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‘Man of Steel 2’ fan campaign for Henry Cavill to return as Superman



It looks like the release of the ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut has thrilled DCEU fans, and several of them are promoting a campaign to see Henry Cavill return as Superman in new films. Through the #HenryCavillSuperman tag, netizens took to social media to reinforce how much they want to see the star wearing the hero’s cape again, especially in “ The Man of Steel 2. ”


Henry is so Superman that even behind the scenes without having to act, he acts like Superman. I could imagine this here clearly as a scene from a great movie, where a kid was looking at him and he was all serious and smiling and saying goodbye. 🥰 # HenryCavillSuperman #Superman

– ✨ # HenryCavillSuperman✨ (@imhexgirl) March 23, 2021

“After choosing hope, anything is possible.” # RestoreTheSnyderVerse #HenryCavillSuperman

– Paula Cristina🇧🇷 (@ PaulaCr03497139) March 22, 2021

See if WB loses Henry is going to be very sad and ashamed the guy was born to be Superman and the fans deserve more movies with him. #LigadaJusticadeZackSnyder #JusticeLeague #HenryCavillSuperman

– 🅱️runinha (@BrnahelenaReis) March 21, 2021

The world is already ready for Man of Steel 2 #HenryCavillSuperman

– THOMAS🍀 (@rt_leprechaun) September 8, 2020

Enjoy watching:

I don’t believe that “the voice of the people is the voice of God”. But I believe she can at least be the voice of an amazing man, a Superman.

One Man of Steel movie is not enough. # HenryCavillSuperman

– Absalão Marques (@MarquesAbsalao) September 8, 2020

You have to make films. Call him soon to make another super movie # HenryCavillSuperman

– Isa ⚡️ (@isabelaizidorio) September 8, 2020

Asking for #HenryCavillSuperman is like asking for food! Basic need! DC Universe without Superman is not DC Universe!

– Fábio Soares (@Fabiodedao) September 8, 2020

Superman was created just for Henry! #HenryCavillSuperman

– 🍦Vic is rare || Ice Cream (@gilliesrare) September 8, 2020

#HenryCavillSuperman was in TT today, not sure why but I agree. We want Man of Steel 2!

– Marcy (@Marcy_Souza) September 8, 2020

My god Warner don’t waste this man like this #HenryCavillSuperman

– Brielle (@ girlwithamask1) September 8, 2020

If even he wants it, who am I not to want it? #HenryCavillSuperman

– Buttercup ʬ⁸⁴ (@musaxjordan) September 8, 2020

Dude this scene is one of the best in DCU, even in the superhero genre, I wanted to see a MoS 2 #HenryCavillSuperman

– Naclara (@shawnidloves) September 7, 2020

Will Warner give his due to the legend? # HenryCavillSuperman

– gaby (@cavilleffects) September 7, 2020

Everyone agrees our Superman is Henry Cavill so stop messing around @wbpictures and @ATT listen to the fans. # HenryCavillSuperman

– Henry Cavill Nation (@hcavillnation) September 7, 2020

Recalling that Cavill played the iconic hero in just three DC Hall of Fame movies, “The Man of Steel”, “Batman vs. Superman” and “Justice League“.

Even though Cavill is focused on other big projects, he still has some ideas for how the character-driven franchise can follow, especially if he has a chance to star in the solo movie streak.

“In ‘Man of Steel’, in particular, we stopped at the point where [o protagonista] he found his place, or tried to find his place, but finally found that he had embarked on something he considered horrible: killing the last member of his kind. It’s a place where I would like to travel with the character. He explores the positive side of being who he is, ”he commented at a recent press conference. “Not necessarily the ‘chocolate box’ version, but by the way. The character who becomes an icon of hope and benefits from this experience ”.

Cavill has opened up about the rumors surrounding Superman’s return and said he would love to play the hero again.

“The rumors are more and more absurd. The amount of speculation, the things I read on the Internet, are amazing and sometimes frustrating when you see people talking about certain things as if they were facts. But the most important thing is that people are excited about it and I think it’s important to be excited about a character like Superman.

He continues, “Superman is a fantastic character. If people are talking about him, even if they are making up information, that’s okay because it means they want to see the character again. And in an ideal world, I would love to play the character again.

Make sure to watch:

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