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Panic in the forest | From worst to best movie in the franchise



After seven films with cannibalistic mutants attacking people who took the wrong path in the forest, the “ Panic in the Forest ” franchise finally won a reboot, which ends up choosing a completely different path.

While this has grown into a very popular franchise, we have to admit that most of the sequels are terrible. And where exactly would the restart be in the overall ranking of the saga?

Check out our list below:


While the previous sequels weren’t particularly good, this sixth chapter of the franchise can be even worse. If the direction of the filmmaker Valeri Milev is much more competent than that of Declan O’Brien, who had directed the three previous films, nothing can save the production of an extremely ridiculous scenario which still tries to take itself seriously. Consistency has never been the strength of the franchise, but when a mutant cannibal movie introduces an absurd sex cult plot (hello?), You know it can’t get worse.


Despite the funny self-parody scenes, the joke very quickly loses its grace. The shallow plot again tells the origin of the mutants, presenting several elements that make no sense. Instead of the “forest”, which here looks like a thin backyard forest, the action takes place in a small town (filmed in a more artificial studio than the village of Chaves). Other than the comedic opening sequence, there is nothing of interest in this sequence other than some extremely brutal deaths.


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Released in Brazil directly on video with the title ‘Floresta do Mal – Caminho da Morte’, the third film in the franchise suffers from poorly executed CGI abuse. In addition, the film brings very few killer mutants, which limits the dynamics and development of the film. In a story where most of the characters are inmates, the storyline misses the opportunity to face them head-on with cannibals. Instead, they are slaughtered like any other unprepared youth group typical of the saga.


What is the origin of cannibalistic mutants? Here’s something no one wanted to know, but director and screenwriter Declan O’Brien thought it would be a good idea to answer. Although following to the letter all the clichés of the genre and presenting absolutely nothing new, the director shows a small evolution by resorting more often to the practical effects (but rest assured, the CGI enthusiast is still present). In addition, the change of scenery was also interesting, helping this sequence to have more personality.


After the bombshell which was the sixth chapter, the franchise had hit rock bottom. The only solution would be to resort to an official reboot to keep the saga alive. However, if you wait for the cannibal mutants to return, you will be very disappointed. “Panic in the Forest: The Foundation” completely disassociates itself from the original franchise, presenting a new story. The proposition is interesting, but the end result is irregular. The script tries to be clever to subvert our expectations, but it often uses absurd situations (trunk with the powers of the Black Lynx who manages to pass through other trees to reach its target, characters who disappear and appear as needed. plot, among other nonsense). “The Foundation” is an average movie that, while better than most of the original footage, sadly had a lot of wasted potential.


Although it has grown in popularity over the years, the first “Panic in the Forest” had an extremely lukewarm performance at the box office. With a budget of $ 12 million, the original feature film made just $ 28.6 million worldwide. It was for this reason that this second film was released straight to video, but the sequel surprised everyone’s expectations as it turned out to be an extremely gory and funny horror. Despite bringing a more relaxed tone than the original film, the production also increases blood levels and delivers particularly brutal deaths. This feature film marks the directorial debut of Joe Lynch, who in addition to being safe in his role, also proves to be a great connoisseur of the genre, which is reflected in his homage to the classic’s dinner scene. ‘The Chainsaw Massacre’ during the third act.


Before sex cults, prisons, legends, and mental hospitals, there was only a trio of mutant cannibals hunting unsuspecting vagrants in a forest. The principle of “Panic in the Forest” is simple, but effective. The storyline cleverly uses genre clichés and the brutality of the production stands out in the pre-“Mortal Games” and “The Hostel” era. Plus, the ever-awesome Eliza Dushku, fresh off “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer,” looks amazing as the last girl in the feature.

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