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Marvel vs. DC! We picked the worst movies from each studio…



We recently had the premiere of “Black Adam,” and despite some favorable reviews from fans, critics around the world ended up lambasting DC’s new movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. There are those who compare the production with the first ‘Suicide Squad’, as the feature film is so messy, even if technically it is more honest.

However, even with DC presenting films that left something to be desired in the cut of the last decade – and “Black Adam” is far from one of those films so bad – Marvel has had its share of bombs, and lately this isn’t phase 4 just as much fun – despite the good series released on Disney+.

In other words, even with all the rivalry, it’s not possible for the Marvel team to talk about DC without remembering that it also has a dark past, with equally problematic titles.

So this time around, we’ve brought together the worst of both universes here, but according to certain criteria: you don’t want to kick a dead dog, so those old ‘Captain America’ or ‘Fantastic Four’ movies made by Roger Corman will not be cited, for example. The same happens with ‘Superman IV’ or even ‘Steel’, which are low budget titles with different pretensions.

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The Fantastic Four (2015)

The first ‘Fantastic Four’ (2005) was already a far below average production on its own, even though it didn’t have much comparative room at the time, and not just for the laughable look of the characters, but for the bad shots and ultra generic plot. However, after Josh Trank stood out with the “Power Without Limits” superhero found footage, he was given the opportunity to commission a new superhero family adventure, simply delivering a movie that didn’t any sense.

The origin-centric first half can still be salvaged, but the plot brings a confusing time jump in which a character travels to Latin America for no reason and the main villain also appears unmotivated. We have a cheesy and totally uninteresting story with it. Even the action scenes aren’t exciting. And if the previous film was generic, this one then mixes several tempos among others of the genre and delivers a result of any note. Fortunately, Marvel should resurrect the “Fantastic Four” very soon.

Catwoman (2004)

“Catwoman” was released in 2004 and is loosely based on the comic book character “Batman.” The film follows Patience Phillips (Halle Berry), a shy graphic designer who works for a major cosmetics company that is about to launch a breakthrough anti-aging product. However, Phillips’ life changes when she stumbles upon a dark secret her employer is hiding, a discovery that leads to her death. But she is revived by an Egyptian cat, assuming the identity of Catwoman.

The film was a box office failure that dumped millions down the drain. The storyline is simply embarrassing, as the heroine dies in a bizarre way and receives surreal powers from a stray cat. Oscar-winning Halle Berry delivers a simply terrible performance, the inconsistent tone strays far from the comics, especially with the lack of any connection to Batman. Not to mention the hyper sexualization of Catwoman. The film that is a shame for cinema and an assault on the feminist cause.

Morbius (2022)

“Morbius” is the third film in Sony’s “Spider-Man” extended universe. After several delays, the feature debuted on April Fool’s Day, nothing short of suggestive, starring Oscar winner Jared Leto as the titular character. The film follows Michael Morbius, a doctor suffering from a rare blood disease. In desperation, Morbius fuses his genes with those of a vampire bat and becomes a bloodsucking monster.

Matt Smith and Leto even try to salvage the thing, but the script is confusing, the CGI part feels straight out of the 1990s, the narration is long, and the film is superficial in the extreme, with a completely aimless plot. Interestingly, “Morbius” gained a fair number of fans who enjoyed the decadent feel, but maybe it’s really a big joke, like those folks who insisted on bringing it back to the movies.

Suicide Squad (2016)

It might sound strange, but there are those who consider David Ayer’s first “Suicide Squad” a good movie, despite being a complete disaster. The film was a box office success, but received very negative reviews. The script, plot, and characters were considered saucer, predictable, and underdeveloped. While the feature brings in some humor and a brucutú movie feel, it’s boring and generic in the extreme. Leto’s Joker is an embarrassment in itself.

However, the movie delivers good performances, especially Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, which made everyone want to see her in a cool movie, just like James Gunn’s “Suicide Squad” (2021). But it was unable to salvage an inconsistent work full of script holes, being the worst example of modern DC movies. It’s worth remembering that director David Ayer said Warner changed everything, leading fans to demand a new version called the “Ayer Cut.”

Electra (2005)

The movie ‘Daredevil’ released in 2003 starring Ben Affleck wasn’t so great anymore, in fact there are those who also consider it one of Marvel’s worst, but maybe that’s an exaggeration, however, because it makes money, labor won a spin-off. “Elektra,” which was released two years later, stars Jennifer Garner as the ninja assassin who, for the first and only time, experiences a solo cinematic adventure.

The actress is on automatic pilot and follows the whole film without an ounce of charisma. Add to that a monotonous plot, dull fight scenes, and a layer of character that even before the end of the session you forgot about. In good Portuguese, we can say that “Elektra” is the most boring Marvel movie of all time.

Batman and Robin (1997)

“Batman Forever” had already put the Tim Burton-created franchise in a very different place than what it followed, but the late Joel Schumacher hit rock bottom with “Batman & Robin” and his Batcard. Batman has been reworked once again, this time with George Clooney in the role, more impossible ham. The bad guys are a freak show on their own, with Poisonous Age (Uma Thurman) and Mister Cold (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in a simply vexing partnership – and even getting help from Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone).

Besides being a commercial failure, it was rejected by critics around the world, boasting the title of the lowest-grossing Batman film. The game was so bad that it completely killed any chance of a straight. It’s a cheap movie, with a rushed plot, slapstick humor, cheesy grip and an over-the-top plot that loses all meaning, full of heroes, villains and comic book action, similar to the series from the 1960s. “Batman” in theaters, which did not return until 2005 with Nolan.

Blade: Trinity (2004)

The first two “Blade” films are very good and, just not perfect, they can be said to have interesting plots and are aesthetically appealing, full of action and have strong and charismatic characters. However, the same cannot be said for “Blade: Trinity”, as the film goes in opposite directions, resulting in a rather boring and pointless blood fest.

The action, visuals, and other saving graces of the first two films are also gone here. Having loose jokes and in the end being a generic adventure that buried the franchise starring Wesley Snipes. ‘Blade’ which is set to get a retelling from Marvel soon.

Justice League (2017)

After the very weak “Batman v Superman” was lambasted by critics and divided fans, Zack Snyder had several issues with Warner to make “Justice League” its way. Midway through production, the most painful moment of his life occurred, Snyder’s daughter had died, and he decided to walk away from the film’s finishing process.

Warner ran and called the director of the first two ‘Avengers’, believing the guy could save the bad crop planted by DC, but the result couldn’t be worse… With a completely disjointed film and several situations having failed. No sense, Joss Whedon, it just destroyed what was already bad from a studio perspective. Fortunately, years later, Snyder managed to redeem himself by releasing his version, the much more logical and detailed ‘Snyder Cut’.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

The idea of ​​making a solo Wolverine movie has been around since the release of the first ‘X-Men’, which we’ll agree had the character played by Hugh Jackman as the protagonist. So doing something of a Logan origin, the 2009 film begins with an imprint that’s more like a Clark story in Smallville.

Shortly after, it returns to a retcon of a story that had already been told in the second film of the mutant franchise, but with all the exaggerations and absurdities possible now. The list of mutants and the final enemy, experienced by Ryan Reynolds is simply embarrassing and revolting, unable to make any fan of the series ask for a sequel – which thankfully came honestly and then gave a third movie that ended with a golden key and deleted it. this disaster.

Green Lantern (2011)

It’s amazing the amount of superhero movie-related bombshells that Ryan Reynolds has been involved in, and one of them had a big production made by DC, the first film adaptation of ‘Truth Lantern’. The hero has always had an interesting universe and iconic characters, with several intergalactic stories and sagas that would make for true sci-fi epics.

However, what we saw in the film was a slapstick comedy, with a few contrived action scenes and a fast-paced storyline that attempted to follow Hall Jordan’s origin to the letter. What was left was a massive disaster, which sank at the box office and buried the franchise for good. Who knows, with this fresh start, DC isn’t giving the green space ranger another chance to shine.

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