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BEST Horror Movies of 2021



Today, on the penultimate day of 2021, we bring you a very special story. As we know, 2021 was the second part of the fateful year 2020 – the year that did not happen. But not just any Part 2. 2021 was to 2020 what Terminator 2 was to its original; or what Aliens – The Rescue was for the first Alien (I think enough quotes from James Cameron – although we’re in favor of Avatar 2 to join this picklist). We have already been able to fish these references where we want to go. That’s right, suites that are better than their originals. This was in 2021, a year that “has stayed true to its origin, but elevated it to another level.” Read on, vaccines that brought us closer to normal in a pre-pandemic era.

On this penultimate day of 2021, the article selected to end the year on a high note could not be other than the one devoted to a genre that we not only love, but also at the origin of the creation of the CinePOP site: l ‘horror. But not just a story, and like the recent Duna, we took inspiration from Villeneuve to generate a two-part story. In 2021, we received many great horror movies that made fans excited. And as usual too, the year brought us some disagreeable productions, in the worst sense of the word, which will long be a pledge of derision. In this double article, we will present the best and the worst that the year has brought us in the horror genre. And here we will continue, now with the climax, with the 10 best horror movies of 2021. Check it out and don’t forget to comment.

One of the films postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the coronavirus, this film aroused the curiosity of the prestigious director Scott Cooper, behind the acclaimed Crazy Heart (2009) and the Crime Alliance (2015). It’s always interesting to see filmmakers accustomed to large-scale productions turning to a more intimate genre like horror. The theme chosen by the director for his debut in a spooky project was the legend of American folklore, Wengido, a mythological creature propagated by the native natives. In the plot, Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons are brothers in a small town. She, a teacher who suspects that one of her students is hiding a terrible secret, and he, the town sheriff.

It’s curious to see how certain productions have the capacity to subvert our expectations, positively or negatively. Take, for example, the case with Invocation of Evil 3, heralded as “the” most anticipated work of its kind for 2021, thanks to the impact the previous two films have had on audiences. But the third movie ended up dying on the beach and had a lukewarm result. This Evil One, produced by original Evil Summons director James Wan, has had the best luck. Here, the filmmaker was able to return free, light and cowardly, without any link with “Invocaverso”, to pay homage to one of the most unknown or misunderstood sub-genres of horror: the Italian giallo. Wan is creating a film that is aesthetically beautiful and so crazy in its plot that we can’t help but love it.

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08) blood red sky

It’s true that Netflix productions spin and move, leaving viewers with a bitter taste in their mouths. But the fact is not a rule and from time to time the streaming publishes a work which falls strongly in the popular taste. This is the case with this German creative work, which dares to mix in a very satisfying way the subgenres of thrillers set in airplanes – with a terrorist group taking control of a plane – with vampire films – this on what the criminals didn’t count was that on board was a woman who keeps a terrible secret about her true identity; and will do anything to protect your little child. It should also be remembered that such films are not unanimous, and many may disagree with their position on the list, or even their inclusion. But the selection was made based on his ratings from critics, on Rotten Tomatoes, and the public, on IMDB.

When, in the early 1990s, horror films needed a new icon to make them their own – in an era weak for creating new symbols of the genre – filmmakers resorted to more representative content, which would talk about compound social problems like the new “Bogeyman” of the place. After two sequels that didn’t live up to the original, Candyman ended up being “forgotten.” That is, until he is saved from “limbo” for the new times. And there could not have been a more fitting “godfather” than Jordan Peele, the king of social horror. Candyman has made a big comeback, although many may have been surprised to realize that the film was not quite what they had hoped for. But we love it.

06) Rua do Medo: 1994 – Part 1

Do you know what was said above about Netflix? Note that in 2021, the platform scored not one, but some beautiful goals in the horror genre. On the miniseries side, all the praise of the year went to Missa da Meia Noite, a great little gem of the studio. But Netflix didn’t stop there and planned a successful hardcore adaptation of author RL Stine’s children’s books, the same as Goosebumps. Much of the credit goes to director Leigh Janiak, who oversaw not just one feature film, but the entire trilogy. To start with this 1994, which was a beautiful tribute to the slashers, in particular Panic (1996).

Speaking of genre icons like the giallo films, the horror style received not one, but two top honors in prestigious productions in 2021. After James Wan and his Evil One, it was Edgar Wright’s turn to tackle with this Last Night in Soho, about a young woman fascinated by fashion and 1960s London. The ‘be careful what you want’ story comes into play when she finds herself in the middle of a strange event that allows her to “go back in time” and experience the season through the eyes of a young woman at the time. Wright also managed to bring together the talents of Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie on stage.

Having debuted in January 2020 at the Sundance Film Festival, this is another film that has seen its distribution on the circuit starting in 2021. theaters also here in Brazil this year. Starring the talented and underrated Rebecca Hall (Vicky Cristina Barcelona), the actress plays a woman who uncovers her husband’s terrible secrets after his death in the house she inherited from him.

03) Rua do Medo: 1978 – Part 2

Even more embraced by critics and the public, the second Rua do Medo “plays” this time with the camping horror films, popularized by the Friday 13 franchise. Moreover, the date chosen for the title of the second feature film, once again directed by the talented Leigh Janiak – who certainly scored high on her Hollywood quote – references John Carpenter’s biggest slasher movie classic, Halloween, by John Carpenter. At the cast, the money from the house of Netflix, the redhead Sadie Sink, the Max from Stranger Things.

02) Rua do Medo: 1666 – Part 3

While it does a lot of homage to the slasher subgenre in its first two films, be it the ’70s,’ 90s, or the campgrounds, Rua do Medo is essentially a witch story about the curse of a small town and its supernatural events. So, the big conclusion could not be otherwise. The witch Sarah Proud has always been the subtext of the trilogy and in its conclusion the plot goes precisely back to the past, to show the curse involving the character from its origin. Many have compared it to the neoclassical A Bruxa (2015), but the truth is that the third Rua do Medo addresses modern and very fashionable themes, such as the acceptance and tolerance of sexuality and gender – since Sarah is treated like a witch, simply because being a lesbian in the 16th century.

By winning the gold medal as the most critically-acclaimed and popular horror film in 2021, the sequel to A Quiet Place produced an equally prestigious and beloved film. This is one of the characteristics that has suffered the most from the coronavirus pandemic and also one on which the filmmakers have reflected more quickly in the face of the closure of cinemas. While third-party productions like Bloodshot have decided to tackle the pandemic, releasing a movie with everything shutting down, A Quiet Place – Part 2 has chosen to postpone its release, even after having already held a pre-screening. premiere, press screenings and even interviews with journalists. for dissemination. Emily Blunt returns and her husband John Krasinski takes on the role of director this time around. This is a case where it can be said that the wait was worth it.

In addition to those mentioned above, other productions have garnered a lot of attention within the genre. The main one is the French Titane, a success at the Cannes film festival this year. This is the new film by Julia Ducournau, from Viscéral Raw (2016). Equally disturbing, the film deals with the “man-machine” relationship in an unusual way, when a young woman, after having suffered a terrible accident, receives metal parts in her body, thus starting a strange relationship with mechanical objects and objects. machines, like cars. . Despite the success of the circuits it has visited, the film should officially premiere in Brazil in 2022.

Along with Titanium, another that received high praise was Lamb, a disturbing A24 film set to dock here next year as well. Known as the film in which Noomi Rapace adopts a child with a lamb’s head, after anticipating its premiere, the film has been defined more as a drama than a horror film – despite its immense heartbreaking and disturbing quality.

Finalizing the praised films that use the horror genre in their narrative, Um Lobo Entre Nós is the most praised ‘terrir’ of 2021. The film, however, operates more in the style of parody and satire than in the film. horror itself. Based on a video game, the film chronicles the arrival of a new sheriff in a small town and faced with a series of crimes, which many associate with supernatural events. The film is almost a remake of Chumbo Grosso (2007), shifting threats and unbridled action.

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