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The worst horror movies of 2021



Today, on the penultimate day of 2021, we bring you a very special story. As we know, 2021 was the second part of the fateful year 2020 – the year that did not happen. But not just any Part 2. 2021 was to 2020 what Terminator 2 was to its original; or what Aliens – The Rescue was for the first Alien (I think enough quotes from James Cameron – although we’re in favor of Avatar 2 to join this picklist). We have already been able to fish these references where we want to go. That’s right, suites that are better than their originals. This was in 2021, a year that “has stayed true to its origin, but elevated it to another level.” Read on, vaccines that brought us closer to normal in a pre-pandemic era.

On this penultimate day of 2021, the article selected to end the year on a high note could not be other than the one devoted to a genre that we not only love, but also at the origin of the creation of the CinePOP site: l ‘horror. But not just a story, and like the recent Duna, we took inspiration from Villeneuve to generate a two-part story. In 2021, we received many great horror movies that made fans excited. And as usual too, the year brought us some disagreeable productions, in the worst sense of the word, which will long be a pledge of derision. In this double article, we will present the best and the worst that the year has brought us in the horror genre. And here we’ll start at the lowest point, with the 10 Worst Horror Movies of 2021. Check it out and don’t forget to comment.

It’s really sad that we have to include this movie in the worst list. Not that the Halloween franchise hasn’t seen its fair share of ups and downs in filmmaking in the years since its inception in 1978. But it turns out it had to be a new trilogy of excellence, after a debut. promising with the Halloween reboot (2018)). Even though it was not a unanimous film, the fact that the reboot was a success, both for critics and audiences, is indisputable. The wait was therefore great for this direct continuation. But what everyone seems to agree on this novelty is that it is a violent jumble and without much imagination, which was more concerned with serving as an analogy to “do justice to yourself.” », Than to create a coherent film, with beginning, middle and end. Plus, of course, a satisfying terror.

For every success like the Rua do Medo and Céu Vermelho Sangue trilogy, Netflix also gives its glorious blunders. After all, who could forget the atrocity Selling this house. Turning out not to be much different from the aforementioned feature, the platform debuted with Got Someone in Your House, which arrived with credentials of having the same producers of the Evil Summoning franchise and the money. from Stranger Things. The plot shows a small town terrorized by the murders of young people. The crimes are committed by a psychopath who wears the mask of his victims. The only advantage here seems to be the prominence of a young black actress, the beautiful Sydney Park.

Enjoy watching:

The difference between this and the above Netflix production is that the previous one didn’t generate any hype when it was released because it doesn’t have any familiar faces in the cast and that’s basically it. a teenage horror. This would be the case that if it were successful, it would be in profit. With this feature, which is now on the list in eighth position, things change. Based on a book, this production was one of Netflix’s big bets for the start of Q2 2021. And for that, the platform hired young Amanda Seyfried to play and lend her status throughout. The result was inconsistent to say the least, with such an absurd ending (at the level of Calmaria, 2019) that it promises to alienate all viewers of the film. One of the reasons for her existence seems to have only been the motto of a feminist terror, a young wife grappling with her husband’s abuse. The problem is, they forgot to create a story around this motto.

07) Spiral – The Legacy of the Deadly Games

As you can see, the list is chock full of upcoming 2021 productions, which have garnered great audience interest since the announcement, but ended up causing huge disappointments. Who now joins this select club is this kind of reboot of the Mortal Games franchise. Let’s face it, after seven movies and a previous reboot (which took place in 2017), no one in their right mind could stand a new Mortal Games. And that’s when the producers cleverly called on comedian Chris Rock for more involvement in a new issue. When it was announced, the project made all moviegoers wonder what this movie would look like. A comedy? A joke ? A terrifying? Mixing genres is really good. But that’s when we remember Halloween (2018), also written by a comedian (Danny McBride), resulting in a feature film without any humor. And that’s where Espiral followed, a film that just repeats the previous ones, starring Rock and Samuel L. Jackson, and turns out to be a complete mess.

With the advent of streaming platforms dominating the current film market, all the major Hollywood studios have rushed to take their platform, especially in the era of closed cinemas. And with Warner (HBO Max) and Disney it worked really well. But with one in particular, the result wasn’t quite like that. This is Paramount +, which is always looking for its place in the sun. Closely following the introduction of other streams, Paramount sought to release films exclusively on its platform in order to strengthen its brand in the market. The problem is, the movies chosen for this were Infinite, starring Mark Wahlberg, and this reboot of Paranormal Activity – movies most viewers didn’t even bother to watch to say they were bad. And yes they are bad.

05) Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City

Do you know this maxim that there is nothing wrong that cannot get worse? Well, after six movies with fans complaining that Milla Jovovich and Paul WS Anderson’s Resident Evil franchise in the movies had nothing to do with games, they were finally hired by Sony. The studio tried to draw from the paper a line faithful to the spirit of the games, that is to say a proposal more oriented towards horror and suspense than towards action. And what we can say is, yes, the Resident Evil reboot can be considered an eyesore. And no, the movie is not good. Going completely blank, the new feature didn’t even get noticed. The problem with old movies is that despite the lack of loyalty, it has built up a solid fan base over the years. Who also took a stand against the reboot, leaving the new feature worshiped by a total of zero people.

Another “expensive” Netflix production is now on the list. Actress Kate Siegel has proven herself to be an effective protagonist before, at least when directed in productions by her husband, the talented Mike Flanagan, see Hush: Death Hears (2016), The Curse of the Hill Residence ( 2018) and Midnight Mass (2021). Unfortunately for the girl, who has to keep working, this hypnotic had no involvement from Flanagan. In other words… The motto here is hypnotherapy, a form of therapeutic treatment in which hypnosis is used. As expected, something is seriously wrong with the treatment of the protagonist. But who really suffers is us.

At the turn of the millennium, more precisely in 1999, some productions decided to invest in events for their plots – and how to pass up such a succulent opportunity, especially for the horror genre. Thus, “messianic” style productions, appealing to religion, are also arriving en masse. In particular, we highlight Fim dos Dias and Stigmata. The point is, this type of movie has essentially become a sub-genre, deriving from a veritable flurry of productions that echo to this day. And that narrative was used in 2021, with two works dropping straight to our worst list. The first of them is this Rogai for Us, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In the plot, a deaf girl receives a visit from the Virgin Mary and listens again. After that, strange events begin to take place around the young woman, raising doubts that this entity was in fact Maria – something done with much more care in the midnight mass.

As said, following the line from the above article about “Messianic Terror” productions, we have this mix of The Exorcist and Training Day, which has frequented many of the worst lists of the year and made currently part of the Amazon Prime Video collection. The loser in this one is the talented Australian Guy Pearce, who plays the role of an exorcist priest, “doing the rounds” with a young bachelor on his first day in office. The couple will have to face an unspeakable terror that will make them doubt their faith. And if this feature film seems extremely generic to you, like a bad mix of classics, know that it was written in 10 days by his colleague director Justin P. Lange, and shot in 24 days. Work fast in the style of “everything that comes from financial performance is profit”.

Whoever wins the “brass” trophy with the honor of being the worst horror movie of 2021 is… this In the Mind of the Devil – another production which you can check out in the Amazon Prime Video collection and check out by yourself its quality, or lack thereof. Who knew promising South African Neill Blomkamp would end up like this? Well, sure, it can make a comeback and become a big name in the industry again. This is what we are really waiting for. But we must also pay attention to the fact that here the filmmaker touches the bottom of his career. After works that experimented with the chaos of their country in raw, visceral science fiction, see District 9, Elysium, and Chappie, doors began to close on the subject. Even more after having an adaptation of Alien denied. Thus, it was left to Blomkamp to adhere to the horror genre, in a more intimate production. Plus, it’s clear to speak badly of those at the top, like director Denis Villeneuve. And what do you think of this film?

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