Kate Beckinsale ‘would not return’ to the new underworld



The ‘Angels of the Night’ franchise has become one of the icons of 2000s horror and action cinema, along with its protagonist, Selene, played by actress Kate Beckinsale. With the last movie released in 2016, are they still up to making new movies?

That’s what Beckinsale commented on in an interview with Variety.

Asked about new movies in the franchise, she said her time was up.

“I would not come back, I have already done a lot of these films. I’ve done independent films where I’m sitting in front of a folded carpet, and it was wonderful. I’ve made some great films which have been the greatest pain of my life, seriously. Everything depends. In college, I studied Russian and French. I never studied acting, so I always felt that from the start of my career everything was a learning experience. It allowed me to try a lot of things. I started out in the independent scene and I never thought I would do these great things, franchise stuff. It was scary to see me on movie posters on the side of the bus, but now it’s already there for me ”

It’s worth remembering that in a recent interview with Deadline, franchise creator Len Wiseman revealed a few more details about his take on the series that will adapt the stories from the films.

“The series will be an excellent outlet for films. I don’t mean to say it’s a more adult version, but it’s definitely not an HQ adaptation, neither in its tone nor in the tone of the new characters.

The series still doesn’t have a defined channel, but Len believes he should sell the production to a streaming platform, such as Netflix.

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The action-horror franchise opened in 2003, starring Kate Beckinsale as vampire Selene, caught up in a war between vampires and a superior race of werewolves, known as Lycans. .

The films have grossed around $ 539 million so far.

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