Is ‘School Spirits’ Season 2 On The Cards?



Are you waiting for School Spirits season 2? The super hit teen drama has been on everyone’s watchlist these days. The show is giving a supernatural mix. Well, the audience is loving it, with it becoming one of the most popular series on Paramount+.

The show covers the life of a teen girl called Maddie, who finds herself in the afterlife, stuck and unable to find the reason for her death. School Spirits covers her search for the cause of her death, the spirit adolescent school life she’s now become a part of, and solving mysteries of a criminal nature.

It is an interesting premise that is well executed and thus the reason for its massive success. Therefore, it is only obvious to wonder, after the ending of the initial, if we’re being graced with School Spirits season 2.

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School Spirits Season 2 Release Date Speculation

The show School Spirits has been renewed for a second season! This comes as exciting news to all the show’s viewers, and we can be ready to see our favorite characters in their undead form. Given how rapidly School Spirits rose to prominence as one of Paramount Plus’s most popular original shows to date.

The news of School Spirits season 2 wasn’t all that surprising. School Spirits was already well-received by the viewers when it was renewed in June 2023, and we have hope that the streak will continue up to season 3. 

Moreover, the show is set to return with an even bigger story with greater consequences. This would be fun to explore for both the audience and the showmaker, and something that we look forward to. School Spirits is expected to be released in mid-2024. 

What To Expect From School Spirits Season 2? 

The show’s initial season ended with quite a twist, with a shocking plot. If Maddie is going to be able to take back her body from Janet’s control, that will be the main question heading into School Spirits season 2. The two battle back and forth between two separate planes of existence will probably make up the majority of the plot. 

This will be a significant departure from the initial season, which mostly concentrated on Maddie’s afterlife crime-fighting. This now looks like a low-stakes endeavor compared to the current course the show is going. School Spirits’ second season could potentially provide further context on Janet’s experiences and how she came to possess Maddie’s body. 

This would be quite a good plot point to introduce us to all the spirit’s backstories. Answering who they were before they became what they are now. The show will be going in exciting new directions and we can’t wait to see it on our screens.

School Spirits Season 2 Cast & Characters 

The cast of School Spirits has done a phenomenal job of bringing out the personality of the characters they portray. We’ll be glad to see them back in the show and whatever new characters that will surely come as the world expands. Keeping that in mind, these have been the confirmed cast till now, with more characters to be added.

  • Peyton List as Maddie
  • Milo Manheim as Wally Spencer
  •  MacPherson as Xavier
  • Nick Pugliese as Charley
  • Sarah Yarkin as Rhonda
  • Kristian Ventura as Simon


We look forward to seeing all of the characters in action on School Spirits season 2. In addition, the audience is quite excited about the new season. The show will be full of entertainment that will keep us hooked to our screens. Feel free to share your thoughts about School Spirits season 2 in the comment box.

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