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Shower Standing Handle: The Solution To A Safer Life



Shower Standing Handle

Haven’t we all experienced casual falls during shower or bath time as the soaking tub or floor makes us go dizzy and slip? Well, the solution to that is a shower standing handle that you can take help from for support and riskless movements during your bath/shower hour.

A shower standing handle works just like a helping hand you might need when falling down because of a loss of balance. As human beings grow old and frail in movements and actions, they are always at a high risk of a dangerous fall that results in an injury or worse internal damage by the hit. 

So a shower standing handle is the best solution to reduce such a risk during a shower.

What Is A Shower Standing Handle? 

A shower standing handle is a grab bar that you can grab for support for various purposes in your bathroom, like when climbing in and out of the bathtub or shower space, sitting, or trying to reach for something while you are taking a shower. 

A shower standing handle works as a life support at that time as there have been approx many falls and deaths due to a bad slip people experienced during their bath time. The majority of the cases relate to the older generation of human beings as they get old, their movements become 

slow and less firm which contributes to a higher risk of the possibility of falling and getting a serious injury in return. 

To avoid such a possibility, if you are prone to falling or slipping during shower time, a shower standing handle is an ultimate solution for you as it is mounted on the wall easily in your shower/bath area to offer support while you move on the wet slippery tiles. The Specific Conditions Before Buying The Perfect Shower Standing Handle: 

The basic purpose of getting a shower standing handles for yourself or your loved one is to make it less risky for them to experience an injurious fall or improve safety to ensure you can grab onto a bar for support while moving during the shower or as you climb in or out. 

So before a hasty purchase of the handle, you should necessarily consider some important conditions that are specific to you.

Factors you should consider before the purchase:


Before choosing the perfect shower standing handle, you should consider your height as it directly relates to the level of support and direction that’ll suit you. 

The most preferable height for a shower stand is approx 36 to 37 inches but can vary greatly. You might be of a taller stature or of a smaller height, hence, you will need a shower stand that you can grab with your size and hand with a strong dependency. 

So a removable shower stand might be the perfect fit for you as you can remove and fix it according to your height and reachability for comfort. 


The amount of weight you can handle also contributes to the conditions you should consider when selecting a shower standing handle. The focus point should be to get one that best suits your level of comfort and safety, thus a shower stand that is not too heavy or in a shape that would hinder due to the weight of grabbing will take away from the purpose of grabbing it for holding as you move in the shower. 

A heavy shower stand might not suit a person with less strength like underweight individuals, handicapped individuals, or aged persons as their bones are weak to hold something of a heavy weight. 

Therefore make sure the handle is of comfortable weight and shape that you can easily handle according to weight. A perfect rule of thumb is to measure the size of your hand with inch tape and match that size with the handle to see if the rail is too big or small and pick an average size. This will reduce your chances of buying a shower standing handle that’s unsuitable. 


Age affects everything as a young age individual till the age of 35 years on average have lesser chances of disbalance or major injury upon falling due to higher resilience and stronger bones. Hence, they are likely to have a low need for support incase of any disbalance. However, persons over 45 to near a 100 years old depend on some fixed support for help when they are taking shower as the risk of disbalance increases with age due to weak bones and slower process of movement with age. 

Therefore, the solution to that is a fixed shower standing handle that they can depend on as a helping hand in privacy while they take a shower to sit or move around without the fear of a dangerous fall. With a shower standing handle, the worry of frantically looking for a dependable handle to hold onto fades away. 

This proves the worth of owning a shower standing handle!


If you or your closed one has some disability which restricts them from extra movement or lack of direction, then a shower standing handles is a necessary support rail that they must have in their shower/bath area for ease. 

The times have changed rapidly and the world is more friendly and convenient for all human beings whether affected by any disability or illness that hinders their normal activities. So to support them collectively, there are all sorts of things that they can depend on without needing another human being’s support. 

Especially in moments in their alone time when a disabled person whether deaf, blind or handicapped among the types of disability, they need a shower standing handle for support as a necessary grabbing help to navigate and safely move on the wet tub or shower floor. 

What Are The Types of Shower Standing Handles? 

The major benefits of having a shower standing handle depend on the type and quality of the shower handle you decide to purchase. 

There are 2 types of Shower stand handle that are available, 

A Fixed Shower Standing Handle: 

A fixed shower standing handles is a type of bar that when attached to your bathroom tile wall or glass remains firm to the spot you attach it on. So, it’s necessary that if you decide to have a fixed type of shower handle that it’s perfectly reachable and placed on a spot that’s preferable for you.

The benefit of a fixed standing handle is that it stays firm on the place near your shower/bath area so that there is no risk of the bar handle sliding out or falling in times you grab it out of support and it falls due to bad quality. 

However, the cons of a fixed shower standing handle is that they can obstruct in the path for movement and may harm incase an elderly individual or any person slips and falls on the wall as its planted right near the shower area. Thus, a fixed shower standing handle can make it difficult to maneuver sometimes. 

A Removable Shower Standing Bar: 

A removable shower standing handle is the type that is designed for extra ease and support as they can be removed and attached according to need, direction and height of the person. 

Removable handles are designed to be portable and thus can be attached on the bathroom wall easily where you need it for support as an elderly or disabled individual might sit during shower/bath and need the shower standing handle below at the height when they sit and place it back up again when they stand to move according to height.

Removable handles can easily slide out and attached again providing extra comfort. The only negative of having a removable shower handle is that the effort to remove it and place it around might not be possible for everyone as it requires power and balance


To Install a shower standing handle, you might need to consider its quality of suction handles and confirm if you can attach the handle yourself or hire an expert to ensure maximum safety. A shower standing handle is an equipment that is as necessary in these times as any other basic shower item. 

It ensures safety and comfort to reduce the risk of a dangerous fall in the shower area that can result in long long damage to you or your loved one. 

Therefore, it’s necessary that you have one for the safety of yourself and your loved ones while they shower.

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