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‘The Suicide Squad’ – Meet The Villains Excluded From James Gunn’s Movie



The director revealed on the social network that the members of the new Suicide Squad are almost very different

With the debut of O Esquadrão Suicida knocking on the door, it is already more than known to the public which names will join the team of the same name. Being mostly made up of villains from the DC Universe, the idea behind this team is that the US government can use them for secret missions and, if all goes wrong, deny any involvement; in return, the wicked receive a reduction in their sentences if they survive.

A simple premise that works to feature different encounters of iconic villains or complete strangers, as well as an interaction between them. Yet searching for names in the long list available is no easy task, and through the names chosen, director James Gunn has made it clear that he prioritizes characters that are little known, even to audiences familiar with them. publisher comics.

Polka Dot Man, Bloodsport and The Thinker are a few examples of strangers who will have a chance to shine, however, many others (much better known) were considered to be stars of the film; something that looks like an actual cast, so to speak. So, these are a few names Gunn has showcased on a social network as potential choices that almost won a chance.

Bloodsport is one of DC’s famous unknown characters who will stand a chance.

Snow storm

A name known to those who watch the Flash series produced by the CW channel, the villainous identity has been used over the years by three different women. When he debuted on the pages of Firestorm Vol. 1 # 19 (Nuclear Man solo series) in 1978, the villain was called Crystal Frost, a scientist who, while researching the Arctic, finds himself trapped in a room and thus obtains freezing powers. .

His second incarnation came in 1984 also in the Firestorm series, but this time it was in the second volume. The new Blizzard was called Louise Lincoln, a friend of Frost who continued her experiments after her death and developed similar abilities. It was she who established herself in the public imagination as the ultimate Blizzard due to her rivalries with Superman and The Flash.

Caitlin Snow is the current holder of the traditional nickname of Blizzard.

The third and most recent (mostly popularized by the aforementioned series) is Caitlin Snow, whose debut took place during the big DC reboot known as Novos 52. very similar to Crystal Frost when it comes to the trip to the arctic and how she received it. powers.


It does not require any further introduction; Slade Wilson is easily one of the best and most trained assassins in the DC Universe, being the perfect balance between physical and mental threat. The ex-serviceman is also famous for his legendary encounters with Batman, as both have mastered various forms of combat. He’s even defeated Batman on multiple occasions and his superhuman physical abilities are always a greater threat.

Enjoy watching:

The Terminator was one of the options. His previous appearance in live action had been in “Justice League”.

The exterminator’s participation as a member of the Suicide Squad is not uncommon either, since since 2014 he has been part of the team with Gunslinger and Harlequin featured in New Suicide Squad. Originally, the villain would also have an active role in DCEU, played by Joe Manganiello as a possible main antagonist in Ben Affleck’s canceled Batman solo film.

Mr. Cold

Here’s someone longtime Bat fans have grown to love, especially those who grew up watching the Bruce Timm animated series. Its first appearance dates back to 1959, in the pages of Batman # 121, when it still bore the name of Mr. Zero; Like most villains of the so-called Silver Age, Mr. Zero didn’t have a very deep origin story or complex goals. During the 1966 television series, his name was eventually changed to Mr. Cold.

That changed in 1992 when the Ice Heart episode aired in the Batman animated series. Directed by the aforementioned designer and written by Paul Dini, the episode offered a fresh take on the ice villain, this time giving him the name Victor Fries and an origin story involving his desperation to save his wife, Nora Fries, who was attacked by an incurable disease and had to be held in suspended animation. Without a doubt, this is one of the episodes, if not the most important, of the annualized series.

One of the most iconic villains in the animated series.

The rainbow creature

This is an extravagant villain case, worthy of the time it was written, but with an interesting historical context. In 1960, the Batman and Robin duo faced off against the aforementioned creature, which had four-colored rainbow skin and each color activated a different power. The proposed origin of the monster is that it emerged from a volcano, in a South American country, and its presence has thrown the dispute for local power off balance.

Despite the simple concept, it’s interesting how accidental the political context of the storyline in which the Rainbow Creature appears is. Throughout history it is established that the country in question is going through a time of civil war, in which an aspiring dictator uses an army to carry out a coup. This fictitious representation then dialogues with the notion of the time on the importance of Latin countries for the “game” of the Cold War, which made possible several coups d’etat like the one shown in the comic strip for the following decades.

Exaggeration: the hallmark of all comic book characters from the Silver Age.

human bat

One of Batman’s scariest villains has never been given a live-action adaptation, despite having featured in animations and games before. After a research accident, Dr Kirk Langstrom developed an uncontrolled mutation that transformed his physical form into that of a giant bat. Eager to find a cure, his path crosses that of Batman as he robs a chemical factory.

The antagonist has major roles outside of comic book media: in the aforementioned vigilante animated series, he was the villain of the first episode; in the game Arkham Knight, he plays in an entire side quest involving the player in an investigation and the cure of the bat; in Batman vs Superman, although not openly referenced, the giant bat that plays in a frightening leap in one of Bruce Wayne’s dreams is also very similar to Langstrom’s mutant form.

The Human Bat is an old acquaintance of Batman fans.

Bronze tiger

It’s a name that James Gunn says was almost chosen for the film and which, if it was, would make perfect sense. Benjamin Turner’s criminal character was one of the early members of the resurgent Suicide Squad, along with Gunslinger and Captain Boomerang, during the phase when John Ostrander was in charge of the title. Prior to that, his first appearance was in 1975, created by Dennis O’Neil as a rival to Richard Dragon.

The villain would later join the League of Assassins and become the master of young Cassandra Cain, daughter of killer David Cain. His time committing League-ordered assassinations would attract the attention of Amanda Waller, who would eventually have the fighter under her influence and ready to join the Suicide Squad.

Anti-hero was part of the team’s first team in the phase in which John Ostrander was ahead of the title.

Hallmark & ​​Jewel

Straight from the pages of Captain Atom Vol. 1 # 85, released in 1965, some long forgotten villains, even by DC. Decades before The Joker and Harlequin, Punch and Jewelee were already wearing flashy, circus-like clothing in the midst of a criminal crusade. The big difference between the couples is that the second was actually able to show affection for each other.

Regardless, over the following years the duo’s presence would drop drastically, making an appearance, along with several other Silver Age characters, only in the Batman: Brave and Fearless animation.

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