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Katy Perry and the collection with About You



Katy Perry has locked up all her essence in the new capsule collection created for About You, announced on the occasion of her 38th birthday.

That Katy Perry has a soft spot for the fashion system is no mystery. But that he decided to get involved in a new reality is certainly remarkable news. The singer has just turned 38 and, while her career is also progressing rapidly on stage, behind the scenes, she has allowed herself a new adventure in the world of About You.

Katy PerryCredits: Katy Perry / Instagram

Also arriving in Italy, the Hamburg-based e-tailer also seduced the American pop star and together they created a capsule collection. Consisting of 81 pieces, it will debut in November 2022.

Katy Perry launches a capsule collection with About You

She shared the glamorous novelty on her birthday, gifting all the fans who also follow her for fashion tips. “You may think you’re ready, but surely you’re not”, so she anticipated her new collection in collaboration with About You, available on the market from November 2, 2022. To create this new collection, the singer was inspired by her extravagant and colorful style. The goal is 81 premium pieces, which not only cover clothing, but also accessories.

Katy PerryCredits: Katy Perry / Instagram

The palette chosen by the singer ranges from neutral hues perfect for fall to brighter colors. Another gem of this collection is the care for the planet. Katy Perry wanted to use eco-friendly fabrics and materials for her clothes, like plant-based leather. Each piece that makes up the capsule collection represents an aspect of the character that Katy Perry has built over the years, from pencil skirts with zippers to semi-sheer fabrics. In a note, the singer explained, “When I draw anything, whether it’s clothes or shoes, I always think, ‘Would I wear this?'”. The campaign was quickly anticipated on social networks and Katy Perry is the main testimony. The inspiration clearly references the 60s and takes place at the Pink Motel in Los Angeles.

Katy PerryCredits: Katy Perry / Instagram / About You

Among the essentials presented by Katy Perry in the campaign, the fitted dress with animal print, cheetah print or the draped bustier associated with tapered leather pants stand out. The singer then unveiled the dress with straps adorned with rhinestones or the cognac leather dress. “Katy is very involved in every step of the process, from product development to creative concept and final campaign. It’s all 100% Katy,” said Sofia Hagemeier, head of the exclusive collaboration team about you, as WWD reported.

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