro Angelozzi: my wife suspended between dream and reality

How does the choice of vampiric inspiration operate in your new collection, unreal beings brought back into vogue years ago thanks to the hit saga The Twilight?

What woman has never known unrequited, cursed love, maybe with a narcissist, with a handsome man, but impossible to have? I let myself be influenced by many such stories from my friends, but then I wanted to give it all a happy ending. Staging a feeling that triumphs despite the difficulties, something eternal. Unlike the previous romantic and feminine Heidi Loves Peter collection from last year.

Her advertising campaigns amaze us not only for dreamy dresses, but also for exclusive Italian ensembles. Is the choice of the castle also related to the theme of vampires?

Absolutely, I wanted a fairy tale house, but also mysterious at the same time. Savoia Castle, in Gressoney, it was built at the request of Queen Margherita of Savoy, who stayed here as a guest of Barons Beck Peccoz from 1889. Italian castles are all medieval, but wanting to create a fairy tale modern, I wanted a more gothic residence to tie in with the vampire theme. The photos are by Alessio Albi, a talented young photographer from the Conde Nast group. I chose a Ukrainian model, even though she is now based in the United States, to send a message of solidarity.

Alessandro Angelozzi what is the vibe of this 2023 bridal collection?

They are very royal dresses, I would dare say princely, a great romanticism shines through thanks to the silk mikado and the French lace. There are suits in soutache macramé, in sangallo lace which greatly enhance the silhouette. As always, the popular mermaid dresses sculpt the body. The lines are characterized by femininity, elegance, class, refinement. We don’t make clothes to amaze, but iconic pieces.

Each creation by Alessandro Angelozzi manages to transform any woman into a star. Is this the key to its success?

I’m really flattered by this compliment. In this latest Alessandro Angelozzi Love a Vampire collection, I also used strong and bright colors. Among these, red, a shade that I love and that I had also included in the past. It is a very auspicious and charming lucky color that blackberries should not give up. For a winter wedding in December, I recommend daring with a red bridal look. In the East it is the favorite color of brides, a symbol of happiness. It is a bridal shade that was used even in the Middle Ages.

What other particular colors are present in the Alessandro Angelozzi Love a Vampire 2023 bridal looks?

Alongside champagnes, which I recommend for a blonde with a diaphanous complexion, and nude pinks, I added pearl gray. Compared to other colors, this shade looks good on both brunettes and blondes. Pearl gray is a versatile shade that I created with a pantone that contained an almost pearly silver tip.

What are the characteristics of the key dresses from the new Alessandro Angelozzi Love a Vampire collection?

They have sensual lines, high collars, there are bodysuits that envelop the whole body. The creations range from soft, floating and airy volumes, to splendid mermaids that enhance each silhouette with exclusive embroidery, guipure, macrame and French lace of all kinds, to sculptural and designer dresses, which enhance the purity of the lines with fabrics in mikado or duchess. Highlights are given by dresses with ostrich feathers. Indeed, the feather is a key element of haute couture, very glamorous. The creations of this edition bear the name of white chocolate, spumino, etc. to link my Made in Italy also to the key to good Italian cuisine. Among the cult accessories for the bride of the new season, we find the capes studded with ostrich feathers, which give way to the classic veil. It is therefore a kind of veil/cloak.

Is this particular color choice due to the fact that the average age of future brides has increased?

Admittedly, today we work with brides over forty, the age of marriage is very different from before, brides are on average between 35 and 45 years old. The woman has a different approach than before in choosing the dress. Carefully assess the context of the wedding, whether it will take place by the sea or whether the ceremony is planned in a cathedral.

After the pandemic, what did you find in the choices of the brides?

I was pleasantly surprised. Customers started choosing their clothes with the same emphasis as before or maybe even more.

How does this translate into creative costs?

The search for Made in Italy is essential in my work. I try to understand the needs of my customers on a daily basis, while maintaining normal prices. You can have quality, but at a fair price. My looks range from three thousand to six thousand euros for a completely bespoke, exclusive, handmade product. Mine are trendy, contemporary clothes with a clean design, but at the same time at a low price.

You have created the wedding dress of many celebrities: Martina Stella, Elisabetta Canalis, Eleonora Daniele, Giulia Marra and many others. What are you working on now?

Lately I made the dress of the model and influencer Beatrice Marchetti who participated in L’Isola dei Famosi and of the Neapolitan neo-melodic singer Rosa Miranda. In December I will dress a very famous Italian character for the big day.

How will the Alessandro Angelozzi Love a Vampire collection be revealed to the public?

From November to exhibition trunks in my workshops in Rome, in Piazza di Spagna, Milan, viale Bianca Maria, Pescara and Sant’Omero. I also have about forty shops in Italy and around the world that distribute my creations.

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