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The Basics of Bike Accident Injuries



Bike Accident Injuries

Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise and relaxation you can enjoy, but every year there are thousands of fatal and non-fatal bicycle accidents in the US. In 2020, 325,173 bicycle accidents were non-fatal and 1,260 fatal accidents. This means being prepared for a bicycle accident is part of the territory when you hit the pedals. 

Bicycle Accident Preparation

Preparation for a bicycle accident is a comprehensive process, but you should prepare for the following:

Physical Injuries

Wearing a quality road-safe cycling helmet that protects you from head injuries during an accident gives you a better chance of surviving severe accidents. Most deaths are from head trauma; in some states, it’s law to wear a helmet when cycling. 

Contact Information

Suppose you are involved in a severe bicycle accident. In that case, you should have some identification and contact details for emergencies so first responders can contact your family or someone who knows you.

Legal Preparations

In a bicycle accident, you must prepare for the legal implications of being injured and possibly injuring someone else. This means you must remain calm, exchange contact information with the person involved in the accident, and collect witness contact information. While the other person may seem reasonable at first, they can change their attitude later, so having a witness’s contact information can protect you. 

Get photos of the damage to your bicycle (bicycles can be expensive, and you’d likely want to claim damages). Also, take pictures of the damage to the other person’s transportation (a car, bus, truck, or other bicycle). Getting photos of any physical damage to the other person and yourself is also prudent. 

Remember to collect detailed photos of the area, showing lights, signs, and intersections, as you may be able to claim injury and damages from the local government departments responsible for road maintenance and safety. 

If you feel there may be repercussions (and even if you don’t), you should get any CCTV footage of the area that you can use if you need to go to court. Ensure you contact the police if they haven’t already attended the scene. 

Medical Preparations

Even if you feel perfectly fine, you should still have yourself checked by a GP within 24 hours. If a medical condition crops up the next day, it may be too late to file a personal injury claim. If you consult with bicycle accident injury lawyers, they will need all the information and supporting facts to take your case to trial.

Route Safety

When you travel by bicycle daily on the same route, it’s crucial to note dangerous areas and take extra precautions before cycling, even if you have the right of way. A staggering 76.7% of all bicycle accidents are related to intersections, which means that dangerous intersections should be managed by installing traffic lights or rumble strips across the road to slow down speeding motorists. 

Getting Legal Representation Following an Accident

While you don’t wish to be in an accident when practicing your cycling passion, you may face this eventuality at some point. Legal aid is necessary if you want to sue the other party of a responsible organization for personal injury and negligence. 

Ensure that you contact a legal council familiar with bicycle injury claims so they can assist you in following the correct procedures to collect information and have the best chance of a successful outcome. 

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