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HBO Max | Major Films Coming to the Platform in 2021



Since arriving in Brazil at the end of June, HBO Max has delighted fans of films, series and audiovisual entertainment with many quality productions. The platform’s collection includes original HBO works and, of course, much of the Warner Cinematheque – endlessly renewed, after all, it’s one of Hollywood’s most traditional studios. However, the proposition that appealed to subscribers the most was the one that left the movie theater display market with its hair on its head.

Taking advantage of the pandemic and closed cinemas to boost its streaming platform, Warner decided to simply release all of its productions of the year (including its biggest blockbusters) simultaneously in cinemas (the few open at the time) and also on HBO Max At the time, controversy surrounded the idea. Now, other studios have decided to join us, such as Disney and Paramount. In other words, those who are ready to go to the movies and those who prefer to watch them in the comfort of their own homes will be treated the same.

Late last year, Wonder Woman 1984 began such a proposition, after Christopher Nolan’s Tenet showed an unachievable release only in theaters. This year in the first half of the year we already had the debuts of big house productions like Godzilla vs Kong, Mortal Kombat, Those Who Wish Me Death (with Angelina Jolie), the horror Invocation of Evil 3, the musical In a Neighborhood in New York and the Space Jam sequel: A New Legacy. In Brazil, the films don’t come out exactly simultaneously, but with a very small window of interval after making their big screen debut. Some of the ones mentioned above are already on the platform and the rest will be making their debut soon.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to create a new story for you, the HBO Max fan who can’t wait to watch some of the biggest super productions of the year. And we’re not the culprits, after all, in the platform’s collection there will soon be some of the biggest hottest movies of 2021. Check it out below, note the release date, and comment on those. that you are most expecting.

The first to arrive is this kind of re-imagining of the 2016 “fucking movie”, now in the hands of “comic book pope” James Gunn – the guy behind Marvel’s successful Guardians of the Galaxy. The premiere here in Brazil takes place in theaters tomorrow (August 5). Those who have a little more patience and want to watch it safely will probably have to wait a month before it debuts on the platform (who knows less than that). Margot Robbie returns as Harlequin and that’s almost all that matters. But this time around, we’re also highlighting new characters, such as Bloodthirsty (Idris Elba) and The Peacemaker (John Cena) – the latter with his own series already underway.

The month of August is starting to boil with O Esquadrão Suicida, which promises to turn up the heat and not let the smoke go down. That’s, at least until the end of the month, when another super production sets in and promises speed as well. This is the science fiction / thriller / drama Paths of Memory, starring the eternal Wolverine, Hugh Jackman. With strong echoes of The Origin and weird underrated pleasures (by Kathryn Bigelow), the star lives like a scientist discovering technology capable of reliving the past. So, he decides to use it himself to pursue his greatest love of his life – the role of the beautiful Rebecca Ferguson. The feature film marks the directorial debut of Lisa Joy, Chris Nolan’s sister-in-law and one of the big names behind the success of the Westworld series.

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At the beginning of September, it was the turn of pure terror with the return of master James Wan. Many were suspicious of the filmmaker’s absence from the third film in the Summoning of Evil franchise – which ended up having the lowest rating in the trilogy. And it was because of this Evil One that Wan gave up directing Warren’s new film. After making his mark in big action productions like The Fast and Furious 7 and Aquaman, Wan is now returning to the genre that dedicated him to what appears to be another example of cold and very fearful. With echoes of the classic Les Yeux de Laura Mars (1978), Annabelle Wallis embodies a brunette in the skin of a woman with very macabre visions of murder. But it doesn’t end there, she seems to have an imaginary friend – who might be the epitome of the wrong thing.

HBO Max’s proposal for a release schedule is a good one and doesn’t differ much from what was in theaters. For the second half of the year, the releases will essentially be two big productions per month, describing the start and end of all thirty days. Sharing the month of September with James Wan’s new horror will be real House of Warner money. In addition, Clint Eastwood, 90, is a true treasure of world cinema. Having recently turned 91, the icon has pretended to retire several times in the past. Many believed that his last work in front of the camera would be Gran Torino (2008). But behold, the veteran appears onscreen in Curvas da Vida (2012) and A Mula (2018). Now, still as a director and actor, he stars in book-based Cry Macho and plays an ex-cowboy on a mission to bring his former boss’s son back from Mexico to the United States.

In the tradition of Eastwood’s film, October begins with a more serious and adult film. This one turned to the criminal universe. The film is the prequel to one of the house’s biggest products, the beloved mafia series Soprano Family (1999-2007), and will work as a beautiful tribute not only to fans, but to the late James as well. Gandolfini, led to fame as gangster Tony Soprano. In the film, we will have revealed the youth of Tony – this time played by the actor’s son in real life, Michael Gandolfini. The characterization is simply impressive and follows what was featured, for example, in Straight Outta Compton (2015), when O’Shea Jackson Jr. played his father Ice Cube on the big screen.

With stops at the Toronto and Venice Festivals in September, Canadian director Denis Villeneuve’s new film (L’Arrivée) arrives full of prestige. The filmmaker’s third feature in the sci-fi genre, the super-production adapts the complex and classic book by Frank Herbert, which has inspired much of what has been done in the genre in theaters. A version came out in 1984, by David Lynch, and it was a resounding failure. The new comes with the pressure to make this story a success. If it depends on the solid cast, one of the best of recent years, the feature film is already starting to take hold. The first takes place in September in many parts of the world and in the second half of October in the United States and Brazil.

King Richard: Create Champions

Everything to do with the Olympic vibe, this movie could benefit from an August release – to capture the hype of the world’s biggest sporting event. This is because here we have the biography of the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, two of the greatest tennis players who have ever played on this planet. But not only that, King Richard is focusing on their father, the title Richard, to transform them into these imposing figures of tennis and society. In a vibe like The Pursuit of Happiness (2006), Will Smith plays a guy determined to give his daughters and family a better life. And it could be that the actor’s efforts will culminate in his third Oscar nomination. The first takes place in November.

In 2021, Warner / HBO Max brought us Godzilla vs Kong, Summoning Evil 3, Mortal Kombat, Space Jam 2, and even a new Suicide Squad. But no start will be more meaningful than the Fourth Matrix. At the time of the first release, it wasn’t a big phenomenon, so to speak, but it has conquered a growing legion of connoisseurs who rediscovered it with the advent of DVD and became a major turning point for the market. – thanks to an irreproachable technical piece, specially designed to be viewed in digital media. Its effects corresponded to its philosophy, which posed the ultimate question: what is reality? The sequels came in 2003, the year that became known as the Year of the Matrix. Now, after nearly twenty years, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are returning for another round. And the promise? We expect nothing less than a great movie.

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