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Solar Panel Recycling: Reuse The Clean Technology



Solar Panel

– Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! This must be the mantra that countries, regardless of size and economy, must constantly chant. Driven by this spirit, humanity must take bold steps to optimize clean and green technology. They are touted to be the measures to keep the soaring temperatures at bay. Solar Panel recycling and reuse is an important and pertinent study to make. Let’s say why. 

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, the cumulative value recoverable from the raw materials of the used panels can be equivalent to the raw material cost of 60 million new solar panels. 

Therefore, it is a high necessity that we must strive to recycle and reuse toward reduction. The article discusses some solar panels, recycling, and the reuse of Clean Technology.

What To Do With the Old Solar Panel?  

The entire world has already reaped the benefits of solar cells. They have great advantages. Solar photovoltaic systems have done the following:

  • Curbed Greenhouse Gases. 
  • Increased the value of your home. 
  • Reduced the dependencies on fossil fuels.
  • Restrained the rise of electricity costs.

Therefore, it can well be said that solar panels have greatly benefited humanity. One solar panel work for around 25 to 30 years. After the tiresome service, they retire. Now, when they get old, what to do with them? Recycle and Reuse- this is the answer. 

Solar panel: Why RECYCLE? 

It is found from studies that the demand for clean energy is increasing in the USA, thanks to the massive work done in creating general awareness. According to 2021 statistics, the demand for solar photovoltaic cells has crossed a figure of 100 Gigawatts. As a result, many solar PV installers are actively working in the market. 

Now this increase of green technology in compounding rate has generated a need for recycling solar photovoltaic cells. If the existing solar panels out of use are recycled, they will form mountainous debris of 1 million tons of waste by 2030. 

Massive work on research has resulted in the development of recycling technologies. Therefore, you can well understand the need for recycling. But what is the state of solar panel recycling presently prevailing in the USA?

According to a study, only 10% of old solar panels are recycled. This means around 90% of them are not recycled. The good news is that 100% recycling has been achieved through the ones that went into the recycling process. 

Panels Recycling Process 

A question revolves around the alleys of R&D stakeholders and the general public.

-Can Solar Panels be recycled?

The answer is Yes. Different sections of society are doing their best, so they can make the best use of technology. If all the methodology is integrated with evolving a generic process, Let’s Discuss them here:

  • First, remove the metal frames from the Junction box.
  • The separation of silicon and glass by employing thermal and mechanical processes. 
  • Separation and subsequent purification of the metals like Tin and silver with electrical techniques.  

This is a generic process that many recycling firms are following in the United States. A lot of research went into standardizing the process. The companies carry massive investments to successfully hand over new recycled products to the solar PV installers. 

Reuse Of Solar Panels

Do your Solar Panels need to be fixed? You can offer to recycle it. Many companies are working on this complex process. Apart from complete recycling, you could reuse these aging solar panels to elongate their life as much as possible. Let’s try to find different ways to reduce your domestic or commercial old solar cells. So let’s get started with the discussion here. 

1. Do It Yourself Project 

There are many do-it-yourself projects which you can be a part of. For instance, you can use the cells and keep them outside. The sunlight hits these solar cells. Keep the small plants close to the solar cells. You will find out that the solar cells have heated up. This is the option you have here.

You can also use the old PV panels to make furniture. Thus they turn out to be utility elements. They can save you dollars you would have spent on buying new furniture for your domestic needs.

2. Light Up The Smaller Spaces 

Your old solar panels do not have enough power to light up the big rooms. But there are different spaces in your room where you require less energy and light. 

So why not use these old solar cells? Use the old panels to light up the areas in your home and surrounding where you do not really need much light. Thus it becomes a smart idea to light up your house. Lighting up the smaller spaces in your home is a smart idea to have more light without further spending. 

3. Make Fences

You might have invested some money in preparing fences around your home, so why now use your old solar panels? 

They are indeed a great way to reduce your costs. The cost of offending material has increased by the natural flow of time. You could use them to meet your requirements. They are also smart ideas to reduce your old solar panel. 

4. Donate Them!

Any kind of donation is philanthropic work. Organizations are working for the poor section of society. For example, you can simply donate your old solar panels so that they can be used to light some desolate corners (where it requires most). This is a mark of social responsibility indeed. It will make a great step towards contributing to humanity and nature.

What Else? 

Besides the ways discussed above, you can make shades in your home. You can also make use of the panels as insulators. Remember, reuse and recycling must be driven by your own conscience. 

The WHO and other parental bodies can offer solutions. But it is you who can implement plans to make your earth green again. So you must follow the way to reduce or recycle your old Solar panels. This is how you serve the earth.

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