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Motorists in complete safety: the last-minute solution to avoid penalties on the Auto Stamp



There is a novelty that latecomers motorists will be able to take advantage of, if they are late in paying vehicle tax

Among the taxes most hated by Italian citizens, for several years the auto stamp stands out. Every year, owners of regularly registered cars have to pay this tax to ACI, which is often quite heavy.

car taxEasy payment of car tax (web source)

In the hope that sooner or later this stamp can be completely eliminated, however, comforting news is coming for motorists. Or at least for those who risk forgetting to pay the car tax on time.

The ACI in this sense has been magnanimous, with an innovation that will save many late users. Late payment of stamp duty results in a monetary penalty, or surcharge on the tax. But there is a way to avoid it.

The service offered by ACI that will avoid surcharges on car tax

During next November, ACI will send warning emails to all those who are late in paying car tax, complete with a warning of the increased penalty on the amount not yet paid.

To avoid finding yourself in the situation described above, the same ACI offers the possibility of resorting to a useful and last-minute service. In particular, for each motorist, it is possible to delegate the Authority for the payment of the tax when it is about to expire. The beneficiaries of the service will receive the receipt by post or alternatively in digital format. acidThe ACI logo (web source)

A very good proposal for those who risk forgetting the deadlines. In this way, it will be possible to postpone the payment compared to the usual, without however being heavily sanctioned for its own oversights.

In any case, it is advisable to remember when the car tax expires, also because there are discounts for those who pay it on time. It is the possibility of dividing the payment into several installments (maximum three), thus avoiding a tiring expense.

Remember that the next road tax must be paid by January 2023, obviously by motorists and users who are due on December 31.

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