The Role of Illustration in Logo Design for Melbourne Businesses



When you start your business in Melbourne, the key to staying ahead is including elements that allow you to stand out from your competition. An illustration is an important aspect that will help you establish yourself as a credible brand and create a mark in the industry. The logo design industry in Melbourne has very whole-heartedly welcomed the trend of illustrations.

If you want to do something quirky with your business, too, you need the help of professionals who can craft the logo with complete professionalism. Logo design experts like BrandVillage have been dedicated to ensuring that their clients receive the best design. After all, a good design translates to a better business.

Benefits of Illustration in Logo Design

In today’s time, illustration and logo design go hand-in-hand. Businesses are now moving from professionally designed logos to simpler or illustrative ones, as it allows them to connect to the audience more. Well, here are some of the major benefits of illustration in logo design:

– Attention to Detail

Illustrative logos create striking designs while paying attention to detail. When a business logo design has attention to detail, it catches customers’ eyes. This is mainly because all the elements are efficiently highlighted, determining the business’s success.

Melbourne Museum has a unique logo in which every detail has been crafted precisely. What appears to be a zigzag in the logo is the initials of the brand’s name.  

– Brand Identity

One of the significant benefits of logo design has always been that it helps establish a brand identity. These illustrative logos help you establish a strong brand image in the market. Your brand’s design should be unique to your business and allow you to stand out from the competition.

An illustrative logo helps you create a mark on the audience. You can include elements that align with your brand beliefs and images when designing illustrative logos. Furthermore, illustration in logo design will help in creating an impressive design and consistent brand identity.

– Illustrative Logo Concept Detail

Illustrative logos always help bring out the best, especially in reflecting the concept. Since conceptual designs are being adopted at a huge scale, businesses can significantly create their mark in the environment through these unique designs. Moreover, the illustrative logo designs help create a one-of-its-kind design reflecting the business’ concept while establishing brand uniqueness.

Often the illustrations in the logo give away the business concept. For example, the Melbourne Zoo logo can help you understand what the brand is all about. As their logo suggests, they are a zoo. Their logo features illustrations of different animals available at the Melbourne Zoo. The logo is available in different colours, but the words “Melbourne Zoo” are written in all capital letters and highlighted.

– Colour Scheme

Isn’t the colour scheme one of the most essential parts of logo design? Illustrations in logo design pave the way for brands to experiment with different colours. The pictorial representation of your brand should have a strong colour scheme that immediately captures your users’ attention.

Illustrative logos with unique colour schemes can work best with kids. If you’re into businesses dealing with kids’ products, you can eventually achieve success with illustrative logos. For example, Melbourne’s Spotty Dot toy store has a simple yet colourful rainbow illustration. Whether it’s the name of the brand or just the illustration, every aspect is portrayed colourfully.

– Font

Fonts play an important role in successfully representing your business to the audience. Believe it or not, the font of your logo can either do your business or break it. A huge part of your future’s economic success depends on the font that you’re using. Usually, businesses use different font styles to illustrate their business.

While some businesses adopt a very professional style, others might make it playful. However, regarding illustrative logo designs, the designers are now switching to using illustrations for establishing corporate identities. However, it is advisable to be slightly careful while designing the fonts because overdoing it might make it appear cluttered. If you want your brand to have a unique font then you can use a good font generator.

– Style

The pictorial representation of your brand in a stylistic manner will allow you to reach your audience on a massive scale. Your audience will notice your colour scheme and font style. Style is undoubtedly the backbone of an illustrative logo design.

Almost all famous companies have an artistic touch to their logo styles. For example, for the current Pride month (2023), most businesses like Wells Fargo have switched to incorporating colour in their logo while establishing their identity.


Illustration in logo design for Melbourne-based businesses has paved the way for them to flourish. Not any time soon, this trend will go away, for it is surely adding the fun element that most businesses were missing.

However, logo design illustrations can be a tough task, so you need experts like BrandVillage. Their years of experience can help you craft an illustrative logo that speaks for your business and lets you stand out from the competition.

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