‘Secret Truths 2’: “For me, Camila Queiroz will never work on Globo again”, says Walcyr Carrasco



Yesterday morning, Rede Globo confirmed that Camila Queiroz had been fired from the network and would be excluded from the next “Secret Truths 2” episodes.

The cause for the dismissal was due to disagreements after Angel’s interpreter made “unacceptable demands” to renew the contract.

And, according to Metropoles, the dismissal was far from friendly.

Recordings for the attraction were reportedly completed last week but have been delayed due to delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Camila refused to participate in the last day of filming, which was also her last day of the contract, presenting a medical certificate as proof.

In addition, the star demanded that the contract for the extension of the recordings include a change in the outcome of her character, as she did not like the directions set by Walcyr Carrasco, author of the novel.

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Because of this, Carrasco ended up getting angry and supported the dismissal by saying:

“For me, Camila Queiroz will never walk on Globo again.”

Apparently Angel would eventually die and Camila disapproved of that ending, demanding that the character return in the new seasons.

Finally, Globo decided to continue with ‘Secret Truths 2’ without Camila being present.

After that, it looks like the recordings will continue with a few adaptations to keep the essence of the plot alive.

Just yesterday, Queiroz came forward on his Twitter profile, and even without going into details, he revealed he’d rather “keep his sanity” than “be right.”

I tried to be right but sanity won out.
Then I come back here to talk to you

– Camila Queiroz (@Camiqueirozreal) November 17, 2021

She didn’t go into details, but said she would explain what happened shortly.

After a series of requests from the actress, Globo decided to renew the contract and continue the soap opera without her character, Angel.

“Actress Camila Queiroz is no longer part of the cast of Verdades Secretas 2, a soap opera on Globoplay. Impacted by the strict protocols adopted during the pandemic, the work registration period, which was to end on the 10th, had to be extended by seven days. To sign the contract extension necessary to record the final scenes of the telenovela, Camila Queiroz wanted to determine the outcome of Angel’s character and demanded a formal commitment that she would be part of a possible third season of the work. , in addition to other unacceptable contractual requirements. Globo said in a note.

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