‘Pinocchio’: Luke Evans says live-action Disney remake will be unique



After joining the live-action ‘Pinocchio’ remake, Luke Evans took part in an interview with Collider to fuel our expectations for the film, saying the new version will be unlike anything we’ve seen.

“I have always loved ‘Pinocchio’. It’s a timeless story. It’s a very old fairy tale or a fable, whatever you want to call it. It contains complex powerful messages in the stories, many of which relate to youth and children. I don’t think this will be like any other iteration we’ve seen before. I’m really excited to be a part of it. I am honored that Disney chose me to play another villain in their world. I am surrounded by very talented people, including Mr. [Tom] Hanks. It is a joy to think that I am in a film with this legend ”.

Evans is no stranger to the Casa Mouse pantheon, as he brought Gastão to life in the live-action “Beauty and the Beast”. In ‘Pinocchio’ he will bring the coachman to life, a character responsible for luring children to Ilha dos Prazeres, with the promise to leave them free from their parents and household chores – and where they are turned into donkeys and sold as slaves. in hiding. market.

Keep in mind that the live-action will be directed by Robert Zemeckis and will bring Tom Hanks into the role of iconic carpenter Gepetto.

The film will be released directly on Disney +.

Check out the first teaser:

One of Disney’s all-time classics arrives on #DisneyPlus with the new live-action story by Pinocchio, starring Tom Hanks and directed by Robert Zemeckis. ✨

– Walt Disney Studios (@DisneyStudios) December 11, 2020

Hanks and Zemeckis are longtime collaborators, having worked together on works such as “The Polar Express”, “Forrest Gump” and “The Castaway”.

Enjoy watching:

In addition to directing, Zemeckis is scripting the project alongside Chris Weitz.

The story revolves around a puppet who comes to life and wants to prove that she is worthy of being transformed into a real boy. The tale was adapted in 1940 by Casa Mouse and has become a timeless classic.

“Pinocchio” is the latest addition to the company’s live assault, which also includes “The Little Mermaid“, “The Sword Was the Law“, “Bambi” and “The Princess and the Frog.”

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