Is ‘Hello Tomorrow!’ Season 2 Happening?



Hello Tomorrow! has been the show that is so fun to watch, especially with the novel settings. Now that we all waiting for Hello Tomorrow! season 2 from the creators, let’s explore. Hello Tomorrow! is a retro-futuristic comedy that centers on Jack played by the talented Billy Crudup.

Jack is a door-to-door timeshare salesman who tries to persuade people to purchase homes on the moon. The wonderful quality of the show is its comedic tone and its different style from the rest of the run-of-the-mill sci-fi series.

The concept of the show is unique and thus works well for the audience. Well, the talented cast also makes this 10-episode show an exciting experience for the audience. This asks for us to dig in more about Hello Tomorrow! Season 2. 

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Hello Tomorrow! Season 2 Release Date Speculation

Hello Tomorrow! Season 2 is still uncertain as no particular announcement has been made for the renewal. This, however, does not mean the cancellation of the show. Despite the mixed reception for Hello Tomorrow! season 1 on Rotten Tomatoes, the show’s plot held enough potential to carry over into further episodes.

The long-term success of a show is mostly dependent on the audience response, which is significantly better in this show’s case. The show itself has been appreciated by the audience. Hello Tomorrow! season 2 is highly anticipated by the audience. The streaming platform has not pulled the plug on the show and this has increased our hopes.

With the initial season concluded in April 2023, the popularity of the show could bring it back soon. If the decision to renew the show is confirmed, we can expect it to be released in late 2024 or even early 2025 at best. We are hoping for the announcement to come from the platform soon!

What To Expect From Hello Tomorrow! Season 2? 

Hello Tomorrow! pulled off an ending that left some major issues to discuss. The ending left us with a lot to go forward. Because Hello Tomorrow! is primarily about consequences, there were some significant unresolved issues from the initial season. Whether or not there are timeshares on the moon, Jack’s company will be impacted by the unintended launch of his clients into space. 

Jack’s life took a turn when Marie came out of her coma, but he will probably find another angle to work in the future. Jack will probably learn from his failures and go back to pulling off his prior scams, raising the stakes even more in Hello Tomorrow! season 2. Thus the adventures will still be even more interesting, and we look forward to the second season, if renewed.

Hello Tomorrow! Season 2 Cast & Characters 

The cast of the show has been one of the favorite things for the audience. Their performance made the show even greater. If Hello Tomorrow! season 2 is happening then we can expect to see the lead actors.  

  • Bill Crudup as Jack Billings
  • Nicholas Podany’s as Joey Shorter 
  • Annie McNamara as Marie
  • Hank Azaria as Eddie
  • Alison Pill as Myrtle
  • Haneefah Wood as Shirley
  • Dewshane Williams as Herb Porter
  • Jackie Weaver as Barbara
  • Dagmara Domińczyk as Elle
  • Michael Paul Chan as Walt


All the signs like the ratings for the audience point towards a renewal. It’s just a matter of time now. If Hello Tomorrow! season 2 is on the cards, it will be worth a watch. What are your thoughts on this? You can share your opinions in the comment box. We will keep you updated on all the latest developments.

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