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The Impact of Creato’s Logo Design on UK Businesses



In this thriving economy, many businesses rely on visual representation. Whether it’s plating an entree or stocking shelves pleasingly, every business in the UK counts on the power of visual stimulus. And that’s precisely what makes a logo more impactful. You see, businesses of all types must fight tooth and nail to stay ahead in their niche market. Therefore marketing strategies like a memorable logo are the real MVPs of your brand’s visuals. They viscerally represent your brand’s perception.

So now that you know a logo is such an essential visual element, you need the expertise of a Logo Design agency like Creato, recognized as the UK’s top logo design company. Small Businesses, Corporate Enterprises, and Government Entities in the UK entrust Creato with their brand’s visual representation. They create logos for brands that have a positive impact.

What’s The Purpose Of A Logo In The UK?

The sole purpose of the logo is to IDENTIFY. 

That’s it.

You see: 

  • Trends may come and go.
  • Techniques may evolve and
  • Even what you perceive a logo to be can change drastically with time.

But one thing that remains the goal or, let’s say, a perpetual essence of a logo for eternity is to let your target audience know what service, product, or business it’s been designed for.

It’s A Strategic Tool

  • Many people have often confused logos with art due to its visual nature.
  • But in reality, it’s a tool which must be used for strategizing.
  • Why? Because this tool allows your business or brand to be identified among the gigantic sea of competitors.
  • Though it doesn’t mean that your logo should not be visually appealing, it should be only after the identification factor.

No Need For Hidden Meanings

  • Usually, many designers have this forte to fill that visual object (logo) with loads of meanings. But mate, it’s not necessary. 
  • Instead, the only focus should need to be on identification.
  • As time passes, your target audience will get to know your brand, which will automatically build trust.

How Logo Design in the UK Helps Influence Customer Behaviour?

Here are some grounds which exemplify how logo design influences a customer’s behaviour and why it’s important for a company:

Grabs Attention

  • Did you know that the average attention span of a human is 8.25 seconds?
  • Quite short, isn’t it? Companies have to entice their potential customers to believe their products or services are worth considering in these fractions of seconds.
  • Enters your logo design.
  • A logo helps you quickly grab your audience’s attention and fascinatingly convey your brand’s core values. 
  • And if your logo has a solid appearance that speaks for your brand, it is an added advantage.

Influences Decision

  • Everyone has a visual library in their mind through which they associate certain emotions and objects with fonts, colours, and shapes.
  • And this same applies to your logo design.
  • The second your ideal customers look at your brand’s emblem, and if they can resonate with your offerings and services, they’ll engage more with it.

Fosters Brand Royalty

  • Every consumer craves consistency.
  • The moment your brand grows, the more your emblem becomes familiar to your target audience.
  • And this familiarity cultivates trust and accessibility among your target consumers.

Popular UK Brands Logos Case Study 

Known for its fashion-forward and glamourous footwear, this high-end brand was started by a Malaysian-born designer in association with Tamara Mellon in 1996.

Speaking of its logo design Jimmy Choo in the middle of the 1990s, had a 

  • Sophisticated serif typeface.
  • Curved contours for its letters and
  • Sharp elongated serifs at the edges with white background give it an exquisite look.

From 2013 till today:

  • This logo is perfectly readable, especially its double O, making it look more distinctive.
  • These two end letters are much wider as compared with the other ones.
  • Fonts for this emblem are much closer to Nolita Serif Regular and Mollas Ultra Light.
  • And as far as the colour palette is concerned, this exquisite brand has a monochrome execution (a blend of black and white).

In a nutshell, this hallmark communicates a sense of authority and evokes a sense of fashion & excellence.

Over To You

So as you see, your business in the UK does mandate a logo.

However, you need not to complicate the process of designing a logo. Why? Because it’s an integral tool which the business in the UK must leverage to promote its offerings which in turn leaves a distinctive mark.

So if you’re looking for significant success that tremendously impacts your business in a buoyant way through your logo design, then it’s time you get in touch with the experts. Creato has a tremendous clientele base who have reached the pinnacle of success.

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