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Top 5 Spray Adhesive For Foam.




Introduction: Dayang is a cement shower producer with a manufacturing plant of 320,000 square meters. Its paste shower items serve numerous enterprises, like attire, cars, tooling, yachts, wind power, metal molds, printing, etc. Dayang’s item Research and development division has assembled top materials science and designing specialists notable in the compound business at home and abroad. Furnish clients with energy-saving, climate-cordial, sound, and useful items.

Sprayidea Substance is the best decision for you to purchase the shower stick. We center around assembling shower sticks and working in numerous enterprises with our licenses. You can purchase splash cement for main events, upholstery, foam, texture, etc., from us.

1. Spray Paste Maker

DAYANG’s main event shower cement maker was worked in 2000. Beyond 19 years, it has zeroed in on creating and delivering harmless to the ecosystem shower cement. Until now, Dayang Splash Paste Maker has made main event shower glue, texture splash cement, stencil splash cement, etc. It is currently the biggest splash cement producer in Asia.

2. Splash Cement.

The splash stick satisfies numerous global testing guidelines. So cement shower is alright for the climate and individuals. Individuals frequently use them in Screen-printing, Material, pieces of clothing, Auto, Composites, crafted works, Open air publicizing, etc.

3. Contact Glue.

Contact glues have passed the SGS investigation. Furthermore, they meet the prerequisites of present-day three-thick sans formaldehyde cement. The business isolates contact sticks into neoprene cement, SBS glue, and wipe cement.

4. Cleaner and Cleansers.

These items are uniquely utilized for disinfecting. And all cleaner items don’t contain mixtures like formaldehyde. The stain remover gets the OEKOTS accreditation. It can rapidly eliminate unadulterated oil smudges from texture, silk, fleece, cotton, etc.

5. Grease.

Against rust, greasing up oil has high immaculateness. It is static, tough, harmless to the ecosystem, and non-destructive. The greasing up oil can likewise go about as a metal consideration specialist. Expand the help life of the machine. It has the elements of dehumidification and grease.

Why Pick Dayang?

Dayang is Asia’s biggest shower cement producer—It Center around creating paste shower items to address different issues.

Enormous scope Maker.

Dayang takes on a severe ISO quality control framework. So it can give great OEM administrations while meeting numbers.

World’s Driving Innovation.

Dayang has areas of strength for free R and D, offering solid help for item updating.

Wonderful After-deals Administration.

Dayang can provide you with a palatable answer for any issues after buying the item.

Pick By Execution.

It’s finished sewing exchange spray product offering acquires great input from clients everywhere. The line incorporates a handy paste shower, weaving splash glue, stain remover, sewing string grease, etc.

  • Main event Splash Cement
  • Texture Splash Cement
  • Stencil Splash Cement
  • Froth Splash Cement
  • Backdrop Splash Paste
  • Knitting Shower Paste
  • Screen Printing Splash Paste
  • Make Splash Paste
  • Drywall Splash Paste
  • Upholstery Splash Paste
  • Cover Shower Paste
  • Vacuum Implantation Shower Paste

What is the contrast between shower cement and conventional contact sticky paste?

The conventional contact sticky paste is a non-eco-accommodating consumable ( with a terrible smell, costs many devices like brushes and compartments. Subsequently, the work effectiveness is lower), yet the splash glue is all over, quick bond, huge inclusion of spray cement and helpful for utilizing with adaptable spout.

What are your costs?

Our costs are likely to change contingent upon supply and other market factors. We will send you a refreshed cost list after your organization contacts us for additional data.

What makes Sprayidea® different with different contenders available?

Sprayidea® possesses Free Research and development division and creates a line to guarantee high item quality; in the interim, the proposition is a one-stop administration for Businesses and pieces of the clothing industry. What is the objective market of the Glue and Sealant? Development industry, building project, Auto Upholstery Industrial facility, Convenient Specialty creating, carpentry, HIV projects.

What does Sprayidea® bring?

Solid, Fortunate, and Progress. Producing Cycle: Detailing and filling the metal can occur under 20 degrees. It tends to be finished and utilized suddenly. Additionally, the metal can is recyclable and innocuous to the climate.

Spray (fluid drop)

A splash is a powerful assortment of drops scattered in a gas. The most common way of shaping a shower is known as atomization. A shower spout is a gadget used to create a splash. The two principal uses of splashes are circulating material over a cross-segment and creating fluid surface regions. There are many applications where showers permit material to be utilized most effectively. The splash qualities expected should be perceived to choose the truest innovation, ideal gadget, and size. View more


A few techniques can frame splash atomization. The most widely recognized strategy is through a shower spout which ordinarily has a liquid section that is followed up on by various mechanical powers that atomize the fluid. Thomas A. DeVilbiss of Toledo, Ohio, concocted the principal atomization spout in the last part of the 1800s. His creation was a bulb atomizer that pre-owned strain to infringe upon a fluid, breaking the fluid into a fine fog. Shower arrangement has taken on a few structures, the most well-known being pressure sprayers, divergent, electrostatic, and ultrasonic spout.


Splash spouts are intended to perform under different working circumstances. The accompanying qualities ought to be thought about while choosing a nozzle:



Splash influence

Splash Point

Drop Size


Choosing a spout, given the example and other shower qualities required, by and large, yields great results. Since splash spouts are intended to perform under various showering conditions, more than one spout might meet the prerequisites for a given application. Surfaces might be showered with any example shape. Results are genuinely unsurprising, contingent upon the sort of shower design indicated. If the surface is fixed, the favored spout is generally a top cone spout since its example will cover a bigger region than different styles.

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