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Launching a Tattoo and Piercing Studio



Piercing Studio

Tapping into the growing market of tattoos and piercings may have been something you have wanted to do for a while. Or it may well be something you have become passionate about more recently. When you have established that you want to launch a tattoo and piercing studio, you want to make sure you hit the ground running. The more planning and preparation that you can do from the outset – then the more successful you are likely to be.

Establish Your Market and Audience

Knowing as much as you can about your market and audience is crucial. When you understand how your market thinks and operates, you can then create a service that both meets and fulfils their needs and expectations. Conducting market research behind what drives your customers and what their expectations are is essential. When you are in sync with your audience and target market, you will have no problem finding more clients and getting them through the front door.

Top Launch Tip: When understanding your audience, look closely at why they get tattoos and piercings. Do not just focus on how much they spend and where they are located. Try and establish the mindset of your customer.

Create a Structured Business Plan

No matter how small or big you want your new venture to be, you will find that a structured business plan will help you along the way. A structured business plan will lay out what you want (and need to see) within the first 12 months of operating. It will also lay out who your competitors are, potential profit margins, and other information surrounding suppliers, insurance, and operating/running costs. When you have a business plan in place, you have no room for nasty shocks or surprises. With a plan, you have a sound understanding of what your venture will look like and how it will trade in those first few key months.

Start Setting Up Your Location

You are armed with information about your customers and have a business plan to follow. Now, you are going to need to invest your time and energy into setting up a location. When you are looking at locations and premises, you need to think about what the shop will feature. For instance, are you going to have tattoo booths that are equipped with inks and tattoo machines from Barber DTS. Or are you going to have private rooms for customers? What atmosphere and ambience are you trying to create within your tattoo and piercing studio? Purchasing the right products and creating a location that is welcoming and fit for the purpose is important as the customer wants to get an enhanced experience at all times.


Begin networking and talking about your new venture as soon as you can. You need to start spreading the word about what you are doing and offering. Networking online and offline and investing in marketing and promotion is crucial. Raising awareness and building awareness may not happen overnight; however, with persistence, you should start to see favourable results.

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