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“The weight of talent” on Prime Video! 10 Recent Nicolas Cage Movies You’ve Never Heard Of…



Never say never. After spending at least a decade making direct-to-video B-level releases, former star Nicolas Cage is finally making a successful comeback. O Peso do Talento, the actor’s new work, whose premiere will take place on May 12, marks the return of a film with him which will be released in cinemas in Brazil in almost ten years! And that’s a reason to celebrate (in a great action by Paris Filmes). Cage is an Oscar-winning performer (Leaving Las Vegas, 1995) and another nomination for cinema’s biggest award (Adaptation, 2002) – both as lead actors. Apart from that, in the mid-1990s, he enjoyed the peak of his career with films such as A Rocha (1996), Con Air (1997) and The Other Face (1997), an action trilogy which put the actor’s name among Hollywood’s biggest stars at the time.

The Weight of Talent opens October 28 and is the culmination of its revival, with Cage playing Cage, agreeing to attend a fan party for the $1 million fee. The film has a crazy pace and a lot of metalanguage. Prior to The Weight of Talent, however, Cage was already receiving accolades with such horror and sci-fi productions as Mandy – The Thirst for Vengeance, The Color That Fell from Space, Willy’s Wonderland – Cursed Park, and Ghostland – Land Without Law. The biggest step towards his “redemption” would come in 2021 with Pig, the most praised film of his career in recent years, or perhaps of all time.

Thinking of peace with the success of Nicolas Cage, I decided to create a new article, which serves as a link and second part of another that I had done a few years ago. Here, we’re going to unveil a few of those obscure productions that Nicolas Cage has been doing lately. Many exotic and unusual films. Long live Cage and we hope the actor returns to the limelight soon. Also check below for the previous post with 10 other obscure films of the actor, after all, he does a lot. Go on.

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Have fun watching:

On the traffic road
(Run with the Devil, 2019)

Nicolas Cage declares war on drugs in one of his most flashy films – due to the large cast of famous names he managed to recruit. Cage plays a government agent on a mission to take down a grand cocaine scheme. Co-starring alongside the actor, Laurence Fishburne plays the film’s villain, the drug lord known as The Man – who will go up against the protagonist. In addition to the duo, the film also features Leslie Bibb as Cage’s superior, Barry Pepper as the chief of the agent operation, and Cole Hauser, Adam Goldberg, and Peter Facinelli as members of the criminal organization. The film is available on Netflix.

We went from horror to thriller, with Cage’s second film in 2018. Here, the actor teams up with another actress whose career has fallen into oblivion. Robin Tunney rose to fame in the 1990s with films like Young Witches (1996) and End of Days (1999). In the film, Tunney and Cage are a couple who decide to buy a motel to run. A mix of Psycho (1960) and We Have Vacancies (2007), the plot of The Mirror shows Cage discovering a secret passage between the rooms of his roadside establishment, which ends in a “spy mirror” – the one in which on one side you can observe the other without being noticed. Cage becomes a voyeur and watches two of his guests kiss. However, when one of them is found dead, the subject becomes the prime suspect. Available on AppleTV.

Mandy – Thirst for revenge
(Mandy, 2018)

We start with the aforementioned Mandy, a surreal and very stylish horror, full of garish colors and enigmatic and disturbing scenes. The plot is a mix of other Nicolas Cage movies, such as Fury on Wheels and even Ghost Rider – after all, what to expect when an actor does as many movies as Cage, some of those productions will be similar to others. Unlike the aforementioned films, however, Mandy had the morals of debuting at prestigious festivals around the world, such as Sundance and Cannes. Written and directed by Panos Cosmatos, the film sees Cage exacting revenge on a cult of Satanist hippies who kidnapped his wife Mandy (Andrea Riseborough) to perform a sacrifice. Bloody and whimsical, Mandy marked the actor’s return to critically acclaimed films. Available on AppleTV.

between the worlds
(Between the worlds, 2018)

Returning to the realm of the weird, Nicolas Cage stars in this horror-fantasy feature film as Joe, a neglected-looking truck driver who is depressed after the death of his wife and daughter. Here, Cage teams up with German actress Franka Potente, star of films like Run, Lola, Run (1998) and The Bourne Identity (2002). The plot really begins when Cage meets the character of Potente, a woman endowed with a strange supernatural gift. When her daughter is hospitalized in a coma, the woman is able to bring her back, but what comes back may be more than the young woman.

Cage’s 2019 film debut, and the actor returns to the revenge crime genre as Frank, a guy who, as the title suggests, has a score to settle. He is released from prison after twenty years of incarceration and is soon on a trajectory of settling scores with his former crime bosses. In this revenge trail, which involves a lot of hidden money, what could get in the way of the vigilante is the unexpected relationship with his son. In the casting, Benjamin Bratt, actor of Miss Congeniality (2000) and Catwoman (2004).

Outside of Mandy, the Nicolas Cage movies featured so far in this case can be considered, shall we say, mediocre to say the least. All of them are less impressive versions of other more famous works, that is, nothing that we have not seen before, including in the filmography of the talented actor. However, that changes with this article. Higher profile than Mandy herself, and with a stint at the Toronto Film Festival and other festivals specializing in horror and fantasy, The Color That Fell From Space is based on a tale by the iconic HP Lovecraft, leading figure in interdimensional horror and science. kind of fiction. Apart from that, in the direction we have another specialist, Richard Stanley, filmmaker at the origin of the Hardware cults – The Destroyer of the Future (1990) and The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996). In the plot, Cage plays a family man living on his rural property. Joely Richardson saw his wife. That’s when the family is surprised by an alien entity from space that manifests through the color purple. When they come into contact with the being, they gradually begin to experience its terrifying effect in their bodies.

211 – The Big Heist
(211, 2018)

Loosely based on a true story, 211 chronicles what is believed to be the longest and bloodiest recent bank robbery in the United States. Cage plays a veteran cop who, alongside his rookie partner, goes on patrol with a young civilian – a common practice in the United States known as ride-along. What was supposed to be a quiet walk to show the routine of police work turns into a nightmare when the protagonists’ car drives past the seized bank, and becomes the target of mercenaries who rob it.

Kill Chain (2019)

One of the few recent Nicolas Cage films that hasn’t been given a Portuguese title so far – meaning it hasn’t officially arrived in Brazil yet or gone so unnoticed that no one knows how it came about. was calling here. Another utterly obscure (and why not generic) action-thriller in the actor’s career, the plot of this straight-up, hit-and-bomb thriller brings Cage on as the owner/manager of a “shaved feet” hotel receiving his only guest at the evening. The problem is precisely who this guest is. Anabelle Acosta is Renata, a mysterious woman, who actually takes refuge in Cage’s facility after robbing a lot of gangsters. It doesn’t take long before the criminals find her and turn everything into hell, with Cage in the middle, of course.

predatory instinct
(Premium, 2019)

Jumanji is for the weak! The same year that the second film in the aforementioned franchise starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart hit theaters, Nicolas Cage was attempting to release his own version of this story. Or almost. As much as the movie poster gives Jumanji vibes, the plot of this Predator Instinct presents Cage as an expert hunter, managing to capture his greatest prey: a white jaguar. He has a buyer for the rare species and puts it on a freighter with other captured animals. Of course, Cage accompanies this trip. But they won’t be the only ones. Also on board is a very dangerous prisoner, a renegade former special forces agent for war crimes, played by Kevin Durand. The subject escapes and frees all the animals, including the rare feline. Now Cage and the army, led by Famke Janssen, must pursue not only the dangerous fugitive, but the deadly animals as well. Directed by former stuntman Nick Powell.

As said, at this point in Nicolas Cage’s filmography, most of his films sound like a recycling of other best productions. And there, the directors had to say to themselves: “what if we redid Dial M to Kill on an island”? With all the trappings of a Hitchcock B-thriller, This Island stars Cage as a man offering money to a young man to kill his wife. It helps that the guy is flirting with Cage’s wife. The young man is played by Luke Benward and the unfaithful wife has the forms of KaDee Strickland. Rounding out the cast, Kelsey Grammer is the incumbent detective investigating the case.

When we hear the title Jiu Jitsu, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A movie about a fighting tournament, right? Well, it would be if we didn’t have Nicolas Cage’s involvement in the project. With the crazy actor the film could not be anything other than a mixture of The Predator (1987) and Mortal Kombat (1995), of course! From time to time, an alien portal opens on Earth and through it a threat in the best Predator style passes, an alien who in addition to being an expert hunter, is also a first-rate fighter. The creature’s objective is to defeat the best fighters on our planet, all martial arts champions, embodied by actor-fighters such as Alain Moussi, Tony Jaa, Frank Grillo and JuJu Chan. Nicolas Cage ends up with the role of the Exotic Master, in the best Raiden/Yoda style. And if you think Cage gets the “cock” with the alien in a sword fight, you’re right!

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