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7 Best Pinterest Marketing Tips For Affiliate Marketing



Most individuals struggle to find passive income ideas. 

This is not the case with influential Pinterest users who consistently make money from affiliate purchases. 

This article is about using Pinterest for affiliate marketing featuring the 7 best Pinterest Marketing tips for affiliate marketing to successfully generate traffic to their affiliate links and make money by doing so.

Pinterest presents a significant opportunity for establishing a recurring income stream from affiliate sales as it has over 445 million monthly active users.


Can Affiliate Links Be Added to Pinterest?

According to Latasha Peterson, a side hustle coach, and Pinterest strategist, “Pinterest is an incredible source in revenue for affiliate campaigns because it can help bring people to your website on a daily basis.”

It sounds thrilling but you may have been pondering if affiliate links are permitted on Pinterest. Is everything “above board” here?

Yes! There are no issues because through Pinterest to earn affiliate marketing complies with the platform’s conditions of service.

However, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

7 Best Pinterest Marketing Tips For Affiliate Marketing

#1 Examine the guidelines of all your affiliate programs 

You must review the rules of each individual advertising program in which you participate.

For instance, the Handmade Affiliates Policy prohibits affiliates from explicitly posting links on Pinterest. Etsy Affiliates, on the other hand, highlight goods in their posts and then refer to them through their bookmarks.

Don’t just use the provided imagery to link to goods and sites and plan to make a killing; instead, add value. 

Instead, you should provide something worthwhile to your Pinterest community. Publish a captivating blog entry, film, or free guide.

When using affiliate links, be sure to reveal that you are doing so. 

Add #affiliate to the summary if you’re linking straight from the icon to an affiliate link. 

However, if your blog post contains affiliate links, you don’t have to include them in your pin. Instead, you should include them at the top of the article or in the header of your blog instead.

Here is a Camper Report sample disclaimer

“Their website’s footer contains a link to this notice. For guidance on how to clearly state affiliate connections on your own website, speak with a business attorney.”

#2 Pinterest Is More Profitable for Passive Income Than Social Media

The long-term results should always come first in an excellent affiliate marketing plan.

So that you won’t have to labor nonstop, you want to put something in place that will benefit you in the future.

You must first comprehend Pinterest if you would like to learn how to monetize your Pinterest account using affiliate ads.

“The biggest error company owners make is to mistakenly believe that social media is what Pinterest is, which it is not.

I refer to Pinterest as a visual search engine and a source of referral traffic. 

If people begin to view it more like search engines, they will begin to pay closer attention to the phrases and buzzwords that they are using. The program primarily detects that.

Since pins have a long lifespan, Pinterest is one of the most effective places to develop an affiliate income stream.

#3 Pinterest Affiliate Promotion

Unquestionably, the community you’re attempting to reach has been active on social media. The only issue is deciding which internet to prioritize. 

After reading the preceding sentence, if Pinterest piques your curiosity, let’s explore what Pinterest affiliate marketing is in detail. 

By producing eye-catching images, videos, schemes, and charts for your commission offers and distributing them with others, you can monetize Pinterest and increase traffic to your affiliate website.

You have two options for doing this: 

  • Either utilize some of the current resources the fact that a program of affiliates gave you,


  • Produce entirely new visual material. 

Determine your objective before you start affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

Are you searching for leads that might become clients? 


Do you place more importance on creating a long-lasting connection with your audience? 

How then should your affiliate company develop a Pinterest plan that makes sense? A smart place to start would be to create a profitable Pinterest profile.

Using affiliate ads on Pinterest: what to do?

Make sure you are aware of your rights before posting any material on Pinterest.

You must adhere to a few important rules when using affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

If you don’t, Pinterest may permanently delete your account. Your affiliate revenue would drastically decrease and all of your hard efforts would be for nothing.

Then, how can you ensure your safety?

The rules and regulations of each affiliate partner’s program must first be reviewed.

Every affiliate scheme has unique rules. Some businesses let you immediately add an affiliate link to Pinterest, while others don’t.

You can only learn this by attentively reading their terms.

Second, you should adhere to Pinterest’s present terms and conditions.

Evidently, Pinterest dislikes affiliate connections that are shortened or disguised.

Therefore, be careful to use the affiliate link on Pins in its entirety.

Having said that, it is totally acceptable to use truncated and hidden affiliate links in the content of your website if you use Pinterest to generate viewers for your own personal blog or website.

#4 AD marketing

Users can discover new items on Pinterest, the internet network, and the cross-search engine.

The structure of the content is a “pin,” which is an image linked to an external website. 

People save these notes to their personal boards, which serve as a virtual inspiration board for concepts, goods, or ideas. 

If you’re an affiliate for visually appealing goods, Pinterest should be at the top of your list of priorities. 

According to research, Pinterest’s most famous categories are visual. 

Due to the popularity of recreational goods, home goods, and cosmetics on user boards, affiliate marketers can use Pinterest to effectively market their goods.

How does Pinterest ad marketing operate?

When you encourage your audience to buy a good or service on Pinterest, you are engaging in associate marketing.

Naturally, you must begin by identifying an item that your target market actually requires.

You must enroll in their associate program once you’ve found the ideal product to promote in order to get an affiliate partner.

You will then get your unique, trackable affiliate URL that you can use to drive traffic to the website or sales page of your partner.

#5 Affiliate advertising on Pinterest without a blog

It’s well known that Pinterest can drive visitors to your blog, however what if you don’t have one?

There are many different alternatives. 

Make sure that your direct affiliate product links work in through your total Pinterest strategy before creating any such pins.

Although we generally advise against this strategy, some Pinners may find success with it.

Your favorites must benefit other Pinners in some way rather than just appearing to be spam.

For instance, if your profile is centered on fashion, you could create boards for various looks or occasions and mix affiliate and non-affiliate ads into each board.

Without the need for a blog, you can also make pins for giveaways like webinars along with ebooks to draw users to your mailing list and advertise your affiliate links in emails.

Create a dozen bookmarks for every one of the various gifts you create.

Although a blog is not necessary for Pinterest affiliate advertising, it is a good idea to use blog material to boost your marketing affiliate income once you’ve gotten your feet wet without one.

#6 Use Pinterest to generate internet income 

Affiliate merchants among others can benefit greatly from Pinterest marketing.

Before spending time on the site, ensure that the audience is active there.

Utilize these suggestions to produce images that are eye-catching, SEO-optimized, and effective at directing travelers to your affiliate work.

With a small initial expenditure, Pinterest can certainly develop into an evergreen source for commission.

#7 Utilize Pinterest promotion tools

Let’s admit it, we employ marketing tools on a regular basis to save effort by automating tasks and monetizing traffic more quickly. 

The following is a rundown of the best tools for enhancing your Pinterest performance:

  • Using Adobe Spark and Canva, make eye-catching graphics
  • To plan your pins, use Hootsuite
  • Supermetrics for success evaluation


So there you have it, then! 

Affiliate marketing on Pinterest doesn’t have to be challenging.

Once you’ve gotten used to it, it’s a great way to market things on your own and make a respectable living. 

It’s not difficult to figure out how to utilize affiliate links on Pinterest, and once you do, it’s a fantastic way to increase your earnings!

Prior to choosing the appropriate boards to pin your affiliate pins on, you must first learn how to make affiliate pins. 

Avoid choosing generic boards because they may reduce the exposure of your notes. Above all, you should stay away from link masking and make sure the connections are disclosed.

You are in the clear if you follow these steps. 

It’s a great opportunity to investigate aspiring associate marketers and could generate unexpected income!

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