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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Budget




Redecorating always feels like ‘yay’ and ‘nay’ at the same time. We all get the ‘yay’ part with its picture-perfect cozy stay-ins and wowed visitors complimenting your styling skills. What’s wrong with the ‘nay’ part then? Money, you’d say. Well, fair enough. 

If you are thinking of refreshing your interior on a budget, keep your larger pieces classic and resort to lower-cost but trendy accessories. As an extra option, you may always play with layers like textiles or simply buy a pair of new couch slipcovers. To dispel all your doubts, follow these insider tricks to elevate your interior design on a budget. 

1. Use what you already own

The best part about working with what you already have is that it will cost you zero dollars. Raid your house for pretty items and declutter your closets! You may be surprised how many baskets, boxes, vases, and other cute little knick-knacks are hiding here and there! Collect them in a separate box and look around again. Think of how you can group your treasures as vignettes and display them all together.

What about all those unread books scattered all over the place? Display the best-looking ones on your bookshelves and complement your vacant niches with statement items such as bags and souvenirs from your past travels. Dare to hang odd items such as hats and hand fans on your walls instead of typical wall decor. This will add up a personal touch to your room and it’s totally free! 

2. Go vintage shopping

Second-hand shopping is a great way to score some amazing vintage pieces without breaking the bank. Turn it into an exciting adventure with its hunting thrill and joy of worthy discoveries! You may find lots of second-hand pieces of furniture at affordable prices in vintage and antique stores as well as on numerous auction websites and marketplaces.

Take a risk of negotiating the price where possible. You have all chances to get up to 50% off both by submitting lower offers on auction sites and when talking to sellers in person. In case you found an amazing vintage piece at a great price, say a couch, but it was irreversibly spoiled with a permanent stain, still, go for it! This is what slipcovers exist for! 

3. Buy art from emerging artists

Emerging artists normally charge less for truly incredible art pieces, so don’t miss out on some real bargains! Look for affordable art on Instagram or platforms such as Saatchi Art or Tappan where new artists display their works to grab the attention of more customers and don’t overprice in order to retain their clientele.

Attend art fairs or flea markets from time to time. On par with old items, you can always bump into emerging artists selling their artwork right on the pavement! We’ve all seen them in attraction parks, tourist spots, and main squares, you name it. Buy art from unknown artists whenever you travel, especially to remote areas. For instance, in Mexico or Morocco, you’ll always buy outstanding artwork for almost peanuts, just look around! 

4. Create a special atmosphere using home scents

Sensory experiences are as important as visual ones when it comes to creating the right atmosphere in your house. Hence, think of a perfect scent that would complement your upgraded interior. Use a plug-in diffuser with essential oils you like, pick a set of favorite scented candles and locate them in the zones where you spend most of your time. Get rid of unwanted odors that influence your perception of the room.

These could be cooking smells you can’t stand. Odor eliminators such as charcoal bags are great helpers in this. Make use of fresh flowers too! Apart from home greenery that can magically soften edgy decor, bouquets of fresh flowers serve as great accessories with a whiff of summer vibes. Whatever your approach might be, make sure your room smells as pleasantly as it looks.

5. Focus on details

If your budget is really tight and you don’t plan on buying anything bigger than a vase to elevate your interior, make details your top priority. It’s a truly affordable option as you can source loads of decor items from inexpensive home decor stores. Check out Walmart or Target for more mainstream accessories, while on Etsy you may find handmade and more personalized decor. 

Another way to accentuate certain zones of your house is to paint your doors or walls in contrasting colors to make your accessories immediately pop. Adding unique knobs to your cabinets may also create a major wow effect. Layer your lighting and experiment with combinations of ambient, task, and accent lighting. And yeah, don’t hold back on bold colors! Pillows and slipcovers of rich hues will add up some drama to any boring room. 

Remember, you don’t have to follow all the tips at a time. Start with smaller areas of your house and implement at least one of these recommendations. We promise you are going to see the results immediately. Good luck on your styling journey!

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