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Common Types of Construction Accidents



Construction Accidents

Construction work is known to be one of the most needed jobs in the world. However, while many individuals shy away from this type of job, it provides a lot to everyone. It ensures buildings are up to par, it provides adequate housing, and more. Construction plays a big role in the advancement of society. But while it is one of the most crucial jobs yet, it is also known to be extremely dangerous. This is because workers must operate heavy-duty equipment and these working conditions can result in injuries and accidents.

Sometimes, a lawsuit may even follow prompting a New York construction accident law firm to take over. This guide will provide you with some of the most common construction accidents today.

Types of Construction Accidents

Even though there are some accidents that happen more frequently than others, there is typically a trend in relation to these accidents. This trend can assist in making certain construction sites be more careful.

Here are some of the most common types of accidents seen on construction sites:


Falls are more frequently seen more often than other types of injuries in the construction industry. Falls make up 35% of construction incidents. Falls happen when a worker falls off a roof, ladder, chimney, and others. Falls can vary in severity, and it all depends on the distance the worker was from the ground when they took that fall. It also depends on the details leading up to the fall. Safety equipment can prevent falls or at least minimize injuries.

Trips or Slips

It’s not that easy to keep tools and other materials organized on a construction site. Even if things start off organized they can easily become disordered. This mess can lead to accidents including slips and trips.

Machinery Accidents

The majority of the equipment being used for construction is typically dangerous. For instance, workers typically utilize heavy machinery to perform their daily tasks. Some of these tasks include building roads and buildings. While supervisors and managers may go out of their way to make sure that their workers are properly trained on utilizing construction machinery, it can’t always prevent accidents from taking place. Many times machines can break down. It’s also possible for a worker that hasn’t been adequately trained on a machine to injure someone else while operating it.


Most of the work that construction workers conduct is near various power sources. It’s not uncommon to hear about a construction worker who got electrocuted after accidentally hitting a power line using their machine. Most of the time there are signs in place to inform workers to take extra caution when working on site. Unfortunately, they still happen.

Back Injuries

While injuries can occur to any part of the body when doing construction, back injuries are typically more common. Back injuries can also occur doing other types of work. But, with construction, workers must use repetitive motion consistently which can lead to back and other injuries.

Ground Collapses

When construction workers are constructing a new building, a large amount of soil must be disrupted beforehand. It’s easy for the area to become unbalanced following excavation. It can result in the ground collapsing and injuring workers in the process. Many workers can become trapped or even killed if this happens.

Know Your Rights

If you were injured after working on a construction site, you may be eligible to receive compensation. You must first have your injuries carefully evaluated. If your injuries are non-life-threatening, be sure you seek medical care. Be sure to contact your supervisor and give complete details of the accident. Finally, don’t forget to contact an attorney as soon as possible. This can help protect your rights.

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