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Mobile Apps vs Websites



Mobile Apps

We are living in a digitalized world. Digitalization has made the world globalized. You can connect with consumers no matter where they live. Websites and mobile apps are the touchpoints for modern consumers. They don’t have to go to the markets every time to buy products and services. They can open the websites from their desktops and order the things that they want to purchase. Similarly, they can open mobile apps on the go and buy products. 

Many organizations have integrated their mobile apps and softwares with their website. The important thing to note is that people purchase products and services from the website or mobile app if the information is provided to them in their native language. Here is the point where eCommerce translation services come to play. 

What is the Difference Between a Mobile Website and an App 

At present, mobile proliferation in the world is more than before. You can hardly find a person without a smartphone. Mobile websites and apps both can be accessed through smartphones such as Android, iPhones, tablets, and Blackberry. Let’s find out the difference between a mobile website and an app.  

  • A mobile website is just like another website as it consists of HTML pages. You can browse them on the internet. The prime difference between the two is that mobile websites are designed for the smaller screens of smartphones. This new design has become a new standard for mobile-friendly websites. These can be cut down to any size from desktops to tablets and smartphones. The content the videos, and images. To make them resonate with smartphones, professional software localization services can be of great help. 
  • Apps are applications that you can download and install on your smartphone instead of seeking a browser. Mobile users visit their handset portals like Android Market and Apple’s App Store to download apps that resonate with the operating system. The apps fetch the data from the internet and help in downloading the content with the help of an internet connection. They can become more user-friendly with the assistance of mobile app localization services.  

Which Option is Better, An App or a Mobile Website? 

Whether you should go for an app or a mobile website depends upon your business objectives. If you are developing a robust game then the app is the best option for you. However, if you want to sell products and services to a wider audience then you should opt for a mobile website. 

Consumer behavior is different in every market, if you are opting for a mobile website then professional website localization services will assist you in providing products and services to potential customers according to their preferences.

If you want to show a web presence then a mobile website is suitable. However, apps are useful in developing other apps and softwares that can support web browser 

Benefits of a Mobile Website Vs Apps 

If you want better communication with the target market then marketing mobile websites is a viable option. Let’s dive into its benefits. 


Mobile websites are easily accessible through browsers on multiple devices like android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. On the contrary, you have to download the app from the app store so that content can appear. 


You can open the website on different mobile devices whereas for the app you have to develop a separate version of the device. For developing these versions many companies take assistance from software localization services. In addition, websites can be easily integrated with other technologies like QR Codes and SMS. 


You can share URLs of the websites easily through a simple link through Facebook, Twitter, or text message. Many people are directed to the mobile website through hyperlinks in blogs.  You cannot share apps in this way. URL shareability is useful if you take assistance from professional website localization services. In this way, people can share the URL of the website more because it resonates with their culture. 


According to the research, the average shelf life of an app is less than 30 days. If you have developed a unique website with the help of professional software localization services then we cannot tell how long can be used on the user’s device. On the contrary, mobile websites are always accessible. 

Mobile Website Can be developed as an App

You can also develop a website as a web application just like other native apps. It can be more beneficial than a mobile store app.  Professional software localization services can help you in developing web applications. 

Price and Time 

The mobile website takes more time to develop but it is cost-effective whereas the development of an app requires more time and is more expensive because you need different softwares to develop it. 


Whether you go for a website or app development, they both require upgradation and testing. In-app development, you have to come across many compatibility issues. Therefore app development is expensive. 

Wrapping Up 

To show a presence in the global world, many companies have moved to e-commerce. To get leverage from a mobile website, companies should also invest in website localization services. Many companies have integrated mobile apps with websites to give customers a pleasant user experience.

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