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Tips for preparing for the exam




No word can project more dread and dear into students’ hearts than ‘exams.’ Yet, they have to face them every semester. Exams and other course assignments are essential to the modern education system. You can’t go around them. They are the final evaluation points that stand between you and successful graduation. So it only makes sense that you learn to prepare for them efficiently and stress-free. Let’s see some tips on how to engage in productive exam preparations. 

Set realistic goals

First of all, it’s important to set clear and realistic goals for your revision plan and exam goals. Not all students score the highest grades in each class, and that’s okay. So, start by evaluating what you need to pass each class. You must have been performing differently in various subjects. So you will know some classes better than others. Build a plan to close any knowledge gaps and dedicate enough time for each exam revision. 

Don’t push yourself too hard, though. Your goals should remain realistic so you can accomplish them. Don’t push for all-nighters, or eight-hour revisions without breaks. Be kind to yourself. Study in your most active hours, take breaks and don’t push beyond your limits. 

Revise throughout the semester

Studying throughout the semester is the best way to prepare for the exam. Hence, you can come up with a slow and steady revision plan that takes place each week. You will revise your old notes, complete what you’ve missed in classes, and organize your routine. So when the exams come, you are more than ready to face them. Plus, you will feel much less pressure or anxiety since you grew more confident with each weekly revision.

Unfortunately, most students do just the opposite of that. They tend to neglect any type of revision till a few weeks before exams. However, cramping up semester-worth materials into a week or two will never work. You need time for effective and stress-free preparations. This way, you will only have to go through your old notes and remarks one more time before the exams. 

Find your learning style

Each person has their preferred learning style. Finding such a style will significantly save you time and effort while studying. For example, some students learn the best when they study among peers. So, studying in groups or with class partners will work best for your revision plans. You can take the roles of a teacher or student, depending on how well-versed you are in the material. Teaching others will allow you to better understand the lessons while finding any gaps you could have missed. 

Other styles include interactive games and quizzes, listening to lectures and podcasts, reading notes and textbooks, etc. Each student should experiment with their learning styles to find methods that work best for them. You will easily recognize your styles since you will feel more engaged and focused for longer, with better retention results. 

Upgrade your note-taking skills

How you take your notes in classes can determine how well you pass exams. Indeed, the skill of note-taking is crucial for your future success. Thus, you have to work on improving any note-taking issues you may have. For one, you don’t need to write everything your teachers say word by word. You often skip a lot of information and don’t have time to think about the ideas they say while busy writing. 

So, learn to spot the essential information, key ideas, and big data/name drops. Be fast in your note-taking and write down those terms and brief definitions. However, make room on pages to expand your notes, just in case. With time, you learn to make them more personalized and cohesive. 

That’s also why you should always rely on someone else’s notes. People write those notes for themselves based on what they already know and where they need a reminder. You should do the same.

Sleep, eat & exercise

Exams don’t put a pause on your life or health. So, don’t neglect your needs for exam preparations. Another hour of revision may not make a big difference. However, missing an hour of sleep or skipping dinner will affect how you feel. In fact, you won’t help yourself succeed at exams by neglecting your basic needs. The results will be quite the opposite. You will find yourself more tired and irradiated each day. Lack of sleep and poor diet will increase stress and anxiety, affecting energy levels and concentration. Your memory retention and critical thinking will start to decrease. 

So, the best way to prepare for the exam is by taking extra good care of yourself. Maintain a balanced diet of packers with fatty fish, nuts, lean protein, and complex carbs. Don’t indulge in caffeinated and sugary products. Also, consider doing something physical every day. It doesn’t have to be anything difficult. Half an hour of stretching or a long walk should be enough. However, a good exercise routine can help you release stress, spike your energy levels and improve your mood. So keep that in mind. 

Reward yourself 

Lastly, make sure to reward yourself for all the hard work you did. Young people are often too hard on themselves. You need to let go of some things and pat yourself on the back for the work you’ve already done. It will give you a nice little break. You can celebrate your current achievements, acknowledge your progress, and adjust a new course of action if needed. 

Also, you will let yourself rest and recharge, which is very important in stressful times like that. Besides, a reward doesn’t need to be something big or expensive. Just realizing that you need a break will help you manage pressure and prevent burnout. You can take a nice bath, watch a favorite movie or spend a day with friends. Such small things should already be enough to give you energy for the last big push. Meanwhile, you can also read several reviews to see whether you should reward yourself with a professionally written assignment. 

Bottom line 

Exams don’t have to be as scary as students imagine. It is simply the period to assess your gained knowledge and analyze your progress. As long as you pay attention during classes, complete all homework on time, and take good notes, you should be fine. Just don’t forget to eat, sleep and exercise to prevent stress and anxiety.

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